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Sorry all for how inconsistent and absent i've been these last few weeks... alot of my friends and my sister who I love to death are all being ripped from my life... I will spare the details... just please dont be upset... its a sad time for me right now...


You guys know how I like to wear anal plugs. Today before I went live on cam, I decided to put on my biggest butt plug as a nice surprise for you Not only I wore a plug that I don't wear too often, but also I decided to try something new - putting inside me another one, so I was double plugged, instead of double penetration with other of my toys. It was a nice experience as well...

You can watch it here:

Lovense Nora Sex Toy Unboxing

I ordered a new toy and guys get to watch me enjoy hooking it up in detail.

I apologize on the edits... this was one of my first more professional transitional and I totally fucked it up with the sound. I AM SORRY. I WILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME!

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Long distance control explained in better detail than my face.


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Theres more but I can't put them here.

How I Faced the Stigma of Sex Work

"If someone isn't what others want them to be, then others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own." - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

This quote resonates with me lately and for good reason. A lot of people are opinionated and vocal about how they feel with regards to sex work and others are silent and brooding. What is it that makes this profession one of the most highly disrespected professions in the world?

A little background before we get into some of the finer details (so you know what angle I'm coming from). I started sex work when I was 18 years old back in 2007 with the advent of "Hot or Not" and the beginning of Facebook. Most of you guys probably don't even remember what Myspace was but back when I was a teenager and young adult, it was everything to me and my budding identity. I have always been savvy with the Internet and I am part of a generation that grew up with both sides of life before and after its arrival. So since an early age, I've used it to express myself and connect with other people, experiment with HTML, graphics, photography, and video effects, and most of all the image of myself I wanted to portray. Unfortunately, a lot of very sick and twisted people also use social media to prey on young people and I was one of those naive and curious teenage girls with very little sexual experience and innocent intentions. For more than three years of my early adulthood I learned the hard way about men and sex both online and offline. I truly believe this is why social media is so heavily censored now. There is great freedom when it comes to being able to express yourself with nudity and then there is a dark side where, like any other profession out there, people use other people for personal gain and exploitation. It's awful and heartbreaking, but it's also part of life.

Fast forward a decade later. I'm married now to the love of my life and I have three kids under four, a mortgage, and a life that by any other objective means appears "normal" except for one thing which for years I couldn't put my finger on. I was happy don't get me wrong, but I was unhappy at the same time. Something was missing. A dream was unlived. My heart was either permanently damaged or life just wasn't what I thought it would be. So when my husband went out of town for a month I began to wander online again once more just as naive as the first time. It was just an innocent hobby, a fun one at that, when I started chatting and getting to know other people online. Now as an adult entertainer a lot of things have changed regarding my choice to get online.

It's never been more clear to me now that this hobby is more of a business and a profession. It's complete with deadlines, taxes, customer service, and marketing. There are video editing programs with steep learning curves, photography and lighting skills that take time and practice to master, and multitasking on a very high and efficient level in order to cater to multiple needs simultaneously. Many people overlook the fact that like anything else in life, it does take a significant amount of effort and self-discipline to be consistent and work in this industry.

So naturally, after a while of working, I decided it was time to explain to my family where I got the money to purchase land by myself. At first, it started with only phone sex and sexting, text messages, and short little video clips. Hardly anything to laugh about but it was enough money for me to feel like I was contributing to the family income without having to put my kids in childcare or waste gasoline to and from the local hospital (I was an RN by trade). I was able to make myself feel a little better about life at the same time and get some time away from my kids and so-called "normal" life. At first my family was horrified and doubtful that I'd ever last long doing this for a "job" or anything close to making money. They laughed at me and turned a blind eye... "Oh she's just being crazy again." They were wrong!

Then I finally came to the decision to begin live webcam shows. I signed up for half a dozen websites, bought a laptop and Logitech webcam and signed on for the first time wearing nothing but my bra and panties. It was a good month or two before I landed on a site that I enjoyed interacting on the most. For me, while money is definitely part of the equation, so is my personal preference and comfort level online. I was able to start slow and move into things at my own pace and that was everything to me. The void was filling up quickly with wonderful conversations and new sexual experiences. I was even able to explore fetishes I didn't even know existed and came to find out I had a dominant side that was never fully expressed. I knew there was no other outlet for me to be myself within a committed marriage and feel like myself at the same time.

There is so much stigma attached to working in any field related to sex and a lot of discrimination publicly regarding the fact that there are people that are forced to be sex slaves or work underground for a pimp or addicted to doing drugs. I don't want to ignore this reality of life but I also don't want my story to go untold, that this isn't always the case. I want to emphasize here that while that may be some people, being a sex worker can also be a CHOICE and I emphasize choice in a positive way. It has always been my choice to play online and express myself this way and it has always been something I've enjoyed doing. Those things haven't changed since the beginning of the internet and advent of cell phones with a camera attached to them. The only difference is now I am being paid for it. My body, my artistry, my personality and my life with anything and everything in between is now a product.

My only regret is that I didn't start my paid ventures in the adult industry sooner. It has liberated me in ways I can't even explain both financially and personally. While we all are entitled to our opinions, if only we could open our minds and hearts to the beautiful variety of human sexuality and ways of expressing ourselves. I don't plan on going back to the sheltered and repressed person I used to be. I am free now.

How to Get a Girl to Like Anal

My partner has had anal sex before me with lots of other women. Enough to make me jealous and potentially interested on competitive grounds alone but I've always told him that if it was something he truly desired in a way I couldnít provide, that he had a hall pass to fulfill that need. I've attempted anal sex at least twice with two different people since I was 18 years old and didn't like it either time. It was beyond painful and there was absolutely nothing desirable about that kind of pain to me. Other types of pain, maybe, but we'll get into that another time.

Like most things in life, no matter how much someone has a grand idea or sage piece of advice, if I'm not receptive and even open to the idea then I completely shut them down. It isn't until I am curious enough to accept and explore those things for myself to even listen. I'm just stubborn like that and yeah, it's definitely not one of my better personality traits in this case. Anyway, in this example the negotiations were on anal sex. It was a topic that was dropped for many months until one day I was starting to explore that side of myself with more of an open hand and an open mind.

What made the change?

Honestly, I got curious. Ever since I had become pregnant and gone through childbirth that entire part of my body had been opened up in ways I never knew. Over time I am growing more comfortable with my body AND more curious as to how things move, work and change. Things down there definitely change after kids but they also stay the same, too. It's hard to explain and might just be part of getting older and more sexually exploitative in general. Either way, the childbirth experience and motherhood experience was the catalyst in this case for me becoming receptive.

Anal sex before having kids verses after having kids is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!! Also, if you have ever tried to have anal sex with someone I will tell your right now do not even attempt without copious amounts of lube. Guys, listen to me carefully..




Ouch. My ass hurts just thinking about that. *shudder* So invest in some lubricant and a lot of it if you want to make it a comfortable experience for you both. Fuck up on anal sex the first time after she agrees to it and you've screwed yourself over for any potential anal sexcapade sin the future so buy the $5 or $10 lube or youíre just going to self sabotage yourself and I absolutely do not blame her for refusing anything in the future if that is the case.

Okay, so let's say she's come to a point in her brain where she is mentally curious and open minded to exploring this side of herself sexually. We introduced the ideas through humor and jokes first, memes and funny banter between the two of us. It was an off the cuff thing but it definitely opened up a discussion and that's exactly what you'll want to do if you're not sure where to start. Open up the discussion.

Hopefully it doesn't take you or her that long to figure out what you both want. The first thing we explored with as a couple was anal play, not necessarily anal sex. We began with touching and licking the rim only and then moving on to fingering. Again, do not attempt fingering without lube. What helped me the most was the fact that he was receptive to me playing with him, too. Once I saw how it made him feel and how much pleasure it brought to him by stimulating the prostate gland digitally right before ejaculation, I realized that there might me something to it for me. Once I felt his tongue circle around my tight little asshole, I felt nerves and stimulation there that was not intimidating. It was pleasurable and peaceful anal play focused solely on teasing each other and playing, even if we both knew it would lead to vaginal intercourse. So take the OFF the pressure and focus on exploration and sensations, not orgasm and penetration right off the bat.

For anyone thinking my partner is bisexual or gayÖ NO. He's not. He is extremely straight and very generous in the bedroom as we both are more the giving type than the receiving type. (It just so happens to work out for the both of us since we take care of each other). Now I'm not saying that as a man you need a cock shoved up your ass but what I am saying is that if you're not at least comfortable letting someone go near your own butthole, how can you expect your girlfriend to do the same? Seriously think about this and put yourself in her shoes for a moment, especially if you feel this way right now.

Unless it's just a one night stand thing and you have no plans on meeting the person ever again, have at it. If this is someone you plan on being with for a while then you'll need to make sure there's a solid foundation of trust before proceeding and take into consideration their feelings (you probably should for the one night stand, too but who am I to judge here).

Now this is just my opinion but if I am like most women, I enjoy more than the physical components of sex. Opening up that part of your body to someone makes you extremely vulnerable physically and emotionally so please be a gentleman. Take your time. Listen to her cues. Let her enjoy her experience for what it is (good or bad). Reassure her that you love her, that you find her incredibly hot and sexy. Tell her that she is sexy when she does XYZ specifically, that you're having fun and love every single second of it. It's hard not to feel like you're just going to shit all over yourself sometimes but having dialogue and encouragement really helped me grow into it sexually so that it became something more erotic rather than dirty. Lot's of encouragement and vocalization is a technique that might help you.

Now back to the anal action. When was I finally ready to make the dive into penetration? The moment had to be right and he had to be down there face deep in my pussy before he slid his tongue down into my butt crack and around my rim. Finally, he gently massaged my asshole with one finger, sliding it in one knuckle slowly, then two knuckles deeper, then pulling out ever so slow and steady while watching my facial expressions to see if I was okay or receptive. Yes, it felt like taking a poop backwards and yes it was a little uncomfortable. Luckily, (and this helped me a ton) he didnít even try anal penetration. He made damn sure I had already had a vaginal orgasm.


Why is this important?

1. For starters, I was full of endorphins after cumming so if anything did hurt, I didnít feel it right away.

2. Second, I was in a trusting and loving bubble of oxytocin and wanted to cuddle.

3. Third, the G Spot opens up as a woman has an orgasm. On the back side of that vaginal wall is the anal wall. With a nice patch of super sensitive nerve endings both inside my vagina AND inside my ass, there was ample stimulation to be felt and enjoyed.

4. Fourth, my sphincters were more relaxed and it made it easier for me to avoid the clenched butt syndrome. Smoother for him to penetrate.

5. Finally, for me at least, I was more cognizant of my partner's reactions and enjoyment from the experience rather than focusing on my own enjoyment (or fear for that matter) and that in and of itself was pleasurable. Confused yet? LOL!!

Another thing that helped a ton was clitoral stimulation during the more uncomfortable parts of anal penetrationÖ mostly the pushing in. I would tell him if he was going too fast or too deep, so make sure you tell her to communicate back to you with how she is doing. Try not to put her on the spot but do be sure to ask occasionally or at least look at her facial expressions to see if she is in pain! Do not ramrod your cock inside someoneís butt hole without realizing how it makes them feel. That is just inconsiderate. Those dirty fantasies will come in time. Right now, it's time to be patient and gentle.

Finally, enjoy the anal sex and when you come with her give her extra clitoral stimulation (or let her do it on herself) and have fun! I love it when he comes all over my ass and back. That warm, gooey feeling just melts me on the inside. Itís the closest thing to me aside from having someone cum INSIDE of me.

If you're feeling extra naughty you can cum inside of her asshole, there's just one downside to cumming inside a girl and that is the mess and a little thing I like to refer to as the anal shits. I strongly recommend you DO NOT come inside of her for the first time and ease into that over time. It's a whole other beast to adapt to but it has its own perks.

Anyway, hope this blog helped you guys out and maybe you'll get some booty tonight!

Christmas Quiz

Hey boys
It's been a while since I've updated my page here at Cam Girl Collective. I've been busy helping recreate Mystiques' Muses to City Muse. Check out the website at

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Sunday 26/11

Today I had a very good sunday! I relaxed a lot in my bed, playing Nintendo DS (Harvest Moon Grand Bazar), one of my favorite Harvest Moon games!
Of course, I masturbate a lot, with some old clients I have, since last year!
I'm looking foward to make more new clients

why i love to cam in the bath!

alot of guys get surprised when they join my direct cam sessions and see me lying there naked, in a nice hot bubble bath, with my best selection of waterproof toys all lined up on the side of the bath in full view...

they say its a lovely surprise and thats when i know that there cocks got hard instantly when they seen me.. they cant wait for me to start making ripples in the water with my fave toys!

alot of girls who are on cam are fully dresssed or in there sexy underwear.. but imagen logging into a hot girls room, and seeing that you dont need to waste time waiting for her to undress and tease you b4 she makes you cum!

im already there.. fully naked.. wearing nothing but the bubbles thats falling down my chest... off my big boobs.. and watching me rinse them all away while pouring water all down me... WHAT A TURN ON!

get me to stand, dance, masturbate, sit on the edge of the bath while u have full view of my soaking wet pussy, my big belly and my massive boobs!

see guys... im not selfish... my bath times are not only good for me.. there absolute FILTH for you!


top 10 orgasm myths

1 - Intercourse Should Always Lead To Orgasm
Intercourse alone usually does not lead to orgasm. Only 30 per cent of women reach orgasm from intercourse alone. The rest need added clitoral stimulation to achieve pleasure.

2 - All Positions Are Created Equal
Not so! There are some positions that make female orgasm much more likely, such as woman-on-top, as it gives her the added clitoral stimulation she needs to reach orgasm.

3 - Women Can Easily Reach Orgasm
Pornography and Hollywood movies make the female orgasm seem effortless and straightforward. However, the truth is that most women need up to 20 minutes to become aroused and orgasmic, which is why foreplay is so important.

4 - Vibrators Are A Replacement For A Man
Sex aids can help to greatly improve your partner's sexual experience as well as your own. However, vibrators are not a replacement for a man, and they cannot help your partner achieve the same feelings of intimacy and pleasure.

5 - Women Don't Like Quickies
While most men can reach orgasm faster than a woman can, this doesn't mean that quickies aren't fun or that they cannot serve a purpose in your relationship. If you don't have time for foreplay or a full-on sex session, a quickie can keep you bonded and close for the time being.

6 - Condoms Complicate Sex And Delay Orgasms
Recent advancements in condom manufacturing have made condoms thinner and less noticeable than ever before.

7 - You Can Always Tell if a Woman Is Faking
Not always! Some women deserve an Oscar for their acting performances; however, it's important to remember that faking orgasm cheats both of you. Ask your partner if she likes what you are doing or if she needs a different touch to reach orgasm.

8 - Women Like Only Soft, Gentle Sex
Sometimes they do, but sometimes they also want sex that is more animalistic and wild. Explore that side of your partner's fantasies by asking her what she wants and taking the lead.

9 - Women Can Easily Achieve Multiple Orgasms
Unlike a man, a woman doesn't need a refractory period before she can be orgasmic again. However, it's not always easy to achieve one orgasm, let alone many! Hence, while some women are multi-orgasmic, not every woman knows how to harness that power. Practice makes perfect!

10 - The Goal Of Sex Is To Have An Orgasm
Don't think of orgasm as the destination. Sex should be about the journey and being in the moment. Stay attuned to your partner's body and the sensations of closeness and passion, and let your orgasm and hers happen when they happen. Remember, there is no "right" time or way to achieve orgasm. Every individual and every orgasm is unique

Totally addicted to cam!

hey everyone, little old me hear... well i thought i would let everyone know just how much iv fell in love with direct cam, as im at home every day now from morning until night i started getting more and more into camming, and i must say i have met so many great guys, made myself cum more then i have in my whole life, and learned that i enjoy alot more taboo fetishes then i knew about! im literately addicted! my partner knows i cam so i even go on it sometimes in front of him, so he can see me in action and well believe me... he gets so turned on! we have the most amazing sex afterwards... i think it turns him on knowing that other guys are there, wanking there throbbing hard cocks over me, watching me play, hearing me moan... oh its defo made me a horny little bitch... i love it...

Twitter Tips

[pink][/pink][face=courier][/face][b][/b]We all create a Twitter when we create our camgirl persona. I did. But I let mine sit dormant aside from posting a picture of myself every couple times I got on MFC for almost a month and a half. I had NO idea that Twitter was a money making marketing tool that only required a couple hours of startup time. I am going to tell you how to turn your Twitter into that tool.

First, Iím going to explain how you do this. There are dozens of tweeters out there who have been so kind to take it upon themselves to only retweet the things that us sexy, seductive camgirls say. Thatís all they do all day. There are no ads on their twitter page. No one is getting paid to read their twitter. So what you need to do is get as many of these people to retweet when you are coming on cam, offering skype shows, selling panties, getting you more followers and repeating the cycle. I have new followers that are retweeting stuff from the first week I started doing this. Before we start, make sure your twitter is marked NSFW and you have 18+ in your bio.

Second, Iím going to give you 10 categories of twitter names that I call ďMajor RetweetersĒ (By the way there are no competitive camgirl directory retweeters in this list). I want you to open up a Word document, turn the document Landscape orientation, make a table with 2 rows and 7 columns, and label the individual columns in the top row each with the following titles:

Pussy, SelfShots, Boobs, Ass, Tattoos, Camming, Multiple, (Blowjob, Sluts, Stocking/Feet will go in the Pussy column)

If you donít plan on showing your pussy, or donít have any tattoos then skip those categories. Donít skip boobs if you think you have to have big boobs!

Third, copy and paste each of the following groups of retweeters into their assigned individual columns in the bottom row:

Pussy: @sussexpussy @hottest_pussy @AZwtf @prettypussyx

SelfShots: @Mirror_girls69 @the_honeyhole @mirrormondaycom @onlyselfshots @selfshotworldie @Sexy_selfshot @MySelfpics7 @BeamJim71 @Morag_Hot_Pics2 @jaysmithy123 @SelfshotQueen

Boobs: @BREAST_NEST @TitzLikeThese @bobsbestboobs @DaddyPromotions @TeamTinyTitties @lustsinner69

Ass: @AzzLikeThat @WhiteBootySwag @HotAnalPics @xxxanalpics @AssPamphlet @ASSLOVERR

Tattoos: @SexyInkedWomen @TitsTatsAssKink @Girlstattooed @InkedUpBabes @tattooedbabeluv

Camming: @Indy_Cam_Girls @WhosOnlineXXX @cammingpromo @CamJOBz @camchamps @xCamGirls @LadiesOnline @camwhor @CamModelsxxx @CamsPerv @mfcfan6 @webcammodels4u @TeamCamgirls @CamGirlPromo @iHeartCamGirls @CAMSCwhORE @webgirltweet @camgirltweet @mfc_truth @GYNTK @MFC_eCards @MFCMemes @cammodellisting

Multiple: @Onlybadchicks @SexyTwitPicsRT @TheVagShow @item9exists @GodOfParts @Hot_Girl_Guide @OberonBone @term6933 @SexyLadyShow @SexxiEyezz @seattleamack401 @poccaxx75 @welshsamurai1 @sexuniverse @sexy_girls1234 @johnnywalkeryyc @AwesomePics5 @BeautyofWomen_ @HotBabesDaily3 @NakedWhiteWomen @Sexyladies1969 @Sticky_Panties @ShowItToUs

Blowjobs: @MostlyBJs @CreampieFacial

Sluts: @SlutsOnly69 @FreeYourInrSlut @slutfarmers

Stockings/Feet: @TitsBumsAndFeet @JustStockings

Also add:

#AssMonday #TittyTuesday #WetWednesday #Thongless/ThongThursday #FollowFriday #SexySaturday #SelfShotSunday

You want to keep this Word document on your desktop because you will want to reference it EVERYTIME you post to twitter!

The Pussy category should be used when you are posting pictures of your pussy.Selfshots should be used for clothed or sexy selfshots. Personally speaking@Mirror_girls69 and @the_honeyhole got me 200 followers in a day. Boobs has retweeters for big boobs and little boobs so PLEASE pick which ones you fall under, donít tag all of them or people will be confused. Ass is for any pictures of your ass. Camming is for posts & pictures (pictures of you that session are always recommended) related to anything camming. Some of them will retweet anything you post. Multiple is for multiple categoriesÖ mostly it was sexy women retweeters. Blowjob, Sluts and Stockings/feet are self explanatory.

You will want to go to every single one of these retweeters pages and follow them. Read their bio- do they need a fansign? If they do make one- and be creative- you may land as their AVI or Header. If their bio asks for pictures to be emailed to an address start a list in the Word document. Put their @name Ė email address Ė and what needs to be sent.

So an example of a good Tweet would be a selfshot of me in the mirror wearing a thong:

@Mirror_girls69 @BREAST_NEST @OberonBone @TeamCamgirls Signing onto #MyFreeCams in 5 mins xoxo lovers #tittytuesday

I was taught with twitter that the biggest rule is if you follow me, I follow you. Some camgirls only follow a select crowd. Some charge people to follow them. Most wonít follow tweeters who havenít selected a user pic (egg) or have pictures of dicks. I use an iPhone app called Sponge Lite which lets me see who hasnít followed or unfollowed me without posting the stats on my newsfeed like youíve probably seen. Other camgirls, musicians, and artists are notorious for this.

For us independent girls youíre going to want to get an app that will tweet for us. I love HootSuite. I just plug in my tweet, how often I want it tweeted, and bam it does it for me. So if I am going to be working Skype from 9pm Ė 6am I will set it to tweet every 1.5 hours and I can forget about it! Use a URL shortening service like to get in the most talk in your tweet.

If you do not have many followers yet, to get followers you can do what I did. I would promise everyone that if I got to the nearest hundred by a certain date or time they would be rewarded with a teaser video. Man were they retweeting my pictures! They never missed a deadline! Now I play a game that Iíll post a picture from a picture set and if x amount of people retweet it Iíll put their names into a hat and choose 1 winner to get that picture set. I gain a lot of new followers that way too.

I retweet 99% of what people mention me in. I would recommend you do it too. It lets people see what everyoneís saying about you.

NEVER OPEN LINKS IN TWITTER DIRECT MESSAGES. Youíre going to get links that say ďI found this really old ugly picture of you.Ē There are no old, ugly pictures of you. Itís a phishing scheme to get your password and hack your account. When you get a DM with a link simply stop following the user and delete the message.

Twitter wonít let us send out a good portion of our links in DM. So when you send them youíll have to put spaces. becomes mediafire .com /aef /4557687658.jpg.

Stick to your bones about selling your Kik, Snapchat, phone number, pictures, videos and other items. Youíll get a guy every blue moon who youíll have to block because he just wonít understand that this is OUR JOB and we donít do this for fun. He gets really pissed when you tell him itíll cost him money to make a fan sign even though you made one for @OberonBone. Well sweetie when you get 32,420 more followers, come back and weíll make you fan signs for free too.

If your campsite allows it, ADVERTISE YOUR TWITTER!!! Use Manycam and put it in your feed (also a good deterrent from theft) or put it in your topic. Push for people to follow you and thank your new followers. Once you start to get 30+ a day you wonít be able to keep up so take advantage of the intimacy of while its slow.