What you need to know about forced intoxication fetish

What Is Forced Intoxication?
Forced intoxication is a type of play in which a domme forces a sub to drink alcohol and/or partake in drug activity. It combines physical and psychological control. It goes much deeper than the act of drinking alcohol or using drugs. Forcedintox becomes a manipulation of the mind.
What Does A Forced Intox Session Involve?
In a forced intoxication session, a domme will typically tease and degrade the sub while commanding him or her to drink and/or use a drug. When the domme deems the sub is intoxicated enough, she will usually begin “taking advantage” of the sub. This can include a variety of scenarios, such as restraining and sexually dominating the sub or forcing the sub to perform humiliating tasks, which are sometimes filmed for blackmail purposes.
Why Do Subs Love It?
The arousal factor for subs in forced intoxication comes from the fact that they are giving up all control to their dominant. The sub enjoys obeying the domme’s orders and anticipating what the domme will make him or her do next. Forced intox play allows subs to lower their inhibitions and become more willing and eager to obey and please their dommes.
Ensuring Safe Forced Intox Play
Safety is of utmost importance in forced intox play. The domme must be well aware of the sub’s intoxication habits, limits, and tolerance before beginning a session. The domme must actively keep track of how much the sub is drinking/using and never push a sub past a safe amount.
However, this type of play can be dangerous even when a domme is being careful, so the domme should also know the effects of any drug the sub will be using and know the warning signs of an overdose. Finally, the sub must be able to fully trust the domme, as not everyone will have good intentions.

DUI... Driving Under the Influence of Dick

I was mad at him and I decided I would never speak to him again. The only problem was, I had left a collection of items at his house and retrieving them meant speaking to him. I had some Michael Kors shoes there, which were among my favorites. As soon as he opened the door, my heart started hammering out of my chest. Who was I kidding? I loved him and I loved fucking him. The bastard anyway, standing there in his pj bottoms and bare chest! I marched upstairs to his room. He followed me and leaned down to kiss me. With a flip of my hair I turned my head, "Nope." I said and began to pile my stuff on his bed. He hadn't done anything to get back into my good graces. I felt him behind me before he ever touched me. His warmth. The smell of his deodorant. He had just showered, which meant fresh cock for my throat and squeaky clean ass for my tongue. The bastard anyway. We had talked about consent play before. We even had a safe word... Whiskey. In the few seconds before he touched me, I decided he deserved to be teased and let down. His own fault for showering right before I arrived. I felt his hands cup my ass. "Nope!" I said, flicking his hands off. I felt his breath on my neck. "No...." I said, trying to sound irritated. After a few more No. Nope. Knock it off"s, he had me on the bed with my pants off and his tongue deep in my pussy. I realized I hadn't said "Whiskey" and I knew I wasn't going to. He worked my clit expertly and before long he knew I was close to cumming all over his tongue. I started begging him, "Please right there.... Don't stop... Don''t.... stop...." I would gasp. "Please... don't stop." My hands clawed at the wall behind his bed as I flooded his mouth. He flipped onto his back and pulled me onto him in once swift move. His hard cock felt incredible inside me. Hitting my G-spot with every thrust. I rode him until I had his cock and balls soaking wet with my cum. I rolled off of him and onto my back. He moved between my legs. I loved watching him over me like this. His chest, his face, shoulders... Even better, I loved feeling his hard cock in and out of my pussy while he nuzzled my neck, whispered in my ear, and sucked on that soft part at the top of my collarbone. He got up and moved behind me. He bent me forward, face down, pushed my shoulders down, and pulled my hips up to him. He pounded me hard like this, so hard I could barely gasp out his name when I was cumming. I loved feeling his huge hands on the small of my back while his cock rammed into me over and over. I could tell he was getting close. His strokes were harder and faster. His hands gripped me. His breathing was so fast. I begged him to blow his load in me, deep in my pussy right before I heard him let out a big breathy sigh as he came. He is the only man who makes me feel incoherent after sex and as I drove away, I realized in my after-sex stupor, I'd forgotten my shoes. I'd go back in a few days I guess. The bastard anyway!



It is said that when we dream, our subconscious mind is bringing forth images and scenarios that we either think about briefly throughout the day or helps us to make sense of what our inner mind is trying to tell us.

Sometimes; those dreams don't always go the way we want them to. We may find ourselves dreaming about a situation that takes us out of our comfort zone or does not satisfy what we really want.

I'm going to help you to change all of that. With this trance, you will be able to finally be in control of your dreams. Your dream sequence will feature you as the star and the director. You will be able to dream about whatever you like, be it changing sex, being a porn star, or whatever your kinky heart desires. And, you will be able to control exactly what happens during that dream to your advantage.

Coupled with a special soundtrack designed to enhance lucid dreaming; this file is guaranteed to have you enjoying every single erotic dream your subconscious chooses for you, with you at the very helm of the action!



IWantClips Store now live!

I'm very happy to inform you that Miss Deviant is now on IWantClips!

This is my preferred clip site, where I will be uploading both clips and audio files for you to enjoy. I generally upload content a minimum of 2 to 3 times per week, so make sure bookmark me so you don't miss a thing. I also offer regular coupon promotions so you can enjoy discounts when purchasing your favourite clips.

In addition to seeing the clips I have already uploaded, you also have the opportunity to request a custom clip for a subject or fetish of your choice. If you visit my custom site, you will see I cover a wide variety of different subjects, so I'm sure you will be able to find what suits you.

Custom clips are priced at $2.50 per min, minimum clip length 5 minutes and the maximum 30 minutes. You pay in advance for your requested clip, which is filmed and uploaded to My customs site within 4 weeks of your order. You also have the opportunity to make extra requests for a small additional fee.

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Find Miss Deviant on Streamate!

As of this week, I am now live-streaming on Streamate as well as Adultwork, which means you have even more opportunities to connect with Me.

For those not familiar with how Streamate works, there are four different modes in which we can communicate:


This is rather like a free preview. You have the opportunity to get to know me before going into a show. During this time, you can tip me gold in order to ask me to do things like stand up, show my feet/shoes/boots, show my clothed ass, give you the middle finger or even stick out my tongue. This is how I will tease you and get you so aroused you'll be desperate for more!


This is a paid mode but is a group chat. It means that I can chat with multiple paying clients at once. I get a little more teasing and dangerous in this mode and engage in more explicit talk.


This is where you get Me all to yourself. We chat about whatever kinky things are on your mind and conduct a full webcam session. Topless & buttock nudity is offered in exclusive for those who want to see "the girls".


From time to time, I will offer gold shows to those who tip & help me reach my Gold Show target. I set an amount needing to be raised in order for the gold show to start, and you make it rain. Once it's rained, the Gold Show begins and all paying members get to watch. Gold shows can feature just about anything - boob shows, strapon shows, foot fetish, ass worship. Anything. I can even do a jerk off race to see which client cums first. It'll be fun to have you all fapping away to race to the finish line! Be sure to add me on twitter if you want to know when I'm starting a Gold Show, so you don't miss out.

You will generally see me on Streamate throughout the week. I like to alternate sites when traffic slows. So if one site is on the quiet side, I'll log on to the other one. Want to see Me on there? Then be sure to go to my Streamate profile & add me to your favourites!


Would you like to join my fan club?

With social media apparently waging war on sex workers, it's now becoming increasingly difficult to post NSFW material out there. Facebook & Instagram don't allow any NSFW at all and now the home of unsolicited dick pics; Snapchat, seem to be changing their stance on sexual material.

Fact is; if you're a sex worker, you're pretty much ostracised from many of the larger social media platforms, especially since the introduction of SESTA/FOSTA.

So that's why I have a nice little fan club for you to join.

IWantFanClub is the place I post all My NSFW material. These can be sexy pictures, videos, vlogs, tasks, and even access to My Kik or Skype ID. In a nutshell, I'm basically posting on there what we are no longer allowed to post on social media.

I generally post several times a day and on the days I'm offline, I'll schedule some posts so it keeps the feed going and in turn, keeps your arousal going. I'm kind to you that way.

Anyway, come & take a look. I'm sure you will find it very, very interesting!


The MRS Pulling That Train

This is a drink, which I entitled "Pulling That Train". At the end of a long camming shift I think it's' best for a treat; A nice stiff one at the end of the day. This delicious treat is right for anyone that still has a little left to do on their to do list, but still is ready to wind down. It's a delicious treat for any productive tiresome soul, which give you the right motivation to finish strong, rested, relaxed, and ready for bed. The ingredients are as follows.

1. 1.5 oz Cold Brew Coffee (Pinon Roasted, or your preference)
2. .3 oz Brown Sugar Syrup (Equal parts warm water and sugar)
3. 2.0 oz Spirit (Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey)
4. Two (2) Ice Cubes for dilution
5. Cream

All ingredients into your shaker-tin, aside from five (5.) "Cream",

A simple "whip shake" as demonstrated in the video.

Dry Pour that yummy deliciousness into your chilled Martini Glass

Top with Heavy Whipping ingredient 5. Cream, and enjoy ;-)

I am your online MRS. Maddie-Rue Sinclear, and this is the "Pulling That Train"

A Little R&R With The MRS; Maddie-Rue Sinclear


This is a drink, which I entitled "Pulling That Train". At the end of a long camming shift I think it's' best for a treat; A nice stiff one at the end of the day. This delicious treat is right for anyone that still has a little left to do on their to do list, but still is ready to wind down. It's a delicious treat for any productive tiresome soul, which gives you the right motivation to finish strong, rested, relaxed, and ready for bed. The ingredients are as follows.

1. 1.5 oz Cold Brew Coffee (Pinon Roasted, or your preference)
2. .3 oz Brown Sugar Syrup (Equal parts warm water and sugar)
3. 2.0 oz Spirit (Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey)
4. Two (2) Ice Cubes for dilution
5. Cream

All ingredients into your shaker-tin, aside from five (5.) "Cream",

A simple "whip shake" as demonstrated in the video.

Dry Pour that yummy deliciousness into your chilled Martini Glass

Top with Heavy Whipping ingredient 5. Cream, and enjoy ;-)

I am your online MRS. Maddie-Rue Sinclear, and this is the "Pulling That Train"

R&R With The MRS. Sour Mexican

R&R With The MRS. Sour Mexican,

When I am having a tricky day, sometimes clarity comes very quickly if I am chilling out with my favorite recipe that I call, "MRS. Sour Mexican"; It is a layered drink inspire by a, "New York Sour"; A drink intended for presentation, taste, and Chemistry, "Spirit Forward" start, with a "Sweet & Sour" finish. It is typically made and layered with fresh lemon juice, sugar, your choice of Bourbon, Whiskey or Rye, which in my case would be, "Old Forester" Bourbon, a nice smokey red Zin, served in a low-ball rocks glass, with a giant whiskey rock. The chemistry - as you can see in my presentation- creates this luminescent layered effect. In the "MRS's" version of this drink - which you can see here in my photo, I took earlier - I went Mexican style, with Hornitos Repasado Tequila as our main "Spirit". A divergent, and just cause it's my favorite affordable red wine, 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 from Colombia Valley, Washington; Agave Nectar Stirred with Freshly Squeezed and Strained Lemon Juice, Mandarin Oranges, and Cherry Bitters. This drink is strong, tasty, full of life and flavor, and definitely sure to do the trick for anyone who appreciates Tequila, and just needs a fucking drink. ;-) It's a good treat to a long shift, which in my case is the night shift; So; It's five-o'clock somewhere, right?


Jigger / or something to measure your Ounces (Oz's)
Ice Cold Glass /or Beaker
Stirrer / or Spoon
Martini Glass

Ice For Chilling Martini Glass only
Mandarin Oranges
Lemons' for Squeezing (Citrus)
Agave Nectar for sweetener
Cherry Bitter's Whatever Your Preference Is
Hornitos Repasado Tequila (Spirit)
14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon (my favorite affordable red wine)


Chill Martini Glass With Ice
.3oz Lemonade
.2oz Agave Nectar
.2oz Hornitos Repasado Tequila
Cold Glass w/ Stirrer ready
Stir for 30 Seconds to guarantee proper dilution; Mixed
Dry Pour into Martini Glass
FLOAT 4 Mandarin Orange slices
Layer with Spoon or Stirrer; A SLOW pour from your Jigger of
1.5oz Hornitos Repasado Tequila
From your Jigger, to your Spoon; The Spirit should flow SLOWLY settling / floating nicely on top of your Sweet & Sour Mix already in your Chilled Martini Glass
Same technique with
.3oz 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon
& layers come to life.
Spoonful of Cherry Bitters to top

The MRS. Sour Mexican
I am Maddie-Rue Sinclear Your Online MRS.
Cheers and Enjoy.

Introduction. I'm Maddie-Rue Sinclear; Your Online MRS.

Finding myself in a world of rebellion, debt, and confusion was the leading factor which drove me to discover the online world of Camming. Three months ago, I woke up - homeless - on a friends couch. Hungry, a college drop out, an embarrassment to the privileged lifestyle I fled as soon as I was eighteen, and grieving over my ex, who had used my name and hard work - at minimum wage pay - for a car, four trips to Vegas, and an engagement ring for his off and on girlfriend of eight years; now, his wife. Three years earlier, he would - a twenty- five years old, and sexy young man - convince this dumb little girl - then eighteen - to leave everything for his fake-ass adventure. Back to three months ago; Sorry about the detour. So, I'm barely twenty-one, and my free spirited ways lead me to a world of uncertainty, and unpredictability. I wanted my freedom from everything and all those who caged me, including the warden of my prison, myself. I became a slave to a cycle of depression, and feeling sorry for myself and situation, even throughout the process of my relationship. I was always sad about the truth; The loneliness was real, and still, I couldn't take the power into my own hands to make a change, plus, I couldn't face my overly religious parents in defeat. Needing help from them would mean that I would have to submit to their dogmatic views and weird "Pentecostal" programming methodologies and controls; that is what lead me to runaway in the first place. Then, the real world? As a young - "first time" - adult, and bosses started groping me. I'd complain, and my complaints fell on hardened hearts, and excited laps. I was mad at the world for my hard work not being enough for me - alone - to get by, and the one I depended on, did enough - only- for me to wipe my brow from the anxiety of us falling behind on bills, again and again. There was never no savings, and I found myself starving, literally fucking hungry, while he went out more and more, and he - somehow - got fatter by the minute; All the while things only went from bad to worse, as we started jumping around from place to place, with no certainty of - pretty much - anything. Then, one day, I came home from work, and he and all my shit was gone. Asshole, even took my damn tampons. I mean, fucking really? There I go again, ranting, excuse me. The day I turned on my phone's camera and started my first show, just a few short months ago, was the day that all of it changed, and by the end of it - my show - I smiled from ear to ear. I knew that I no longer had to depend on anyone, but rather, that I can truly be free to discover myself. Mind you - of course - I was nervous as fuck, and wanting to puke my brains out, but after a few minutes the nervousness was gone. Little did I know, that this industry's world - in just these few short months - was going to bring me face to face with reality in its most transparent expressions; I mean, in this world, it is almost like, "Anything Can & Might Happen", well almost, anyway. I also would discover more about my insecurities, strengths, and desires that were always there, but just hidden; I mean, we all know that the camera has a way of bringing to our frontal consciousness all our insecurities, to include fears - that - "US" being on the spot have to learn to face and deal with - those stumbling blocks - on a constant, and instantaneous level. To me, it felt - at first - like this industry was a sink or swim situation in the middle of a deep ocean of anxiety and uncertainty, and all the while having to maintain understanding that, "The show must go on". Regardless, rather you are sinking or swimming, the show must go on. We all have our reasons and motivations for this industry, and for whatever reason you find the strength to keep on plugging away, then; Good Job Girl, Boy, Trans, Couple, plus any other Pronouns I'm forgetting to mention. For me, it's because of adventure that comes with determination. Even if I am sinking in this live feed and trade, I am still going, moving forward, learning, and - somehow - still paying my debts, and bills; Making Those Goals. That is a strength that always existed in me, but it was just stagnant; I was always doing it alone, just never clicked until now. All I needed was a little push. Funny, now - if life can get anymore interesting I'm sure it will - every transparency hid under the surface on our regular social interactions - "Day to Day Life" - are now blatantly in my face, and it is truly enlightening - for me - to see the needs, desires, hurts, strengths, and flaws of our tremendous - curious - human race expressed in such real and pretty diverse ways. The fun part is, is I discovered I love sex, and pretty much any kind of intense, crazy, "decent" role-play; Whatever decent is? It makes me think that we are all intense - passionate - people, lol, in our own ways, and that we are all struggling with hopes of feeling comforted, understood, accepted, not judged, secure, whole, not alone, to include, creative. I feel - and I know I'm not alone because I've heard it said among the industry - that this job is an unaccredited Doctorates in Psychology field. And, I'm just getting started. I'm here to discover and learn from the best and am excited to meet as many new people that can enlighten me on more tricks of the trade that I'm sure I have not discovered yet. I intend on succeeding because I want to, and I like the adventure so far. It's found me a decent place of my own, a life where I feel in control, and revelations of my own person.
I'm Maddie-Rue Sinclear; Your Online MRS.

The Life of owning a Horse Dog

For those who may not know, but i own a HorseDog. What is a HorseDog, some may ask, well my sexy friends and followers, a HorseDog is a dog that is HUGE. Not just you normal sized dog, no HUGE for its breed. I have a Shepard/Lab mix, so already a kind of bigger breed, right? Wrong! i am 5'4 and she is 10 months and comes up to almost the top of my thigh, and when she stands on her back two legs to hug me.. Yeah i'm done for. She is so needy but cute. Annoying but lovable. Protective...From the dangerous man eating fluffy tailed squirrels. And well she is my Shadow.

Trying out some new things...

Hello hello!

I'm attempting a lot of new and fun things (that cost money) so I'm going to attempt some offline services in hopes to take care of all those new costs.

New House (with backyard for my fur baby)
New costumes (maybe??)
Props for videos (costumes would go with it too)
New toys (cause I don't even remember the last time I got a new toy)
and just whatever normal bills I have to cover if there is enough left over.

SO what I am offering is simple.

* Pre-Order my Hawaii photos [ $30 now]

* Texting! Yes, texting.
Casual, non-sexting texting for a month = $150
Sexting and flirting for a month = $250
Rent my as a fake girlfriend for an evening [which can include a short call if need be] = $30

ANYTHING will help but obviously, I'm willing to work for it.
((Wouldn't complain about a sugar daddy though... Hehehe))

Don't be shy to ask for possible things, however, I DO NOT DO MEET UPS OR FREEBIES.

Paying My Dues

I Work Really Hard To Bring The Best Content I Can Offer, Recently I Had My Computer Repaired And While I Waited... I remade my office to look even nicer, I painted and redesigned the room on a low budget, i tired to make it beautiful and professional, I hope you all like it! Being without my computer for two weeks was really hard, i love interaction with clients and customers and love making new and interesting friends who help and want to help me achieve my goals, I'm a lonely lady, so its nice to be able to express myself , My goals for the end of the year is to start making new clients and getting to know them personally, make the experience wonderful for both of us, hopefully if you are reading this and want to make a friend who makes the kind of content I do, and likes to spend a little bit here and there to enjoy my wonderful conversations and art, then please visit me on Manyvids ( Dani Diann) Im A Verified Real Clip/ Cam Artist Model.. who really wants to Make you happy and hopefully in return help me achieve financial goals to help me become successful in life and boost my quality of living