Paying My Dues

I Work Really Hard To Bring The Best Content I Can Offer, Recently I Had My Computer Repaired And While I Waited... I remade my office to look even nicer, I painted and redesigned the room on a low budget, i tired to make it beautiful and professional, I hope you all like it! Being without my computer for two weeks was really hard, i love interaction with clients and customers and love making new and interesting friends who help and want to help me achieve my goals, I'm a lonely lady, so its nice to be able to express myself , My goals for the end of the year is to start making new clients and getting to know them personally, make the experience wonderful for both of us, hopefully if you are reading this and want to make a friend who makes the kind of content I do, and likes to spend a little bit here and there to enjoy my wonderful conversations and art, then please visit me on Manyvids ( Dani Diann) Im A Verified Real Clip/ Cam Artist Model.. who really wants to Make you happy and hopefully in return help me achieve financial goals to help me become successful in life and boost my quality of living

Thank God it's Friday

Oh my God I can't believe it's Friday. It was a very tough week in regards to work, there is some maintenance being done by my internet provider and my connection is extremely unstable. I'm without internet every 8-10 minutes for 60-90 sec it's very annoying if you're working.

But after today it will be done and if all goes well I will have a stab;e connection again, it has been stable for the last 2 hours. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Another sizzling cam show

Almost time for another show join me on eihter Xcams or isLive



Mondays 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT
Tuesdays until Thursdays 5am PST / 8am EST / 1pm GMT
Sundays 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT

Real Me

Sometimes i am not online for a few days, it seems like im lazy or just dont care, but i do care, i care so much it hurts, I Have An Aliment that makes me sleep ALOT , you could even call me the sleeping beauty... When Im Feeling well I Promise I Put all of my time and effort into making everyone happy, i want you all to know that i love my art and work, and i would love to make loyal fans who care about me and my love i put into each and every video, Im pretty chatty and friendly and i will make you feel like i am your beautiful girlfriend, I give an excellent online girlfriend experience, so if that is something you might be into and are willing to spoil me ( im not really good with asking for money just drop it in my manyvids account or buy videos ) and Gee golly i will pay so much attention to you send you photos tell you about my day make naughty talk listen to how YOU are, a little goes a longway and the more you give them more i will give my ALL to make you happy... im not greedy but i need to make a living too and need to Make loyal fans who give a little bit here and there ( or a lot) are all welcome to enjoy time with me, i get sick a lot so please be patient, if you give enough we can even chat when im not feeling well, and show you more of my interesting life, ty for looking at my web site, thank you for reading this blog, visit me at Manyvids and send me a message, lets create the best online relationship you and i have ever had

Red Tide

People ask , how do you cam or make content when you are on your period? My Answer : Well I Can do an assortment of things during this time!!, i can make videos that are for the mouth only, or i can make a shaving video (one of my faves) or i can do a lot of advertising and blog work to help give my work a boost, make friends online and network to find the best possible places to create and sell, there is a lot i can do, if only i get out of bed super ouchy!- dani

Costumes & Contributions

Today im going threw some costumes I have, so i can use them to make some new videos and photo sets. I have some dresses that are sure to please, I love doing what i do, because i am in complete control of all of my work, its fun and time consuming,, makes me feel so proud to contribute to the adult world

Super Drive

I Have been working so hard for the last few days, that i had to sleep for a long while, i love making videos and content so much that i pushed myself to sleep for a very long time, but you know what? I LOVE my job, i get to meet people online and make there wishes come true! I really think this was a wonderful decision i made to do porn and camming it really changed my life, and now i got to start making sales Manyvids is were you all can fine my bes and only work i do i videos, if you see me on any other site that is not MANYVIDS then please report it as stolen sontent, other then that lets get naughty and get my porno's! i work hard so you can feel harder!