I'm so happy today, everything was like a dream. Thanks God for the awesome day!
I hope tomorrow I have the same lucky!

Any one interested?

Hi. I just got back into caming to make some extra money. I was looking to see if any models were interested in joining up and working together to make more money. If you have done this before or are interested let me know! Any incite on making more money would be greatly appreciated!!(:

Interview with Live Cam Model Shows

Below is a copy of the full interview published on LCMS interview page here: https://www.livecammodelshows.com/cam-model-interviews/

When did you first learn about camming and why did you decide to start participating in the field?

I’ve always been a sexual person, even growing up playing with my stuffed animals so my curiosity and desire to continue exploring those aspects of my life didn’t really surprise me or anyone else.

It was actually through a mutual friend on snapchat who recommended I get into camming specifically. I had no idea this type of occupation even existed!

After almost six month of careful deliberation I made the plunge to do my first live broadcast and haven’t looked back since. I embarked into video production and phone sex first as an outlet for some of my sexual frustrations that were unfulfilled in my traditional life before I began live camming to build my confidence and experience.

I find it interesting how so many people expect one thing from themselves and are amazed to find out they can simultaneously be more complex. I’m no longer living a shell of who I was and now live more boldly and authentically.

You have a lot of experience with a variety of styles (and kinks) of sexuality, what are some of your favorite types of shows and what about them do you find so satisfying?

My journey into adult industry has been about expanding my ability to enjoy the duality and expression of what it means to be human (more broad philosophical life perspective).
What I enjoy the most is being able to expand someone else’s mind and perspective on his or her own sexuality. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and getting to know people on a very deep and personal level.

I love shows where there is a genuine connection and personal growth, whether it be through mutual masturbation together or cuckolding. I love the interaction and need that connection to feel sexually satisfied myself.

My favorite type of show is any type of roleplay fantasy whether it be a naughty neighbor or real life peron of desire you want to live out and take to the next level. Psychologically these types of experiences help us process some of our subconscious desires and needs in a healthy way.

I find the “helping others” and “digging deeper” aspect the most satisfying about this profession. I really enjoy knowing I was able to give someone what they needed the most and work hard to do that for each and every person who crosses my path.

Do you practice any of the fetishes you offer in your personal life? If not, is camming a way to ‘tap in’ to different forms of sexuality that you otherwise wouldn’t explore?

Absolutely! I practice bondage and submission personally on myself with my partner. I’ve discovered ironically that the more dominant I am towards other men, the more submissive I want to feel in the bedroom at home, too.

I can move between both sides of the power play and enjoy the complexities that go into that type of relationship on both sides. I’m also able to understand the male sexual experience better and try new things that I may not have known about through my experiences with other people. The broadening experience has only helped and cultivate my sexuality.

Based on your reviews it’s clear your clients absolutely adore you. What types of clients do you enjoy the most and why?

Well thank you!
I want people to know they are the only one with me in that moment when we interact with each other on cam. I don’t like to feel pressured and I try to create a relaxed and sensual environment.

I enjoy clients who are laid back, polite and genuine with me as much as I am with them. I love good communicators and honesty. I’m very adaptable and accommodating and can change things if you want to try something different.

Clients that respect my sexual needs and desires and allow me to be myself in front of them help make the experience that much more fun!

When you’re not on cam, what are some of the things you enjoy doing most in your private time offline? I’m guessing one of them is working out, what is/are your favorite type(s) of exercise?

My private life is surprisingly boring!
I’m a busy person in the sense that I try to spend my time during the day DOING things efficiently. I am the mother of three little ones under four years old so I am extremely busy managing a household by myself during the day.
I love spending time with my family whenever I have the chance.

When I do have free time, I love to paint. Some of my work has been in a few local galleries and art shows but I don’t consider myself famous by any means.

I also own my own jewelry business and design (by hand) rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

I also garden sporadically and love interior design, landscaping and architecture.

Baking and cooking are passions of mine too that have been revitalized since I’ve moved into a new place. I prefer to eat in and try new recipes rather than go out to restaurants but I’m not opposed to trying new foods at all!

Food is my favorite which is why I end up working out whenever I can, too.

Is there anything else you’d like your clients to know about you?

Well if you’ve made it this far then I commend you!
I am more than meets the eye. I am more than just a string of dirty sentences and soft spoken words.

I am a human being and a woman which comes with many challenges! I have a real life like everyone else.

I think if anything I want people to remember that I am not a sex robot but rather a person.

I am currently working on getting my PhD in clinical psychology so there is a lot of brain behind the beauty and a lot of untapped potential there that I think members may not focus on right away. 🙂

Well dear webcam blog

I camed twice 2 today, this week have just been so webcam shitty. I had a lot of freeloaders and very little people coming to my room. I have tried to cam at least cam 4 hours a day and it just not doing well. I have tried to upgrade my profile and tip menu and it didn't help much either. I don't want to quit but still I don't know what to do with my webcam situation. I had one regular today who tipped me maybe 35Tokens and it was one of the best things of the day. Yesterday I earned 0 tokens on 4 hours. I don't if it's because I'm not new anymore but I don't want to think so much about it. I just want to buy a new webcam so people don't complain about the shitty phone cam I'm using right now. In order to get a new webcam I need to earn money. I would be very happy if anyone wanted gift me a new webcam T.T lol.

I got fake tipped yesterday which was ironic because I had another webcam model who I was chatting on pm with. The model just wanted to ask if I had ever got fake tipped and I said no and then it just happened. I reported the emoticon and kicked the person out from my room.

Is this real life? LOL

Hey Everyone... So I thought this would make a good first entry for my blog, here. Though I plan to have one elsewhere...stay tuned! Sometimes I can't believe that I am a 'cam girl' and no that doesn't mean that I'm embarrassed or shy about it....I'm PROUD. I'm proud of this community of great people I've joined. Not to mention the friendships and connections I've made with my mod's and followers... Everyone has been so generous, sweet, flirty and naughty. It's a fabulous ride right now. And I don't see an end in site... More to come! [12][/12]


If I don't win this category do you know the tantrum I'm going to throw
42.Best Bratty Princess

My birthday cake

Hello sweethearts!

As you all know by now my birthday is on the February 5th, next Monday. And there's nothing I want more than to share my day with you guys, so I will be at our usual place!

I'm a bit undecided to which birthday cake I should have, so I need your help!

In my blog there's a poll so you can vote for what you think it's the best option for me.
You can vote once everyday, the votes will end by Saturday 3rd, and the winning flavour will be announced then. So I can have time to buy the ingredients, bake and decorate it.

Vote now here:


"Candy Dripper" NEW photoset!

Hi sugar-sugar!

I was here wondering if you loved sweet things... Me too... And I have a delicious photoset waiting for you!

"Candy Dripper" is a photoset with 18 mouth-watering pictures of me, being very sweetly naughty. Trust me, licking your screen never tasted so good.

You too will feel it dripping, get it now, it's only 300 tokens.

Cammodels and Camsites...

Cam models can be some of the sweetest girls you've ever met OR they can be the most righteous pain the asses you've ever had to deal with.

In the year I've been online I've had my fair share of rude and entitled customers and clientele but for the most part, I never had another cam model intentionally steal my clients or act catty towards me. All in all, the women I've "met" on social media and online who are fellow cammers have been nothing but supportive, hilarious and inspiring. Even some very famous and well known girls (Destiny Diaz, Housewife Swag, OmfgMeow, etc) have been extremely helpful and I'm forever grateful for their friendship this past year (and hopefully in the future!)

What I don't understand is how some of the girls leaving comments in the forum have been attacking me personally for stating my opinion and experience regarding positive payment options with SkyPrivate.


While they have had their software and payment issues in the past, they have ALWAYS taken care of me and I've always reached out to THEM to make sure my things were being taken care of. Within 24 hours their support team had every issue resolved and followed up. This says a lot about a cam site/network when they can do this on a large scale and make me... the tiny and insignificant cammer, feel like my time and work was valued, even if they were having issues out of their control on their end.

No I wasn't being compensated to offer my input and no I wasn't trying to actively make friends or a name for myself. I was genuinely impressed with how they've handled the situation. I don't think camsite (and models for that matter) get enough POSITIVE feedback and I was merely trying to change things in light of adversity!

To infer I was lying or that my opinion was invalid really does hit me hard because I was sharing my experience and what I thought was amazing work on their part because I know how hard it is to run and manage a business. I can't even imagine the stress and work they're doing in the PR department as well as with models who are angry about this.... and trust me, I GET THE ANGER AND DISAPPOINTMENT TOO.

I've been with other companies who have withheld payment for weeks, months and sometimes, let it disappear all together. For example, Live Jasmin doesn't pay every penny that is earned and those add up over time. A fetish video site tried not to pay me over $200 in commissions ($500 in sales for them) and that was a huge loss for me after a lot of work uploading and editing.

Most recently, PervOut Pay (Instinct Driven Media, LLC) has had payment issues where I am waiting on almost $400 from live cam sessions and custom video orders to be processed and paid from the beginning of January. There is no timeline on their end with only "we're sorry" and "there might be litigation involved" and "we have no idea when this will get resolved" mentality as well.

They have always paid me on time even when their direct deposit and check service was interrupted last year. So I am trying not to hold my breath and instead give them the benefit of the doubt that my money will come through even though I have been burned before. We ALL HAVE BEEN BURNED.

In the meantime, I keep meticulous receipts and records of what is owed to me so that I can use it in the future should I need to but I hope I never have to.

But back to my original point... when I say that a cam site or company is legitimately trying their best to make things right or do what they can do, I MEAN IT! I wouldn't put those things out there if it didn't ring true for me.

The wide range of support help and efforts from camsite to camsite varies so much. Many girls are left in the dark regarding A LOT of issues from member abuse, late payments, software issues, etc. SkyPrivate stepped up to the plate to make sure things were taken care of when they needed to be, at least for me they did, in a timely manner and deserved some respect for that effort.

And yes, I'm grateful not mad anymore. Not complaining about the problem, but grateful they worked with me to get an alternative payment solution fixed so that I could get what I earned. While it obviously is not idea since the fees are higher, I'm happy to be getting paid again.

NOTE: That is regarding the forum post on the SkyPrivate Support Thread.

Alll my love,

Now Accepting Cryptocurrency!

Today I signed up with BitVids, a brand new video sharing platform similar to Many Vids but allows payment for streaming videos using bitcoin and cryptocurrency instead of cash.

I also opened up a wallet for accepting cryptocurrency and I am still learning a TON everyday about this new wave of secure payment in the adult industry.

Also, due to the volatility of these new payment methods, I will not be offering ALL my services as payment. However, if this is a last resort option for you I would be happy to accommodate you.

Cryptocurrency I currently accept includes BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Let me know what you think of this new trend in adult payments! Thanks!