You could not handle me even if I came with instructions.

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About Me

Technical Stuff
Fast Speed Internet
Logitech Conference Cam BCC950 Full HD 1920x1080p 30fps video 
HD 4K Logitech Brio
Professional Lights and Sound
⏰My Schedule⏰
Most Days from 4 am EST to 11 pm EST
Take your time to know me
You could not handle me even if I came with instruction.  I promise I am not what you are used to... I want to be the reason you slightly tilt your screen from others when you look at my private show. Let us do some 'We should not be doing this' things.
I enjoy the following: Heels, Hands, Nails, Feet, Legs, Armpits, Neck and Muscle worship, dinner dates and if you would enjoy something else, feel free to ask about it. I love a man that knows to be curious, patient and charming.
I am not an escort.  I do not do real dates.
If you play with me, you are not my "client", but my friend. As I love to get to know people and talk, I believe longer sessions can bring the best on us. We feel more comfortable with each other and I have time to learn about your fantasies in its full extension.


About My Shows

Please take note
No price negotiation
No free previews
Looking for fun with me and someone else? 
Check out my pretty friend MissKalahKitty and let me know if you'd like to join us to take total control over you:  teasing, domination, submission and findom
If you must end the show early for any reason (show interrupted, etc.) remaining purchased time cannot be used at a different/later time. However, I would love to do another show for you if you book and pay for additional time either now or later/time.
By purchasing a show from me you are consenting to uphold my rules and not cross my limits. If I feel uncomfortable at any point I will end the show and block you without any refund.
Make sure you and your equipment are ready when you make the purchase. I can't guarantee I will still be available when you finally get set up.
If you pay before discussing a show it can be considered a tip and I'm not obligated to provide any services for it.
If you enjoyed our time together, please leave a review! 
You will receive a $5 discount with your next show with me.  
I am always improving my wardrobe, toy collection and the technical aspects of my studio, so I am also interested in any constructive critique. Look forward to meeting you and having some playtime.
Sexting – minimum 15 minutes @ $15
Feeling horny?  Too shy to Cam?   Bored and stuck at work?  Let us share our dirty stories – trust me, I have a dirty mind and a lot of kink in me… or we can just chit chat about the weather. 
5 minutes -  $10
10 minutes - $20
15 minutes – $25
20 minutes - $35
30 minutes - $50
45 minutes - $70
60 minutes - $90
Kik/Viber/Snapchat Sessions
Kik/Viber/Snapchat session (with live video clips): $2 per minute
Phone sex
Skype/Viber/Kik/Snapchat - audio ONLY
10 minutes - $20
20 minutes - $35
30 minutes - $50
Let me rate your Junk
For me to rate your Junk, send a Skype request and let me know you found me on Cam Model Directory (CMD). Tell me that you want me to rate your Junk and choose from the list below which option you wish me to fulfil for you.  Send your payment first through CMD Pay Portal and then the picture(s) or video clip. If I don't respond or accept your invite right away that means I'm currently busy. Please wait and I'll get to you as soon as I can.  I will forward a video link via MegaSync. 
Clothed 2-minute rate - $25
Topless 2-minute rate - $35
Nude 2-minute rate - $45
Playing with myself 3-minute rate - $55
Add your name + $10
Add cum shot rate + $15
Let me be your virtual date
Bring your bottle of wine, snacks and let us cuddle watch old movies on NetFlix and make out...
3 hours @ $300
5 hours @ $450
 ♡Lifetime Premium Snapchat @ $99.00♡
Chatting privileges:  I always answer your messages, it's the only place I chit chat
- Explicit pics/videos daily - At least 3 cum shows every week (usually every day) - Me getting naughty everywhere I go - Behind the scenes from my cam girl life - Making off my porn - Random thoughts and cuteness - Work out time - My pets - Good music - Dick pics welcome - and encouraged!
 ♛BDSM Sessions♛ 
I am ♛QUEEN AELA♛, your next obsession! Would you like to spend an amazing time with the most sensual and demanding woman there is? Then look no more, because ♛QUEEN AELA♛ was waiting for a man like you to enslave!  ♛QUEEN AELA♛ absolutely loves dominating slaves. Why? Probably because there is a fine line between love and hate.
Games that ♛QUEEN AELA♛ enjoy with the subs who come to ♛QUEEN AELA♛ includes (but are not limited to) ...
♛Ass Worship
get your tiny dicklet in your hands and get on your knees before ♛QUEEN AELA♛. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will tell you what to do and when for ♛QUEEN AELA♛ amusement.
Well, if you're going to make a mess, don't think ♛QUEEN AELA♛ won't insist that you clean it up, whether from your hand, the toe of ♛QUEEN AELA♛ boot, or the floor at ♛QUEEN AELA♛ feet...
♛QUEEN AELA♛ likes ♛QUEEN AELA♛  MEN big, but let's face it, you're such a pathetic excuse that you barely count, let's get that tiny penis out here so that ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can have a good laugh... humiliating at you small dicked losers is something that always brings a smile to ♛QUEEN AELA♛ face, and you want ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to be happy, don't you slave...?
♛QUEEN AELA♛ will owns that cock, just like ♛QUEEN AELA♛ owns many others, and you will join the throng of men whose sexual release is completely controlled by ♛QUEEN AELA♛. ♛QUEEN AELA♛   loves the rush ♛QUEEN AELA♛ gets from taking control of your very "manhood". It turns ♛QUEEN AELA♛ on knowing ♛QUEEN AELA♛ has men around the world spending every waking moment thinking how they can please ♛QUEEN AELA♛, with their cocks permanently hard in ♛QUEEN AELA♛ honour. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ think about how frustrated ♛QUEEN AELA♛ enslaved pets are, completely denied until ♛QUEEN AELA♛ decides otherwise, and no matter how hard they try there's nothing they can do about it, other than kneel before the power of ♛QUEEN AELA♛ and beg and beg and beg….
♛Tease and Denial
♛QUEEN AELA♛, likes to edging... bringing ♛QUEEN AELA♛ slaves to the edge of madness over and over again as ♛QUEEN AELA♛ torments them with ♛QUEEN AELA♛  sensuality, sexuality, and devilish imagination, but never granting them release... There's nothing ♛QUEEN AELA♛  loves more than hearing ♛QUEEN AELA♛  boys beg at ♛QUEEN AELA♛'s feet, in fact, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can cum just listening to their begging as they kneel there, falling ever further under ♛QUEEN AELA♛  spell, before ♛QUEEN AELA♛ dismisses them, even more frustrated, and even hornier having been in the presence of their sexual ♛QUEEN AELA♛.
For the true slaves that can show their utter devotion and total submission. Could you serve ♛QUEEN AELA♛  and ♛QUEEN AELA♛  partners drinks, could you kneel head bowed by ♛QUEEN AELA♛  bed while ♛QUEEN AELA♛  enjoyed ♛QUEEN AELA♛  Lovers, when ♛QUEEN AELA♛  clicks ♛QUEEN AELA♛ fingers would you beg to crawl to ♛QUEEN AELA♛  bed to lap away the traces of sex from ♛QUEEN AELA♛ before bringing ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to orgasm with your tongue, never receiving release yourself, simply accepting your place as ♛QUEEN AELA♛  toy... ♛QUEEN AELA♛ possession... ♛QUEEN AELA♛  slave? Perhaps then this form of sexual slavery is something we should discuss...
♛Mind Control 
You have already read much of ♛QUEEN AELA♛  profile - the process has already begun, once we talk you will be lost forever. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will enter your mind and explore your deepest psyche, your darkest desires and hidden fears. ♛QUEEN AELA♛   will reshapes your mind and urges as ♛QUEEN AELA♛   desires, breaking your will, reshaping your sexual identity around ♛QUEEN AELA♛, turning you into ♛QUEEN AELA♛   helpless puppet. You will crave ♛QUEEN AELA♛   more and more, ♛QUEEN AELA♛  will haunt your thoughts and you will end up begging for ♛QUEEN AELA♛ attention... ♛QUEEN AELA♛   loves watching as you get to the stage where you will do anything ♛QUEEN AELA♛ wants just in the hope that you might make ♛QUEEN AELA♛ happy - helpless against ♛QUEEN AELA♛   power over you, unable to avoid the agony and frustration you undergo just to please ♛QUEEN AELA♛  . After the initial frustrating couple of weeks, you will become more obedient than ever, and your aim will be to please ♛QUEEN AELA♛. You'll think of ♛QUEEN AELA♛ each time your pulse races. It'll be ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will always controlling your thoughts and actions - ♛QUEEN AELA♛ controls over you as a man, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will owns you. So, think carefully... are you ready to enter a world where you are owned and controlled FULLY by your ♛QUEEN AELA♛?
♛Sissy slaves
Do you ever dreamed wearing silk panties, bra, lipstick? ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will make you ♛QUEEN AELA♛ slut. ♛QUEEN AELA♛   have a nice strap-on waiting to use it on your mouth and ass.
If you are here and reading this then you are probably a subbie who needs to be brought under control of an intelligent FinDomme who knows exactly what the likes of you both needs and craves.
♛QUEEN AELA♛ knows how your mind works and ♛QUEEN AELA♛  knows that worshiping ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will make you happy because ♛QUEEN AELA♛ deserves to be looked up to by worthless little losers who crave the attentions of a dominant woman.
There are lots of ways that ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can caters for your perverted little cravings whilst you worship ♛QUEEN AELA♛. You will be expected to be loyal, submissive and above all keep the funds flowing as you will be expected to give ♛QUEEN AELA♛  your hard earned money. You will give ♛QUEEN AELA♛  your total attention and your financial devotion in order to be worthy of ♛QUEEN AELA♛ attention in return.
Spending your money gets ♛QUEEN AELA♛  off, after all what are you going to do with it anyway. It is much better in ♛QUEEN AELA♛  deserving hands.
If the thought of being taken on the ultimate ride turns you on then tribute ♛QUEEN AELA♛  and get in touch - it's going to be a very rough ride for you. For ♛QUEEN AELA♛  it is going to be fun as ♛QUEEN AELA♛  enjoy your hard earned money and degrade you for not giving ♛QUEEN AELA♛ more.
What do you get for all of this sacrifice? You get noticed by ♛QUEEN AELA♛  and you get ♛QUEEN AELA♛  attention. ♛QUEEN AELA♛  like to interact with ♛QUEEN AELA♛  pay piggies and financial slaves, their predicament and payments really gets ♛QUEEN AELA♛  juices flowing and that's how ♛QUEEN AELA♛  get off.
Distance Servitude Options
Here are some of the ways in which you can show your admiration and devotion to ♛QUEEN AELA♛  (they are listed in order of risk to you):
CryptoCurrency Mining - Looking for a free way to support your ♛QUEEN AELA♛? Well those fin subs who are dedicated but can't afford a true FinDomme can still support ♛QUEEN AELA♛  by using a tab on your browser to mine cryptocurrency for ♛QUEEN AELA♛
Forced Chastity - Does the thought of having your pathetic cock and balls locked away terrify you or do you long for the feeling of being restrained? ♛QUEEN AELA♛  will enjoy your torment.
Sex Taxes - ♛QUEEN AELA♛  know the perverted things you do and you will be taxed on them.
One Off Gifts - For those too scared to enter into direct submission to ♛QUEEN AELA♛.
Adopt A Bill - ♛QUEEN AELA♛  cannot be bothered with ♛QUEEN AELA♛ bills they are for ♛QUEEN AELA♛  subs to take care of so get spending.
Human ATM - ♛QUEEN AELA♛  love my little ATM's, always available in the shadows serving ♛QUEEN AELA♛  by letting ♛QUEEN AELA♛  withdraw my funds.
Financial Slavery - ♛QUEEN AELA♛  money slaves live to keep ♛QUEEN AELA♛  in the standards of luxury befitting of a FinDomme.
TeamViewer Sessions
♛QUEEN AELA♛ can use TeamViewer for several different tasks and ways of controlling you and your PC. It can be used to humiliate you, make you do tasks and for ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to supervise what you're doing. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can get deeper inside your computer creating ♛QUEEN AELA♛ own profile on it and removing your administrator rights, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can also enforce strict controls on your online behaviour from restricting the sites you can visit to the hours in which you can get online.
TeamViewer is also the perfect tool to gather information about you which can be used against you in a blackmail scenario for anyone who enjoys this fetish. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can use that information to gain further control of you both financially and physically by making you do tasks that you otherwise would never attempt to do, all whilst humiliating you on your stupidity for letting ♛QUEEN AELA♛ inside your PC.
The levels below stipulate what ♛QUEEN AELA♛ offer for one off session or for anyone wanting to just be under ♛QUEEN AELA♛ control for regular TeamViewer sessions as a method of long-distance control.
For standalone sessions ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will tailor them to your specific needs and limits, but you can be expecting your limits to be pushed over time.
♛QUEEN AELA♛ will not enter lengthy correspondence with you about a session until you have paid for one, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will not waste my time with anyone who isn't serious.
Big Brother Session - $40 for 30 minutes
In this type of session, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will just connect to your computer and watch what you are doing, it is often selected by anyone new to TeamViewer sessions and will have no form of interaction with ♛QUEEN AELA♛. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will simply observe you and what you are doing or watching. You get the thrill of knowing that a powerful dominant woman is watching your every action and probably storing evidence that she could use against you later. Be careful what you let ♛QUEEN AELA♛ see.
Safe Session - $65 for 30 minutes - available as a one-off session
You will keep control of your computer with this style of session. You will get aroused as you see ♛QUEEN AELA♛ viewing your files, browsing history, pictures, videos and maybe your webcam so ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can direct you efficiently and confirm that you are complying with my commands. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will chat with you via notepad and ♛QUEEN AELA♛ may share some of ♛QUEEN AELA♛ files with you, but ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will not remove anything from your computer unless you are on your knees begging ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will only flex ♛QUEEN AELA♛ muscles through TeamViewer by disabling your mouse and keyboard or black screening you again if you beg ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to. You had better conduct the session somewhere private as you will be expected to strip and carry out sexually orientated tasks for ♛QUEEN AELA♛.
Fiery Session - $130 for 30 minutes with further sessions available
Do you want to feel the fear of losing control but in a relatively safe manner? ♛QUEEN AELA♛will do all the above but going further, much further in fact. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will firstly lock your keyboard and mouse leaving you to watch as ♛QUEEN AELA♛ remove your administrator privileges and setting ♛QUEEN AELA♛ up as the administrator of your computer. ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will have ♛QUEEN AELA♛ own account on it and you will lose control of it, you will simply be a guest on ♛QUEEN AELA♛ new computer.
However, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will send you the administrator password for an additional fee of $40 so that should you chicken out you can still dig yourself out of the hole that you are quickly sliding a bit of work escape from ♛QUEEN AELA♛ clutches.
This is the level that we will work within for future sessions so that ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can ensure that you are conducting the tasks you will be given.
Total Domination - $200 for a session lasting long enough for ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to totally stitch you up and have you trembling in fear, future sessions will then be available
This is for anyone brave enough to give ♛QUEEN AELA♛ free reign to control them and potentially ruin them. I will do everything stipulated above but ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will also change your TeamViewer settings to lock you out of it and give ♛QUEEN AELA♛ access to your computer at any time - maybe ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will just check in on you to snoop and gather evidence of what you are doing from time to time. The only way out of this predicament is for you to format your computer to regain control (your problem not mine) or you can pay ♛QUEEN AELA♛ $250 to undo the damage.
You and your computer will be ♛QUEEN AELA♛, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will have the ability to snoop on all your actions with the ability to install keyloggers and drastically curtail your online activities. All your information will be at ♛QUEEN AELA♛ disposal and you will fear ♛QUEEN AELA♛, maybe ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will have a tantrum and just randomly delete your e-mails, files or contacts. You can then opt to cross the last line and enter into a consensual black mail contract for the ultimate ride. Yes, a contract, ♛QUEEN AELA♛ is not stupid. Maybe ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will force you to shop for ♛QUEEN AELA♛ and you will feel the rush of spending your funds on ♛QUEEN AELA♛.
How to Book A Session
You will be required to e-mail ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to inform ♛QUEEN AELA♛ of the type of session that you are interested in making your limits clear and ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will require up to 48 hours’ notice of a session, but spur of the moment sessions may be available.
♛QUEEN AELA♛ suggest that everyone starts with a Big Brother or Safe Session before moving on to harder sessions. You can expect to be dominated using notepad initially but in further sessions ♛QUEEN AELA♛ may treat you to a phone call so that you can hear your ♛QUEEN AELA♛ sultry voice.
To book a session add ♛QUEEN AELA♛ Skype and tell ♛QUEEN AELA♛ your name, what type of session you want and what your limits are.
Can you just watch ♛QUEEN AELA♛ on TeamViewer?
Yes, using TeamViewer ♛QUEEN AELA♛ can sit back and see what ♛QUEEN AELA♛ dirty little pay piggies are doing on their computers. Just imagine knowing that your ♛QUEEN AELA♛ is watching you closely as you surf the web or carry out some mundane task.
Where can I get TeamViewer from?
It can be downloaded and installed from the developer’s website here - DOWNLOAD TEAMVIEWER
Download it, install it, tribute ♛QUEEN AELA♛ and then get in touch for the ride of your life.
Note: Only install it from the developer’s website.
I have never had a TeamViewer session before what would ♛QUEEN AELA♛ recommend for me?
If you have never had a full blown "I've got no control and she is destroying my things" session then ♛QUEEN AELA♛  suggest you opt for one of the basic levels of TeamViewer session where ♛QUEEN AELA♛  get into your computer in front of your eyes, show you what ♛QUEEN AELA♛  can do whilst taunting you before making only minor changes to your PC.
In other words, a vanilla session, but ♛QUEEN AELA♛ may be tempted to spice up your desktop image.
How quickly can a session be set up?
Once you have sent your tribute and ♛QUEEN AELA♛ have received it then we can set up a session. It is best to send your tribute early as sometimes there can be a delay in them arriving and ♛QUEEN AELA♛ will not start a session with anyone without a cleared tribute.
Contact ♛QUEEN AELA♛ to ascertain ♛QUEEN AELA♛availability as whilst ♛QUEEN AELA♛ is sometimes available at short notice this is only in exceptional circumstances.
Blackmail- ♛QUEEN AELA♛  will learn all of your darkest secrets and be in a position to out you and destroy you whilst humiliating and punishing you to keep you inline.
Rules Of Servitude
Prior to getting in touch you MUST read and comprehend these rules. ♛QUEEN AELA♛  have made them very easy to understand. Once you are happy with what is required of you in ♛QUEEN AELA♛ service then you can send an initial tribute to ♛QUEEN AELA♛of $25.
♛QUEEN AELA♛ won't even read your application if no tribute is forthcoming, why would I waste ♛QUEEN AELA♛  time on someone who isn't serious?
Let ♛QUEEN AELA♛  goes over that again one more time. 
No Tribute = No Chat
You need ♛QUEEN AELA♛, not the other way round. ♛QUEEN AELA♛  is a successful business woman and ♛QUEEN AELA♛  is successful because ♛QUEEN AELA♛  is good at what ♛QUEEN AELA♛ does.
So what will ♛QUEEN AELA♛ expect from you:

During our conversations you will address me as ♛QUEEN AELA♛ as ♛QUEEN AELA♛  will be your secret woman in the shadows.
You are here on the page of a FinDomme, ♛QUEEN AELA♛  wants your money and you want to give it to ♛QUEEN AELA♛. You have to be able to afford your weekly tribute to ♛QUEEN AELA♛, ♛QUEEN AELA♛  don't care if it is $1000 or just $15 you must be able to pay to play - no exceptions, if you are a fantasiser or broke loser then take your sorry ass elsewhere ♛QUEEN AELA♛ only devotes ♛QUEEN AELA♛  time to the worthy.
You will be loyal to ♛QUEEN AELA♛  when in ♛QUEEN AELA♛  service, so no pimping yourself out to other mistresses, ♛QUEEN AELA♛  don't share ♛QUEEN AELA♛  minions with anyone.
You will show the proper respect to ♛QUEEN AELA♛ at all times.
Don't be a whiny bitch, no-one likes a whinger. ♛QUEEN AELA♛  has no time for a demanding prima donna, you are here to serve ♛QUEEN AELA♛  and not the other way round.
You must pay your tributes on time via any method except PayPal. Just keep the money coming even if you want to send it anonymously.
You will be expected to comply with all demands ♛QUEEN AELA♛  make of you both promptly and to the best of your abilities.
Honesty is a very important characteristic for ♛QUEEN AELA♛. You cannot get away with lying and if ♛QUEEN AELA♛  catch you doing so ♛QUEEN AELA♛  will caste you aside as if you were trash.
You will be expected to sacrifice for ♛QUEEN AELA♛, you will have to tighten your belt in order to treat ♛QUEEN AELA♛  to gifts and cash.
Your place in on your knees before ♛QUEEN AELA♛.
Finally you are expendable, ♛QUEEN AELA♛  does not need you and there will always be someone else to step in to take your place should ♛QUEEN AELA♛  throws you aside.

♛Ruined orgasm ♛Foot Domination & Worship
♛Humiliation ♛Role-play: [we’ll establish in advance a session)
♛CBT ♛Strap-On Play

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