Real Me

Sometimes i am not online for a few days, it seems like im lazy or just dont care, but i do care, i care so much it hurts, I Have An Aliment that makes me sleep ALOT , you could even call me the sleeping beauty... When Im Feeling well I Promise I Put all of my time and effort into making everyone happy, i want you all to know that i love my art and work, and i would love to make loyal fans who care about me and my love i put into each and every video, Im pretty chatty and friendly and i will make you feel like i am your beautiful girlfriend, I give an excellent online girlfriend experience, so if that is something you might be into and are willing to spoil me ( im not really good with asking for money just drop it in my manyvids account or buy videos ) and Gee golly i will pay so much attention to you send you photos tell you about my day make naughty talk listen to how YOU are, a little goes a longway and the more you give them more i will give my ALL to make you happy... im not greedy but i need to make a living too and need to Make loyal fans who give a little bit here and there ( or a lot) are all welcome to enjoy time with me, i get sick a lot so please be patient, if you give enough we can even chat when im not feeling well, and show you more of my interesting life, ty for looking at my web site, thank you for reading this blog, visit me at Manyvids and send me a message, lets create the best online relationship you and i have ever had


My breath catches when he opens the door. My breath always catches when I first see him. I have to resist the urge to dash up the stairs to his bedroom. I try to play it cool, but I'm already getting wet... just from his touch, the brief hug at the door, the anticipation of what I know is coming. Upstairs, he keeps the lights on in his room. He doesn't care that I don't like the lights. I've always found lights on during sex to be distracting. But he knows once he gets my attention, it won't stray. The lights stay on. He has asked me to bring stockings and heels today. I sit on the foot of the bed and switch my street clothes for my whore's uniform. I stand up to straighten my stockings and he immediately turns me around, facing the bed. He stands behind me, his thighs pinning my legs to the mattress as he places his hand between my shoulder blades and pushes me face down on the bed. He kneels behind me and I start to pant. I know his tongue is going to be on my clit any second now. My hips are already grinding... He laps at my pussy.... not delicate little tastes, he devours me. But before I cum, he stops. He wraps his arm around my waist and flips me over, on to my back. He straddles my chest with his huge cock swaying tantalizingly close to my lips. I part my lips slightly and move in to tease the tip with my tongue, but he grabs my hair and enters my mouth all at once. All the way to the back of my throat. I gag and gasp for air. "It's ok. You know you're doing so good" he croons as he continues to fuck my mouth and throat. I fight my gag reflex and continue to take him in my mouth over and over because I want so badly to please him. His praise playing over and over in my mind... "You know you're doing so good." He rolls over, on to his back. My pussy practically gushes now because I know I'm going to be rewarded. "Suck my balls" he commands me. I kneel between his legs and comply. I'm so close to my reward, I can almost taste it. But I don't dare let my tongue wander further south. Not without permission. After several tortuous moments, he shifts and moves his legs and bends his knees. This is my cue.... I'm allowed to take my reward. His ass is so small, clean, and inviting. I try to see how far my tongue will go. With my hands on the backs of his thighs, I push further with my tongue, eagerly lapping while I'm allowed to, knowing it won't last long... It's intoxicating... everything I'm experiencing at this moment. The pheromones I'm inhaling, the soft, tight skin my tongue is exploring, his hands in my hair. I know he won't spoil me too much so I'm only slightly disappointed when he gets up and moves behind me again. I can feel his hard cock pressing at my lips, which are now swollen and purple from wanting him. He puts his hands on my hips and slides inside me. As he fucks me, steady, hard, and deep, I feel his fingers at my ass and I cum, drenching him. Now I feel the tip of his hard dick pressing against my ass. I love having him in my ass and I squirm and press back into him. He's not gentle as he grabs my hips and rams inside me over and over, coaxing another orgasm out of me. I moan his name and shudder and finally let out a whimper when the last pulse of my orgasm dies down. He is pounding into me harder, I know he's close.... "Where do you want it?" he asks, allowing me yet another reward for my earlier determined attempts to take his cock down my throat. I want it in my ass, of course! I want him to explode in my ass.... and he does.... pounding into me harder with each pulse of his cock. Maybe later, if I'm a good girl, I'll get his second load down my throat.

Red Tide

People ask , how do you cam or make content when you are on your period? My Answer : Well I Can do an assortment of things during this time!!, i can make videos that are for the mouth only, or i can make a shaving video (one of my faves) or i can do a lot of advertising and blog work to help give my work a boost, make friends online and network to find the best possible places to create and sell, there is a lot i can do, if only i get out of bed super ouchy!- dani

Ending the Drought

My body aches. I'm tired. I feel hungover and dehydrated. I have some bruises on my thighs and ass. My pussy is swollen. My makeup is smeared and my lips are chapped. And my disposition is as sunny as a June beach in Baja California. Sometimes I need that... To be used. Used hard. Rough. And he is so damn good at it. Like no man ever. But afterwards he knows all the tricks to make me feel so appreciated; ensuring I'll come back for more.
I hadn't seen him in three weeks. Which meant I hadn't been laid in that long. As soon as I arrived, I hopped in the shower to rinse of the sweat from the tanning bed. I was soaping up when he pulled the curtain aside and I saw the phone. I smiled awkwardly into the camera, but forgot about it when I felt his hand on my pussy. My body responded immediately. My thighs quivered as his thumb found my clit. I grabbed the safety bar with one hand and clenched the bar of soap so hard I almost snapped it, with my other hand. I could barely stand to take the time to dry off before I climbed into the bed. He was propped against a pile of pillows and again had the camera ready. I started by mouthing his balls. Sucking one, then the other into my mouth. I moved up to his cock. I'd had a nasty head cold and didn't think I'd be able to do much of anything here but I was absolutely cock-starved. I took it down my throat over and over. His hand in my hair and his moaning in my ears, "Fuck yeah, gag on it baby." He was pumping his hips and fucking my throat and I was gasping for air but not wanting to let go. I finally had to slow down to catch my breath. I moved my mouth to his balls again and he shifted and lifted his leg, exposing his asshole to me. If my pussy wasn't wet before, now it was dripping. He knows how much I love his tight little asshole. I want to look at it and lick it at the same time but I can't so I settle for admiring it in between darting my tongue in and out. My hips are pumping by now and I feel like a dirty whore; rubbing against anything just to get off. He puts me on my knees and I feel his fingers at my asshole. He teases me before I feel the hard, enormous head of his cock pressing into my wet, tight pussy. "THIS is where you want it, isn't it?" When I watch the video later, I see how my pussy grips him with each stroke. I arch my back and press my hips back so that I meet him on every thrust. My pussy lips are getting swollen with pleasure and I've groaned out a few more orgasms when he slows down and toys with my asshole. I'm out of breath, my thighs are quivering, but I want him in my ass. He slides in slowly but I can't take slow and I push my ass against him. I need it fucked hard. I also know that when he fucks my asshole hard and fast, he puts his hands on my waist and hips and oh fuck I love that feeling. Those big fucking hands almost encircle my waist while he presses me down further with each thrust, slamming his cock into my asshole. I can barely breathe by now from the intensity of his thrusts when he stops and flips me over. I get under him just in time to catch a stream of hot, thick cum across my face. I end up with it on my chin, in my hair, on one eye, and all over my tits. We laugh on our way to the shower as we discuss where he will give me his second and third loads tonight. This was just round one.

Costumes & Contributions

Today im going threw some costumes I have, so i can use them to make some new videos and photo sets. I have some dresses that are sure to please, I love doing what i do, because i am in complete control of all of my work, its fun and time consuming,, makes me feel so proud to contribute to the adult world

Super Drive

I Have been working so hard for the last few days, that i had to sleep for a long while, i love making videos and content so much that i pushed myself to sleep for a very long time, but you know what? I LOVE my job, i get to meet people online and make there wishes come true! I really think this was a wonderful decision i made to do porn and camming it really changed my life, and now i got to start making sales Manyvids is were you all can fine my bes and only work i do i videos, if you see me on any other site that is not MANYVIDS then please report it as stolen sontent, other then that lets get naughty and get my porno's! i work hard so you can feel harder!


I Have been worried the past few days, hoping to find out what was thought of my brand new custom video that i recently made for a customer on Manyvids... He finally made with review today! 5 Stars!!! and a wonderful comment in the review section,!!! even sent me a message explaining how wonderful i had made the whole process for him, and how i was there to answer all of his questions and keep him up dated threw out the 3 days it took me to make, even tho he had paid for it to be finished in a week i tried to make sure i got it to to him even sooner because time permitted, and i want to make loyal customers who can rely on me to have there video ready in a reasonable amount of time - Dani Diann

taking ttime

starting a career out of nothing is super hard, not having any rely life friends to back you up, nor any in the industry to help either, i have truly started from scratch, this journey will be wonderful and all i have is time to grow, i have no other obligations other then to put all of my heart into the work i create! i hope i enjoy many years of making and growing my business!