Kinky, erotic,goofy,fun!! Just a sexy mix!

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Kinky and goofy. I'm erocticcly sexy but fun loving submissive with twinge of Domme. Love to hear what your fantasies are and help you realize them!


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Coffee and orgasm. Weekly schedule varies. Generally every monday,tuesday sends at 430 am

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  • scarlettwitch6 wrote 2 years ago
    Werkend full of fun and video making. I need like 3 computers to upload to all the sites! Love ,love making custom videos!!
  • scarlettwitch6 wrote 2 years ago
    Omg great morning with pvts!!! Feel the need to Express my gratitude to my fellow cam girls for the constant inspiration you give me!
  • scarlettwitch6 wrote 2 years ago
    So I tried. Up way early ,makeup on..but throwing in the towel on going live this morning. Sick. So guess I will nap on couch till I have to go to other job.
  • scarlettwitch6 wrote 2 years ago
    I know I am a newbie geek!! But so excited I had my first over 100 viewer room,reached under 400 for stat and gained 90 new followers!! Almost to 700 !! So thankful for the support and growth from so many!
  • scarlettwitch6 wrote 2 years ago
    Just dis my first cam from bath tub!! Lol slippery but lots of fun!

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