Has this ever happened to you?

Okay. So I know I can't be the only one this has happened to .
So I had a guy who i was.. passing time with. We had good times and eventually planned on going further after boundaries and trust were established. Anyway, it wasn't for a lack of trying that I couldn't set it up, I was on a hunt and the ladies were there. For me. Not him. When I have a male partner that's a potential to indulge in the swinger's lifestyle with me I don't usually dabble without him. So I was turning down quite a few proposals. The whole time he was thinking I wasn't putting forth any effort into this and I was actually trying to spare his feelings. Whenever I was a "girlfriend" and a couple came to me, I expected the dude to be packing. I mean if you wanna entice me impress me I can get mediocre anywhere, and little? Hell no. Not saying the guy had to be a 12, a 10 would be fine, but seriously, those guys are usually humble about their..... shortcomings. One morning he outta nowhere says I should have just said I didn't like women. I had a flash of every female I encountered and the end result. His dick was too small. I had to think of how to put it tactfully without causing permanent damage to his little ego. So I told him yeah I love women, that yeah they wanted to play with me, they just didn't wanna play with him. I think I might have damaged him anyways because now he doesn't call or text me anymore, which is a huge relief for me because I'm getting nothing but beautiful ladies and I'm loving it!

So we're you ever put in an awkward situation? What happened and how did you handle it?

Creampie Locked /w Butt Plug (Public SPA Userfuck)

Video available here:
MyDirtyHobby - http://mydirtyhobby.com/w/Jasminum
ManyVids - http://jasminum.manyvids.com

One of MDH users invited me for a nice swim at a SPA. I had to wear an #analplug before and during our visit. He also wanted a #blowjob and #anal fuck. Afterwards I had to putt the buttplug back so it would keep his huge creampie inside me. I felt very naughty to wear this glass #plug underneath my bikini in the pool. After the shower we went to the sauna area and the plug and his creampie were locked in my ass to the naked sauna.

Any one interested?

Hi. I just got back into caming to make some extra money. I was looking to see if any models were interested in joining up and working together to make more money. If you have done this before or are interested let me know! Any incite on making more money would be greatly appreciated!!(:

Well dear webcam blog

I camed twice 2 today, this week have just been so webcam shitty. I had a lot of freeloaders and very little people coming to my room. I have tried to cam at least cam 4 hours a day and it just not doing well. I have tried to upgrade my profile and tip menu and it didn't help much either. I don't want to quit but still I don't know what to do with my webcam situation. I had one regular today who tipped me maybe 35Tokens and it was one of the best things of the day. Yesterday I earned 0 tokens on 4 hours. I don't if it's because I'm not new anymore but I don't want to think so much about it. I just want to buy a new webcam so people don't complain about the shitty phone cam I'm using right now. In order to get a new webcam I need to earn money. I would be very happy if anyone wanted gift me a new webcam T.T lol.

I got fake tipped yesterday which was ironic because I had another webcam model who I was chatting on pm with. The model just wanted to ask if I had ever got fake tipped and I said no and then it just happened. I reported the emoticon and kicked the person out from my room.

Is this real life? LOL

Hey Everyone... So I thought this would make a good first entry for my blog, here. Though I plan to have one elsewhere...stay tuned! Sometimes I can't believe that I am a 'cam girl' and no that doesn't mean that I'm embarrassed or shy about it....I'm PROUD. I'm proud of this community of great people I've joined. Not to mention the friendships and connections I've made with my mod's and followers... Everyone has been so generous, sweet, flirty and naughty. It's a fabulous ride right now. And I don't see an end in site... More to come! [12][/12]


If I don't win this category do you know the tantrum I'm going to throw
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bear with me

Sorry all for how inconsistent and absent i've been these last few weeks... alot of my friends and my sister who I love to death are all being ripped from my life... I will spare the details... just please dont be upset... its a sad time for me right now...