New House/New Stuff

Yeah... just under a month till I move into a new place. Office is painted purple. That's cool. can't wait to decorate. Wake up, breakfast, paint/house projects, cams... No covid thankfully.


I'm a girl who enjoys meeting other people cultures and making herself known; I like open and funny fetishists because I am sweet but also very passionate come to know a little more about me you will not regret[b][/b]

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Interview at the Dr Susan Block Show

I'll be a guest at the Dr. Susan Block Show where I'll be talking about all kinds of sexual topics

So tune and enjoy the show

Saturday 20 June 10:30pm PT
Sunday 21 June 1:30am ET / 6:30am GMT / 3:30pm AEST

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I'm done being a little bitch.

The week of self deprecating shit is almost over-the week where mother nature treats me not to blood, but to head aches every fucking day. I take painkiller but it doesn't work (Only during this week).

I woke up this morning and worked out like I try to every other day and have made plans this weekend so I'm feeling a lot happier.

That being said, I HOPE MY EARNINGS PICK THE FUCK BACK UP. Blargh. 4 days and the traffic is either sparse, rude beggars, or silent creepers. Hard to get them to convert or spend if they don't want to interact or aren't there to interact with.

Ruts happen though... just gotta find new promotion twitters (any recommended?), hope my reddit takes off and get my side hustles breathing.

My plan is to cam/sw for another 2-3 years and then go back to school. I have goals! But I only hope for stability to see them out.

Does anyone actually read this? o_o

Honestly... wtf do I do?

The traffic is getting to be shittier and cheaper. I am trying to push myself on reddit (receiving no karma). I push myself on twitter (maybe 2 retweets...) Sextpanther isn't making shit. Onlyfans has 3 fans, two of which are free...

My charisma roll when I was born must be below 10 because... I probably can't sell hay to a horse.

So what gives? I like video games... I like anime. People love my personality but when it comes down to needing money, they run away. They want want want attention and tits and ass but are they worth anything? Not to them. Beg beg beg... I can't keep going on like this.