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With most of my customersI have a special bond. This is a proof that calming is more than just "porn" to others.
It's something luxury, that not even money can buy. Yes you may pay for the can show, but sometimes to have an open chat with someone,that's great.
Someone to talk about your problems with.

ModelCentro Is Up & Running!

Everyone that has been requesting one central place to find my content? Here it is!
Member subscription includes full access to all of my picture sets. videos, blog, direct messaging & live camming with me.
And if you need more reasons to join, I will be providing exclusive members only content that is not available for purchase on any of my other sites.

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Here's a run down of where I am, what I'm doing & how you can get in on the action.

ICGirls/ClassyCams: Camming Up! My content is also available for purchase OR if you join my fanclub you get it all included with your subscription.
ExtraLunchMoney: Content for sale.
MyFreeImplants: Content for sale, all proceeds go to my knockers!
Snapchat: Non-nude pics posted to my story, direct contact with me. PM me for username!

If you are not a member of ICG/Classy & want to subscribe monthly for my content I'm currently working on my ModelCentro page so just hang tight!

And as always you are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter @OyIvyLynn or PM me on any of the listed sites!
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20 June 2015

Guess who got a little laptop?! Meee! I did! Hehe. Thanks to the kindness of a customer who does not wish to be named, as well as a little bit extra of my own cash, I am now the proud owner of a laptop! It isn't very big, it doesn't have a lot of space on it, but it will definitely be good for doing more mobile shoots... as well as VIDEOS OUTSIDE! Yes! I live on fourty acres and will now be doing outside shoots/videos. Any custom work requested outside is going to cost extra--however, not a lot extra. (: So stay tuned for more information that will be posted on my twitter/ExtraLunchMoney, or feel free to message/email me privately!

xo Effy

16 June 2015

Wow. Hello friends. It has been a long, long time. Last time I spoke was before my vacation to see my Master in April. I was barely getting any privacy to do my work and became extremely depressed and full of anxiety. My vacation to see my best friend and Master was very much needed but upon my return my depression kicked in worse than ever. It was a very short time before I was hospitalised. I would prefer not to go into the details as to why I was there, but I was there for awhile, and once I left I was not allowed to be alone. I had eyes on me all the time and it was quite a hell to recover from. Part of my rehabilition into the world was getting "a real job" to which I now work 4-5 days a week at. It is just now that I am starting to be allowed my freedom and privacy back. So much so that I will actually be spending an indefinite amount of time alone (could be two weeks to eight weeks, depending on what happens).

So you know what that means?! I am back, and back to work! As soon as I get all settled in (hopefully by the end of the week), I will begin back on my owed work and then start to continue new content and new custom requests. And then by the end of this period of being alone (or August/September, whichever comes first), I will be moving states and really being on my own again. As long as things go as planned, my hiatus is over and will not be happening again.

My sincerest apologies to all my customers and fans, but I am back now! Those who I owe work to--please give me until the end of the week to contact you, and if I haven't, please contact me at that point! I am getting a list of all my owed work and getting back to the grind.

I hope everyone is well and I look forward to getting back to work.

All my love,
Effy xo

I'm Going To Hogtie Myself

Branching off from my last blog about the silk rope set I have coming up I'm going to be doing a mini set involving some hogtie action.
This will definitely be interesting to see how this pans out & if it will involve a very awkward 911 call. Just thinking about trying to take my own pictures twisted up like a pretzel already makes me giggle. I don't know how I'm going to manage not smiling in every picture!
The things I do to be sexy for you!

Tie Me Up & Paint On Me

So I've been talking about getting my picsets started for SO long now & it's getting a little ridiculous. I've been talking to my extremely talented friends & I think I have two sets coming up for you guys! Shibari & body paint.
This degree of epic-ness is going to take some time putting together because I'm working with other people's schedules but it will all be worth it in the end. I will be uploading some mini sets in the meantime.

Tomorrow & Wednesday will be spent working on some video editing so I can post some videos for you guys to enjoy when I'm MIA!


I decided my tits need an upgrade! So I finally stopped putting it off & made an account on
My profile is almost done, just need to do my sign pic & I'll be all ready to start earning boobie bucks! Still need to work out a few details later down the road but for now I'm just going to jump right into it! Planning ahead has never exactly been my forte.

If you are interested in donating to a worthy cause, my tits (or someone else's tits for that matter) go visit & set up a donor profile.

Even if you aren't donating to me please check out the site anyway. Some girls on MFI are asking for donations for medical reasons & I would really love to direct traffic towards their profiles before mine!

The Start Of Something Beautiful!

Time to pop my blog cherry!

What started out as a rocky start is slowly shaping up. I'm making new friends & learning a little bit from each one of them. I'm trying hard to put myself out there & learn whats expected of me so I'm always improving. I appreciate all of the support I've been receiving from my friends both old & new. I'm happy to call ICG my new home!


Well, I have been unable to go online for a week. Hydro was out but it's back on now. Anyone care to help me restock my fridge/freezer? Such a waste!!

Really Easy

It really is easy. You just need to tell me what you are looking for. I will let you know if I can or cannot provide it. I do have some things that are a flat out NO, however there is a lot of gray area as well. If it is not listed in either of my lists then ASK me.

Dealing with cheapskates

These days I find it amusing whenever a cheapskate gets angry over My refusal to talk to him. Yes, when I first began camming, I made the mistake of being too friendly and chatty. This led to cheapskates and broke ass losers actually thinking they could drop into my room just to hang out and not even pay tribute for My time. Once I realized what was happening, I got rid of the cheapskates. It surprised Me that a number of them were actually too dense to realize that I have no desire to chat with them since they were too cheap to pay tribute or tip. I was laughing My ass off at one loser that would try to get Me to phone or text him for free. He became highly upset last week or the week before when he popped into My room and I blatantly ignored him. Common sense should tell these guys that any Mistress or Camgirl worth her salt simply will not give her time to anyone that doesn't tribute or buy shows. But then, these cheapos are often dumb enough to think you'll entertain them for free if they just throw you compliments. Smart guys know that the best form of compliments come in $$$

I have no problem with telling these cheapskates that if they want someone to chat with simply because they're bored, to go call 7-11 or something.

Ignorance is bullshit

[bHi,lue][/blue]Hi I'm Venus. Most of you know me as venusintheflesh. I'm currently on hiatus from chaturbate because I had two bad falls then started gaining a lot of weight even though I barely have an appetite. I have a disease called Chronic Lyme Disease and I have had it for about 12 years now. You can see the symptoms of Chronic Lyme on I am disabled but I bust my ads with positivity, as much exercise as I can and now; cramming. Camming is a job I can do. I can bring in money and I no longer feel like a burden. 2015 has hit me hard but my recovery is going well and I can't wait to get back to work. Since I have not been able to work, only off and on, the past few months I'm behind on my bills. I got a card from a loan company the other day (I've used them before) stating that I was approved for a loan between 3&10 thousand dollars. I called them, a new girl answered and I told her about the pre-approved loan offer. She asked how much I was looking to borrow and I said either 3 or 4 thousand. Then she treated me like a new applicant wanting my employment info to which I said I was a self-employed, artist, writer and cam-girl. I had to explain a million times what a cam-girl was. She said she wanted me to call back in 30 minutes and I did not, she called me. This is a true story. She said that in order to receive the loan I would have to bring pay stubs (I only have receipts for most of what I do) but I could give her copies of checks I received through the company that handles financial transactions for chaturbate. Apparently that wasn't good enough. She actually asked me for my web info so she could see I really worked with CB. At this point I was so flabbergasted and angry that I couldn't speak. (It gets worse.) She fucking asked me if my injuries could be filed under workmanship comp, she lowered her voice and she said, even hoes should be eligible for state and government programs. I blasted and said a hoe is a tool right? Wouldn't you know more about that than me? After that I didn't call to speak to the manager because you know I heard that whole office fucking laughing when she was saying that bullshit. Just needed to vent. Thank you. Venus

Info for 1-on-1 Time w/Keepsakes, Customs & Goods

All prices below are for custom products sent directly to you. If you would like to request something you would like to see more of - please feel free to do so - and I will possibly work it in to my filming schedule as I see fit. There are no guarantees on this kind of request though. Are you a member of Contact me about your special discounted rates.

I will not be available for 1-on-1 time or customs until after April 16, 2015, due to medical restrictions.

- All Keepsake Videos from 1-on-1 Time will be processed and e-mailed w/in 24 hours of appointment.
- There is a maximum of a 7 day turn-around on most custom videos and/or photosets. I reserve the right to refuse customs due to physical capability.
- Some customs require more time, an outline will be given during our discussion of how to fulfill your fantasy.
- If a prop, outfit or specific toy type is requested client is responsible for purchasing if I do not already own the product.
- My rate for custom videos is $4/min for exclusive or $2/min for non-exclusive. If you are unsure the amount of time, e-mail me at mishatgp(at)gmail(dot)com
- Custom Photo Sets are for 1 outfit in your requested positions. Rate is $2/Photo for Exclusive, $1/photo for non-exclusive.
- If you want your name written/called out in a custom video or photo set, please select one of the 'Exclusive' options.
- All purchases are for your consumption only. You do not have the right to sell or distribute any products with out my express written permission.

Non-Exclusive = If I think my fans will enjoy what you have requested, I will post it in my members area or sell it.
Exclusive = You and I will be the only ones that have access to this product.

*e-mail address is for booking cam time and custom requests only.
$ 5.00 = Set of 5 Custom Photos (Non-Exclusive)
$ 10.00 = Set of 5 Custom Photos (Exclusive) OR 5 Minute Custom Video (Non-Exclusive) OR Set of 10 Custom Photos (Non-Exclusive). Please include your choice in the order.
$ 15.00 = Buy 5 Minutes of Cam Time with me on Skype or Yahoo! IM. Be Sure to include your user ID OR Set of 15 Custom Photos (Non-Exclusive). Please include your choice in the order.
$ 20.00 = Buy 10 Minutes of Cam Time on Skype or Yahoo! IM. Be Sure to include your User ID. OR Set of 10 Custom Photos (Exclusive) OR 5 Minute Custom Video (Exclusive) OR 10 Minute Custom Video (Non-Exclusive). Please include your choice in the order.
$ 22.00 = Buy 5 Minutes of Cam time on Skype or Yahoo! IM & Keepsake Video (non-exclusive)
$ 25.00 = Get access to me VIA Snapchat for 1 year. Please include your Snapchat user ID.
$ 30.00 = Buy 5 Minutes of Cam Time on Skype or Yahoo! IM & Keepsake Video (exclusive) OR Purchase 15 Minutes of Cam Time on Skype or Yahoo! IM. Be sure to include your User ID OR Set of 15 Custom Photos (Exclusive) OR Set of 30 Custom Photos (Non-Exclusive) OR 15 Minute Custom Clip (Non-Exclusive). Please include your choice in the order.
$ 35.00 = Purchase a pair of my panties. Be sure to tell me which pair, how you would like them (scented, etc.), and where to send them. If you would like a video of me in the painties, please purchase a custom video clip. All packages sent via Priority Mail in the US, video sent on line. Contact me about international rates.
$ 40.00 = Purchase your favorite toy. (some are not for sale) Be sure to tell me which one, how you would like it (scented, etc.), and where to send it. If you would like a video of me using the toy, please purchase a custom video clip. All packages sent via Priority Mail in the US, video sent on line. Contact me about international rates. OR 10 Minute Custom Video (Exclusive). Please include your choice in the order.
$ 45.00 = Buy 10 Minutes of Skype time & Keepsake Video (non-exclusive)
$ 50.00 = Buy 30 Minutes of Skype or Yahoo! IM time. Be Sure to include your User ID.
$ 55.00 = Buy 10 Minutes of Skype time & Keepsake Video (exclusive)
$ 60.00 = Buy 15 Minutes of Skype or Yahoo! IM time & Keepsake Video (non-exclusive) OR Set of 30 Custom Photos (Exclusive) OR 15 Minute Custom Video Clip (Exclusive) OR 30 Minute Custom Video Clip (Non-Exclusive). Please include your choice in the order.
$ 75.00 = Buy 15 Minutes of Skype or Yahoo! IM Time & Keepsake Video (Exclusive)
$ 110.00 = Buy 30 Minutes of Skype or Yahoo! IM Time & Keepsake Video (Non-exclusive)
$ 140.00 = Buy 30 Minutes of Skype & Yahoo! IM Time & Keepsake Video (Exclusive)
$ 120.00 = 30 Minute Custom Video Clip (Exclusive)