Getting Ready

Getting the cam ready for my return show! Everything should be ready before this weekend. I plan to broadcast on all 3 sites at the same time. This is going to be fun!!!

End of the Month Musings

I edit my camsite bio every month. You can check out the latest edit here. I don't take nearly enough pictures. My goal for May is to have more pictures to choose from for next month's bio edit. That's not my only goal, but if that's the only one I achieve it'll be a start.
I make very basic graphics and am very pleased with how this one came out. It makes my page more polished and holds me accountable to the information I choose to put out there.
Last month, I decided to take out my Amazon wishlist to encourage more live tips. I've also chosen to add a top tippers page and utilize the last 30-day spreadsheet to keep track of all my tips. This helped me remember usernames too! I used to be afraid of immersing myself into camming.
I didn't want to make social media accounts and didn't pay 1px attention to where every cent is coming from. I have a bad habit of dwelling on the past, and I saw this on twitter the other day.
"The past is like a boyfriend who likes doggie. Always behind you."
This week welcomes in a new month and I'm welcoming new opportunities to consistently do better. npxxx

I'm Back!

I'm glad to return from heart failure! Time to get to pleasing the ladies! Video don't seem to be working. You can see it at:

Chaturbate bio


Hi! I'm a dancer.

!!!! PMs are 20 tokens. Fan club is $9/mo !!!!
Broadcast requests I will do, but only if you tip me a token or two.
Hang around on Foot-Fetish Fridays, Super Soaker Sundays, and Tit-Teaser Tuesdays!

FFF: Lower body parts only, usually in pantyhose. No sex / dildos / ect
SSS: Watch me rub, squeeze, and tease as I tidy things up
TTT: My usual titty play, but no other activities (such as my dancing)

I highly recommend following my camsite for details on sales, discounts, and other offers.
Send me a message on Twitter, Instagram, or my camsite to request a private show at your leisure.


Where have you been?
Wishing I was with you...
I haven't seen you in forever?
You can always be honest with me...
I missed how beautiful you are?
Says no one ever...

Should I stay or should I go?

Where do I belong?
I love being able to come here and write to you.
I have difficulty finding contentment in my location. I always wonder if there is someplace else I may have fun. Where I am is it livable? Should I go someplace fun on a adventure... I know that I am in control of where I am, to the best of my ability.
I need to spend more time on me, just ensuring that I am everything that you want me to be. I know that if I am in the wrong place, I am not too motivated to do what is right. I do have a lot of energy on my hands and giving the wrong person my energy, is not the way to go.

Lower prices on photos!

Chaturbate prices: 100 tokens for $10.99, or $.10 per token
MFC prices: 200 Tokens for $19.99, or $.10 per token
Am currently selling ALBUMS on ChB for as low as $1.00
And selling ALBUMS on MFC (share) for as low as $2.50
Go check them out! My username is the same. Thanks!!!

Why do I cam?

I've been a camgirl for over 6 months now. My initial draw was the need to be able to have a flexible schedule and the need to fulfill my insatiable libido!!!
Now what keeps me going are the people I meet and the memorable experiences! I have learned so much about what drives people wild while also learning about my growing love of being a femdom and giantess! Never would I have thought my large size nine feet and gangly 6ft self could be lusted after but now they are source of confidence.
I have always wanted to help people feel confident in being themselves and when I started this journey I didn't know I could bring that philosophy into camming but now I know that it is the most important part to me.