New website

[pink][/pink]New website keyleigh adult business official website has now been launched yay. Head here to check it out xx


5 Years on a site doesn't seem to mean much when there are tons of hotties taking over. My uggo, girl next door look must be getting outdated because it is becoming hard as hell to make my daily goal. What do? Anyone want to buy me a new nose? Or lips? What do...

Halloween is coming!

It's getting colder again. We are more often at home and look for our activities indoors.

We will read a book again, watch a program more often or waste our time behind the PC. We are playing a game online or are looking for some company.

In the coming period I will also be online more often here. Looking for adventure, fun conversations, real slaves or submissive sluts. Are you coming to visit me here too?

I 'm looking forward to you!

See you soon!

New House/New Stuff

Yeah... just under a month till I move into a new place. Office is painted purple. That's cool. can't wait to decorate. Wake up, breakfast, paint/house projects, cams... No covid thankfully.


I'm a girl who enjoys meeting other people cultures and making herself known; I like open and funny fetishists because I am sweet but also very passionate come to know a little more about me you will not regret[b][/b]

My referral link


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Interview at the Dr Susan Block Show

I'll be a guest at the Dr. Susan Block Show where I'll be talking about all kinds of sexual topics

So tune and enjoy the show

Saturday 20 June 10:30pm PT
Sunday 21 June 1:30am ET / 6:30am GMT / 3:30pm AEST

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