Count me in as both terrified and aroused!

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I study astronomy, agriculture, space science and physics.. it's out of this world.
I'm flexible and have participated in many dance classes and sports.
I try to be on at least twice every week: Weekends and Mondays on MyFreeCams, Weekdays on Chaturbate (schedule times are just a range) but you can always check my Insta (private) or Twitter for updates.
I have nudes, clips, and albums on MyFreeCams Share and on Chaturbate. I sell used panties on MFC Share.
I'm forgetful, but I'll always remember a chatty viewer; don't be shy to say hi! It's free, too!
Make sure to vote for me, become a fan, or send a message!


About My Shows

Fun, and different each time!

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  • Robinlisa wrote 1 year ago
    On #Chaturbate, live! RIGHT NOW!!!
  • Robinlisa wrote 1 year ago
    Just got some new toys! Stick around for when I unbox them later this week!
  • Robinlisa wrote 1 year ago
    Mars needs Men: answer these questions!
  • Robinlisa wrote 1 year ago
    Save on #tokens with this ending Easter sale!
  • Robinlisa wrote 1 year ago
    RobinLisa Easter sale TODAY!!!

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I'm easy to bargain with; you tip me and I'll give you something special!

Maybe someday; I don't need one right now. BUT, I do keep track of followers that try to help me during my shows.

Absolutely! I'd love it if people could pick out my outfits for me!

You can be my online sugar daddy . Otherwise, I'm too antisocial to meet up outside of the internet!

Have you tipped me? I focus hard on my shows, and to divert my attention, you'll need to make it worthwhile for me. I'm stopping what I'm doing, what other people are seeing, just for you!

D and G cups. Depending on the brand that I get, and where I get them. Bras are so frustrating lol

Yes, haha. I was very overweight as a kid, and my boobs never got the memo that I was trying to lose weight

I used to be a lifeguard! Never could even them out once I moved

In all 3 of my homes, I have at least one roommate. I don't want to disturb them while I'm conversing with you

I like to be spontaneous, and will only start a show when I'm feeling good or if I got a new outfit

Usually I'm still getting ready; wouldn't want you to be disappointed!

I have mouths to feed, rent to pay, bills, and little gas in my car. I'm taking time out of my day to pleasure you, so I'd appreciate it if you could give me some financial relief!

My Schedule

Times are CST
6 PM - 11 PM
3 PM - 6 PM
6 PM - 11 PM
6 PM - 11 PM
3 PM - 6 PM
10 AM - 3 PM
4 PM - 8 PM

My Blog

New toys!

I just got 2 new dildos: a 7" and a 6". Keep in touch to find out when I'll be back on this week, and watch me unbox them!

A real man can answer these questions!


Still looking for people to answer these poll questions! It'd be helping both me and other camgirls; we need to know what YOU want to see on our shows!

Camshow Hiatus

Sorry about the wait, guys! There's been some moving around, college debt, and work schedules taking up my free time.. hopefully I can chat with you all during a show before the end of May!

Improve your camshows!


Camgirls like me are looking to improve on our shows: vote in these polls and give us a heads up on what YOU'd like to see! There are polls on lingerie, personality, fetishes, ect. Lend us your opinion and make our shows better!

Brand New Bikini Album with Special Inclusions!


New album is up, but this one is a little different than the others... Go find out what makes this one special!

Save the date!


Don't forget that from 12 am to 12 pm on April 21st (CDT), I'll be having a 25% sale on ALL content I'm selling. MFC Share and Chaturbate are the only 2 sites that I sell on, so make sure to log into your account and star the albums that you want to take advantage of!

New MyFreeCams Share album!


22 photos of a FDAU dork, complete with glasses, a ponytail, and hoodie. No offense to people who regularly dress that way ( because so do I)! Lot's of booty pics

I want YOUR opinion!


This link will bring you to MFC Share, where I now have polls and voting options! For 1 token, or 10 cents, you can let me know what YOU want to see in my content. Go check it out, please!

New album and new photos!

Go check out my MyFreeCams Share account to see cute selfies and nudes of me! Even a quick peek would be thrilling to me...

Chaturbate bio


Hi! I'm a dancer.

!!!! PMs are 20 tokens. Fan club is $9/mo !!!!
Broadcast requests I will do, but only if you tip me a token or two.
Hang around on Foot-Fetish Fridays, Super Soaker Sundays, and Tit-Teaser Tuesdays!

FFF: Lower body parts only, usually in pantyhose. No sex / dildos / ect
SSS: Watch me rub, squeeze, and tease as I tidy things up
TTT: My usual titty play, but no other activities (such as my dancing)

I highly recommend following my camsite for details on sales, discounts, and other offers.
Send me a message on Twitter, Instagram, or my camsite to request a private show at your leisure.

Easter Sales!

Sunday, April 21st, I'll reduce all albums by 25% ... For that day ONLY. Make sure to use this to your advantage!

New content; FREE PHOTOS!

New photos for free! Check both my MFC share albums and my Chaturbate albums!

Lower prices on photos!

Chaturbate prices: 100 tokens for $10.99, or $.10 per token
MFC prices: 200 Tokens for $19.99, or $.10 per token
Am currently selling ALBUMS on ChB for as low as $1.00
And selling ALBUMS on MFC (share) for as low as $2.50
Go check them out! My username is the same. Thanks!!!