My feet and your desires

I adore stockings and have a large collection of shoes and boots, many extremely stylish pairs. I love the feel of a well-made Italian high heeled leather stiletto. Perhaps I might force you to pay special attention to my polished steel spikes, making you insert them deeply into your mouth, right to the end of the heel. Sometimes a submissive slave will beg me to try on various pairs of my shoes and boots in front of them for their foot worship delight.
Look at my legs! Do u like my perfect pedicure,deep bow of sole,wrinkles forming on the soles when i walk. Yes i know u start to feel excited watching my heel and especialy legs veins that cross my fingers irrigating regulary,,there ..under my foot. Ready to be crushed under my feet. Ready to be the carpet that i cleen my feet . You are sentenced to serve me and my feet because my feet are made to obey. .And how good u feel when u serve me knowing thats i will sometimes ask u to adore and clean my feet !

How things are

I am an evil, greedy financial domme who will take everything you own and leave you begging to give me more. I know you canít get that teenie thing off without paying. The more you pay, the more humiliating it is for money slaves like you, which leads to addiction and adoration to the cruelest financial dom on the web.Your reward? The fact u have this chance of contributing to My happiness is more than u ever dream of. Is a chance u beg for, is what u need , is what u work for.

I am going to GET YOUR MONEY anyway I CAN. I will take your wallet & drain you dry piggy!
You know you want to give me all of your (MY) money. You canít stop yourself

Just Being ,,

Open yourself to me Ė make yourself vulnerable and your journey has begun.Kneeling before me you will tremble, unable to control yourself. You will follow my orders and obey each and every command I give you. I will evoke your passions and desires, manipulating you into complete surrender. You will be defenceless against my feminine wiles.I am feisty, playful and unpredictable. I can be a cruel, nasty, sadistic bitch; delighting in humiliating you, degrading you and pushing you to your absolute limits. Constantly testing your submission and dedication to Me.

ISO: Latex Lover for Exclusive NO CASH Arrangment!!


Looking for a Latex Loving gentlemen that would like to exchange custom photo sets and videos in exchange for Latex items to wear in the exclusive photos and otherwise.

No Cash involved! purely latex gifts and undying adoration are all I ask. Looking for someone who really loves latex and fit women who wants to see y hot body in some skin tight latex. I really want to do some Latex Cosplay! I think the Yellow Ranger or Misty from Pokemon might be fun but I'd also love to play a fox or SailorScout..sooo many choices...

If you're interested in my little arrangment let me know and lets make it happen!!

Decisions Decisions

With so many platforms available to post my content to I'm having a hard time deciding which is going to be the best to put my time and energy into.

I know in the long run it will be best to have a few chicks in each hypothetical basket rather than all of them in one..the issue is really just keeping up with all the damn chicks!!

I think before signing up to any more sites i am going to make sure the ones i have going are fully updated and good to seems so simple but with resizing images, reformatting and all the various other tasks that go into it i found out it requires a bit more work that i hadn't expected.

Perhaps I'll find a upload slave who wants to edit, and upload all my content in exchange for free and custom content...any takers??

Interview for Ocamgirls

Interview about what it is like to be a webcam mkdel, how it affecta our personal lives and other information as well as tips for those who might want to become models too

SKype Show

Well, as you might already know, Skype shows are my very favorite way to cam with you. I just got a new Skype handle.


So. Please reach out there for a show first. If you mention this I will knock off .99/min off my prices for your first session!!!!! Don't miss that deal!

Jerk Off Instructions

I love to give jerk off instructions doing a hot cam 2 cam session. Watching as you listen to the sound of my voice instructing on on just how to rub your penis, and balls. How to milk your prostate as long as your no to skirmish! Are you ready? Good come message me to have a session!

Verification docs, resend, you spin me right round...

For me, the hardest part of getting set up as a cam girl is the fact that I haven't legally changed my name due to the exact procedures required to do so in my locale. A bit too strict, but who am I to dictate law for the people?

As such, I often get a kick back from sites when I enter my preferred name and they see a different name on my ID, despite the faces being the same. I have to resubmit on Chaturbate later tonight if I hope to make anything on my couples show there. Which I'm sure we will since for a 90 minute meet and greet session my friend and I hit 227 followers.

I think that's mostly because of my friend. I only have 30 or so on my solo sites.

But hens the breaks sometimes for us pre-everything Tgirls. I could have my makeup on point, hair perfect and be the sluttiest little girl for my customers, but I can't compare to my Ggirl friends.


But I've had a hard start. Maybe doing some couples shows will help draw traffic to my regular shows.

Starting my HRT soon won't hurt either.

Or maybe I'm just looking at this the wrong way...after all, after a fashion, we're all mad here. Maybe I should focus more on quality instead of quantity of time online. Diversify more.

Marry a rich guy and do this for fun.


I'm rambling. Ignore me. My kettle is singing and that means it's tea time.

Bye for now!

Merry Christmas Everyone

I will be camming on Chaturbate from 12pm PST until 4pm then 8pm-12PST Everyday from Christmas Eve until Monday December 28th 2015, I have some surprises, but only after goals are reached, I hope to gain new followers and tips as well, I will be updating my rules before I start, please read them and abide by them, I will not be deviating from them anymore.
Those who want to see really fun shows, please join my fan club on modelcentro, thats where the real fun will take place.
I love you all