There's always two sides to a coin...with me you never know what you will get!

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About Me

I believe astrology, numerology, and tarot are very important to living your best life. I am a Gemini, which means I have many sides to me, two being spiritual and sexual. I love to make people laugh and love laughing myself. I just recently became a cam model, amateur porn star and model. I am bi-curious, I've never been with a female but always have fantasized about it. I am currently with an amazing man who occasionally co-stars with me on flirt4free. He is very supportive of my career. Just because I'm taken doesn't mean I'm not allowed to have some cyber fun. I love teasing and turning people on, in fact, it gets me sooo wet!


About My Shows

I love trying new things and seducing and teasing people with my quick wit, making great conversation, and sexy dance moves. I like to say there's always two side to a coin...I'm a Gemini so you never know what you'll get!

My Rules

1.Honesty-self explanatory
2.Respect-Treat me and my other clients/fans with respect and you will get the same from me.
3.Don't be cheap and expect any nudity, dirty talk, joi, etc for free!-I am a business woman so respect me and my time!
4.No Demands (unless paid for and requested prior)
5.No marketing yourself or other models on my stream.
6.No judgement!- I try to not judge anyone and expect the same from everyone.
7.NO DRAMA!!!!
8.Fun is a MUST!!!-I make lots of jokes and use sarcasm often, so if anyone is sensitive probably should find another girl.
9.No recording ANY sessions! You want to have a copy PAY FOR IT!
10.COMMUICATION- I love talking and love people that can have a conversation!
11.Some Rules are meant to be broken.-I cam to have fun and most the time play by the rules but there are those times my naughty side wants to come out!

My Blog

Needing Some Advise!

So a little stressed and overwhelmed. I hope some of you awesome experienced cam models can help! I started to Cam on flirt4free about 2 months ago. I have only cammed three times, two times by myself for two hours and one time with my boyfriend as a couple for three hours. I have a history of getting stuck in my head and focus on my insecurities so every time it comes time to push the start button I freeze and end up not caming. I have gotten great responses and the tips haven't been bad either. I honestly don't know why I block myself. I do have insecurities but have been able to get past that. It seems there's always 1200 hoops to jump through when I go to cam. I bought the lush lovense because the actual site said it was compatible with Flirt4Free, but it doesn't stay connected. I know they are soud activated as well, but I love having music on and not sure how to do that with music. I'm sure the majority of people would ask why don't you just go on without it? I honestly believe it will increase my tips and I'm not 100% exactly comfortable getting fully nude in privates just yet. So I originally bought that interactive toy so men and women can have a reason to tip me without needing to see me diddle myself lol. I am curious on other sites just want to pick the right one. If anyone has any advise I would greatly appreciate it!