Happy happy happy

Hi sweets! 🥰

I got some very good news *.* You may know I love taking pictures. 🤭
Recently I found a great platform, where all kinds of erotic art is featured from professionals.
This place is APG *.*
And the big big big news is that they selected my works too 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Check it out of you are interrested 🤭🥰😘

Byeeee 😘

Wow a blog

I never ever had a blog, nor that diary thing when I was a little girl... I don't know how this will turn out lol 😅
Well, pretty much my whole life is like that, I do stuff and it turns out somehow. 😅
I mean somehow like somehow, like in Forrest Gump, life is a box of chocolate and you never know what you get out of it.
Yeah some clichè here and there, but it doesn't ruin the authencity, does it?
If you haven't really noticed - don't worry, my bad - I'm talking to You.
This is really a terrible way to start a blog, right? 😆
Other creators throw all the stuff -who they are, where they from, more on what they do...- , and here I am, Yvie Lowe talking shit on a random part of the internet about Forrest Gump and not having a diary...😅But to be a little more serious, if you found me here it is a possibility that you already know what I do, so no need for that. Probably you even already enjoyed my room recently...or my so called Art Gallery...
What is my purpose with all this?
Haha , well, it can be that I just want you to feel connected to me, understand me more or this is just a media hack so I can get some subs on my pages... You'll never know 😏😜
Yeah so as I mentioned them, here you can have all my links...

I think now you hopped on that link...but I want you to know about me just one thing.
I don't want anything less than being famous, a Superstar and I'm not really rushing anywhere, so I just do what I do, and my crown will find it's way... Just watch me getting there ...

We can help TOGETHER

URL: https://fancentro.com/eurofloods/anikaglow

Большая часть Европы сталкивается с разрушительными наводнениями, которые, по мнению экспертов, являются результатом катастрофического изменения климата. Мы надеемся, что с вашей помощью мы сделаем крупное пожертвование Немецкому Красному Кресту и поможем бороться с наводнениями.

Станьте мостом через мутную воду, помогая жертвам наводнения.

My Life, My Loves... This is the story of one of them

Looking back… one love, a star shining on my skies. Promised myself he’ll never be forgotten. Since then, of course, other stars in my life followed, each one special in its unique way.

Soon after my divorce I started dating a fellow artist, a lovely angel, a very special one. Everything was fine and "ordinary" in our relationship at the beginning. I was working as a designer at that time, but he saw inside of me what I didn't know it did exist: my "protective" nature.

Now I smile... he was somewhere between delicacy and shyness when he opened up this subject: he was a sensually submissive man seeing in me a sweet Mistress for his soul. He made me quit my job and convinced me I'd be the perfect as an arts teacher for many generations of kids to come... And yes, our bedroom life has changed. After nights of passion, before dawn, full of joys, he used to whisper me the lyrics of this song... he couldn't sing, but his recitation was zephyr in my heart.

After a brief time of together he left for Brazil, never to come back... One day, it was late Summer, I received his friend's letter, a catholic priest, they left together, just a line: "Our beloved friend is resting now".

How some souls can change our lives! When I think of him, I don't have the feeling of being “left”, but surrounded by kind of an essence flouting in the air and literally breathing it. And it’s “real”, I don’t need any science or religion to prove me right or wrong, but I would love to know how it happens or “functions”… wish I could do this in my after life for the loved ones I’d have left here.

The Song:
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars/Corcovado,
Antônio Carlos Jobim, 1960
"Corcovado" (known in English as "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars") is a bossa nova song written by Antônio Carlos Jobim in 1960. The Portuguese title refers to the Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. An English lyric was later written by Gene Lees. Andy Williams recorded the song in 1965.

Posted first on my site,
August 15, 2020

Well Done Things

I like things done well till the end and in every detail. Sometimes the desired results fail to appear,
but then at least we have the feeling of doing our best... Victory matters, so does the path
towards achieving it!

When Not Online

I teach crafts & visual arts, elementary school level... so in my bag plenty of crayons,
not much eye-liners or lipstick... well, maybe a hand-cream? Noooo, don't say now that you'd like to be my student!