Why I love Skype

I do most of my work on Skype, it just feels right for me. I am naturally an introverted person and prefer the 1-1 connection instead of lots of people worshipping me in free with tips. I am not a performer. I don't like an audience, I enjoy the intimacy of a partner. Sure, I can act. I can do or be whatever you want me to (as long as I enjoy it). I am lazy and cannot keep up with 'fans', I wanna know more about you as a client, so we can form a connection and I'm the only one you really want. During sex and intimacy, I much prefer just the 2 of us. I have done threesomes/moresomes on cam and in person. The problem is my attention span. With too many distractions, I get overwhelmed and underperform. That is not the experience I want to give to a paying client. My clients are all special to me. Sure, some piss me off on occassion. But we learn each others' boundaries and are real people to each other. I am their fantasy (British, natural redhead, petite) that some only stay for a quick 5 min show, once or twice. But others, I am physically attractive and invest in them emotionally. Not like a therapist, it is a different connection. Maybe it's because I enjoy a polyamorous lifestyle (and also enjoy acting it out with clients) Being a skype cam model allows me to play out my lifestyle a lot more without actively having to have sex with multiple partners, staying safe. And as the client knows you are a paid model, you can just act out their fantasy as well as participating in your own xx

My transition

Okay, this is just a very quick post to get my thoughts out there but I think it's important to tell my story. How I transitioned from career hopper to sex worker. I use the term sex worker loosly because I've done text, phone, webcam and escorting. All have their benefits and drawbacks that I will eventually discuss but I'm jus putting this out there now before expanding further on each area specifically and just really trying to get my raw thoughts down before articulating what I really mean (that can be done later upon proof reading)

New Adventure!

So I decided to try some anal for my first time. It's not too bad and actually enjoyed most of it! I am excited to try more things out, and I know my fans will be happy as well. It's definitely a little scary trying something new like that, especially when it's in your hard 'no' section. BUT I did it!