Mistress ChelseaChick Update

It has been a while since I have treated you with my regular presence online. I will not waste any further time with the whys and things like that. All you need to know is that I a very much here!

I'm available as usual for real time sessions and will be, as from next week, showing weekly my online schedule, so that you may arrange with me when to session on webcam & phone via Adultwork, Skype & my own site where you will find my timetable. www.hotchickchelsea.com

That also means....I a still looking forward to receiving those lovely pressies purchased for me from my wishlists.

25 November 2015

Wow... it has been a long time. Every time things started to look up, they would take a downward spiral. I have literally hit rock bottom the past couple of months and am lucky I have made it out alive. But finally--at last--I am in a good place.

I got married! I am currently housewife to two beautiful women and couldn't be happier living with our dog, six cats, two ferrets, and two rats. Our home & my life is full of so much love and happiness now.

(Please note: Although I am married to two wonderful ladies, they are not interested in participating in my work. My work will continue to be solo or with other partners).

Now that my life is stable again, I am back to camming--but now FULL TIME! Yes, officially, I am a full-time camslut and I am very excited to put all my efforts into my sex work. I look forward to getting back into it.

Please bare with me as I adjust. (:

xo Effy

Sexy Saturday

Sitting at home with nothing to jerk off to? Awe no worries. Your girl, Flatbrat, has your back or rather your cock. Head over to www.flatbrat.comYou'll find plenty of naughty pics to feed your desires.

Skype Shows anyone

Skype anyone?[pink I've been getting more skype shows than I can handle. I want to meet you all. So, let's make it happen by reserving a special guaranteed time slot.][/pink][face=courier][/face]

Busy day today

So excited...I passed the 1.5k follower mark on twitter http://www.wecamgirls.com/images/smilies/Heart.png Thanks for all the love and thank you for all the Retweets lately. You know who you arehttp://www.wecamgirls.com/images/smilies/26_Kissy.png

The Veteran's Day promotion went extremely well. Thanks again to all those courageous gentlemen out there! Through out the weekend. I'll still be sending out the free video to Vetran's.
Want to see more of FlatBrat? Still offering all of my pics and vids on MFC for 250tkn tribute. What a Deal?

New opportunities pop up when you least expect them

I've been camming for a few months and I'm really trying to find my niche as well as drive traffic way..Not gonna lie it's been tough. Last week I got approached about doing cammOgrams. What an awesome idea. Wish I had thought of it. Either way I'm glad to be onboard at what looks like a profitable idea. Stay tuned to find out how you can get your very own custom cammOgrams.

Just starting out here

Just starting out here but, hoping it becomes a regular way to connect with friends and potential clients. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

first blog..refresh today

yes,,,dear people,girl my friends days raini,day's with sun...when ungry when sad...when happy...dear saturday....this is an a day,fantastic...un hour + an hour-,yesterday was 17 44 today is 16 44 ,,,i m on line on chatt... in cam,i see many men want me fine ...much friends...my toys are little...i need new toy i think lovence and other,,,yesterday do a whylist break this day brak the second love this day ...i am with you.forever..you are with me...in my heart..good!!!

hallo!!! today is 5 may 2017 wellcome to my little writers for you. follow in my tweetter @liilythcam4 i am liilyth valeri i will be your dream... wellcome!! come on!


I just bought it and next is the onxy/pearl. Going to chaturbate now to give it a whirl so come and check me out if you feel randy this morning. camcupl

Looking for a Master

Kisses and maybe ill make u miss me this day's when i cant be online on chaturbate and LiveJasmin ....in the mean time im still waiting my perffect Master to come found me

Info about Katyannmilf

JOIN TO GET MY VIDEOS AND MORE http://katyannmilf.modelcentro.com/home http://www.pornhub.com/users/katyannmilf http://Katyannmilf.cammodels.com MYFREECAMS http://profiles.myfreecams.com/KatyannMILF

Messy Fetish Sessions

Aswell as humiliation, sissy & foot fetish scenarios, I am also offering real time sessions for wet & messy play.
Do you fancy tipping some goo down my pantyhose as I wear them? or watching me in the shower wearing some sexy tight clothes, making them see through? or you delight seeing me wearing a gorgeous shiny pair or tights & then destroying them, ripping them off me.

If you fancy a session like this, then you need to contact me via my site www.hotchickchelsea.com

Lets get messy!
Miss ChelseaChick

My Blog

URL: www.lilmisssynnblog.com

I call this my hub. Links to the sites I work on. Tips and tricks for Industry peeps, kinky peeps, newbies and the curious. Sign up for My newsletter, participate in polls and games for prizes, pick My brain. It's All things Synn! Please shoot me an email if you want me to promo your site in my Links section!

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why me?

I just guess I will never fathom why all this bad stuff keeps happening to me I'm a honest, caring person I get beat up by My Fwbs Friend And Then my money gets stolen I Can't get my daughters computer outr the shop now it's so messed up. I however tr to remain positive


So I have been CRAZY busy the last couple of weeks, which has totally taken me away from here....but I big part of it was My boy and I are on vacation this week and we are doing some Legit camping...canoe two hours to a private site...do a bear hang each night and we are completely secluded. I'm talking real camping not glamping.lol . Sooooo while I'm upset about not being able to here as much as I wanted to be...it is my first vacay in two years..and I happen to going somewhere where no one can hear the screams..

Be easy perverts I'll be around in 8-9 days

Tell Me Your Fetish

I enjoy and entertain so many different fetishes, love the variation of each and the fun that goes with it. Fetishes are endless and almost anything can become one. If there's a kink, a fetish, a humiliating scenario you would like to see me entertain, do get in touch and ask. Don't keep yours all to yourself

I'm Back

Yes, after a couple of months away I am back.
This weekend I will be getting so wet seeing your balls tied, your cock hard for me. I will be panting in pleasure from your worship of me.

Seek me. Find me. Catch me if you can.