Done setting up profile

Finally done setting up the camgirl collective profile and now I will go on to, editing my other sites, to make them more user friendly... while listening to some great music:

feel sad

Fucking hell!!! I absolutely do not remember if i had 6$ earned for 4 hours! Fuck! Am i ugly? No... they are just greedy bastards today.


Sharleen Fleuy performing a little tease show in the name of the Pervert Literature.
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My personal Website is growing !

Hey guys and girls !

I'm happy to announce you that, what was supposed to be a humble fansite for a few people, is starting to attract many sweet pervs from all over the internet !

Do you realize what it means to me !? I've always dreamed to host my Live Shows on my own personal site, and stop using restrictive platforms who cut half my earning ! *cries* Best alternative would be because I'm a huge fan of Chloť Lewis and her site looks dope ! (still in beta tho)

I love to cam and would do it daily on my website for my members only. But I'd need more people to ship in or else it would be no fun. You know I love to have hundreds people watching me masturbate hahaha but it's not fair if only a few support my shows.

Also, the webmastering is getting even more interesting ! I've got a "To Do List" as long as your dick but it's really exciting ! I've received promotional offers and started to learn more about affiliates. So we're getting reviewed soon by big big big porn sites !

But before we get this sexy holy grail, we need to shoot shoot shoot and shoot again, add as many content as we can, and in the best quality possible ! That means more frequent fresh porns for you my dear fappers !

I'm adding watermarks to my content so you guys can download it. And in order to upgrade the overall quality, I added a more artistic touch to some of my Low-Fi photographies.

After revamping some stuff, I'll do my best to shoot more content, it's my priority now ! It takes time off cam, off money (for living expenses)so it's kind of a big sacrifice.

So if you guys wanna help and support your favorite soon-to-be-best-solo-model-site, if you want to keep me doing porn and get better at it, you can either :

Comment this post, suggest videos you'd like to see (niche, fetish, anything).
Tip Me, so I'm not worrying too much and so I can smile a lot on my videos and can keep buying boobs food lol. All tips count, even the smallest !
Don't forget to like, share and comment my content, I allow very dirty perv Literature ! It brings traffic to the site haha !

Many many big thanks to all the peeps who joined lately, those who follow me since I started, and of course my regular tippers who make everything happen on !

Love you guys, thanks for being part of my life !

How long have you been a Webcam Model and what inspired/motivated you to try it in the 1st place?

I have been a Webcam Model since August 9th, 2016. Main thing that inspired me to try camming for the very first time for majority of my income is not having a support system from my family when it comes to money. I was motivated to become involved in pornography because I saw it as a space where my sexuality would be accepted, a space in which having multiple partners of any gender was encouraged and a space in which sexuality was celebrated rather than denigrated. Through performing in pornography, I have been able to explore my sexual desires in a safe environment with other open minded, sex-positive people.

Today All I See is RED

Soooo I woke up today ready to start my morning and actually do my routine but that all hanged when i looked and saw red! Welp Good thing I have lots of chocolate!

Best Entertainer


I just got back from Mamaia, from the AW Summit.

I haven't had time to write about my experience this year so I'm going to do it here.

I won the "Best Entertainer" award.

I was so nervous and also so happy about this award you couldn't believe it. Sure, I've won awards before, but to win an award in your country is just amazing. It was an overwhelming feeling of happiness filled with gratitude and excitement.

The moment they announced my award was right after Studio 20 won "Cam Studio of the Year", my family, my team.

So I was still teary eyed when I got on stage.

I just want to thank you all so much for your constant support and votes.

I love you all!!

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On camera for the very first time

It was my first day on cam. My account was approved, so I could fill out all the boxes and write things about myself. I set up the place to cam; my bed, with a fleece blanket behind it, so itís still kind of anonymous (and I didnít have to clean up the mess! Yay!).

Then it was time to go camming: I tried it at first with my old laptop Ė without much success, it crashed when I tried to start. So I moved my desktop, put my computer screen, keyboard and mouse on my bed and it actually worked better than I expected. I put the webcam on top of the screen and clicked on the start button. No way back now..

I could take a snapshot, so after a few tries I got the most charming one and went on. I was wearing a skirt, an underbust corset and a bra. The first few minutes, it was quiet, but then the first people popped into my chatroom! Some were gone really quick Ė others stayed longer and chatted with me. All I did up until now was smiling sweetly, playing with my hair and sometimes fondling with my boobs.

Most conversations started out with compliments and questions about my age. People asked if I was single and if I also would meet with them in person, or asked if I could show my boobs, my legs or other stuff. Other than that, itís usually just talking about (sexual) stuff. It was loads of fun and really exciting.

Sometimes more kinky people came in, calling me Mistress and saying they are filthy sluts. It kind of made me giggle. I had to ask my Dominant for advice about what I should say back Ė being a Domme isnít really my thing, since Iím usually sub and the only experience with topping I have is spanking someone. Not really useful in a chat, but I managed!

I also had a few VIP shows! A few of them left as soon as I showed my boobs (They missed out!), others stayed for quite a while and it was very exciting! I worked very hard to put on a sexy show, and I like to think I succeeded! ^^



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Getting things organized.

[pink][/pink]Today I will start to use this site like a central hub for any fans of mine so all my info isn't scattered around the internet for nobody to find, now that camming is my only source of income I should treat it like a business. So, stick with me here, I promise to make it worth your time when it's all said and done. Thanks tons for your support