Independent All the way

Hey Boys,

I have decided to go 100 percent independent cam model. I love being on big cam sites but it just is to many timewasters and I really crave one on one attention.
I am deeply committed to my tantra practice currently and I would love to show you what I have learned and teach you ways of the Shakti Goddess for long lasting orgasms for me and you.

Please come book shows with me. I know we will complete your inner most desires together.

Victoria xo


Hello! Looking forward to making lots of new friends! Hurry and subscribe her, visit me at my other sites, whichever you like. I will post links when I can. Time to get this party started so come & play~

Advertise sites and links

Where does everyone advertise and find the most traffic with paying customers? Aside from the media sites like twitter and Instagram as I already have that... Is there a secret I'm missing? I want to become bigger and bigger and not just make enough money to live but to make BANK haha don't we all right?? But seriously if anyone has any ideas or can point me in the right direction that would be awesome sauce

First Blog!!

Hi everybody!!! My name is Jessy and though I've been signed up for this site for a while now I never really used it as far as setting up my profile. I hope to change this haha and get more involved in the camming world because my ex recently broke my laptop and therefore I'm having a hard time solely just using my phone and I gotta say it's getting quite frustrating haha anyways I really want to explore my creative side and system blogging so I hope all excuse my newness and probably many, many spelling errors haha but I promise I will try to entertain and not bore the hell out of anyone. I'm a free Spirit type who currently try is stuck in a city I rather have zero part in. I'm having a tough time and it's a lower income area and definatly not my scene and not my first choice but due to life events this is where I am.... The open mindless free Spirit side of Me mostly comes from my positive mindset and ability to want to move forward and really I think that's one of the main keys of life... Moving forward.... Anyways I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody and make hopefully many many friends hehe.. Im most on mygirlfund and my link is but again I want to explore more on the camming side of things and that's really the only site I use and though I'm on manyvids and extralunchmoney, mygirlfund still remains to be my favorite. Anyways hope everyone had a great day and has an even better tomorrow!!! Don't be shy and come say hello to me also if anyone has any recommendations on sites they use and would like to show Me the ropes or point me in the right direction with this one that would be awesome and thank you so so much in advance!!

50% OFF

I'm starting this weekend with a 50% OFF promo on my MyDirtyHobby profile, where you can find 45 videos and 131 photos just for your enjoyment.

Promo starts this Saturday at 2 AM (CET - mind the time zone) and ends at 8 AM.

Smoking *mouth close up* Video

My new smoking fetish video is available now. I'm smoking a cigarette for you in a close up view, blowing smoke directly at the cam, touching and licking my lips.
Be careful, it's an addicting view!

New HD Webcam

I finally got my hands on one of the best Logitech webcams. I love it! Picture is so clear, it almost feels as if I was in the same room with you. It's way better than with my old Logitech cam. I still like the old one but it's time to improve!

Just recorded new video with it and I cannot wait to get it published

still figuring this out

been doing this for months n i still feel kinda lost since my day job is vary demanding I can only do sunday shows witch leads to me getting on my favorite adult dating site were I don't have to try and caming there bad idea I know but I love to cam its my only human contact at times anyways I just need to get a grip on what it is that I need to do different here then there sounds easy should be easy but u know how things can be anyhow love and lots of kisses candy

OMG I'm so excited! FFUN!

So my gorgeous girlfriend, Rebel, has decided she wants to give camming a try! I'm so excited for her, and I recommended, for a first time girl who wants to keep her footprint small for now, to try Streamate. I've had a lot of luck there and being able to block those without an account helps keep your room full of those who are most interested.
If she decides she likes camming I'll be posting way more about her and telling everyone how to follow her, so don't worry I'll get you the hook up as soon as I can, lol.

In the mean time, watch my twitter for updates. I'll post there and on my Snapchat when we will be online. And keep an eye out for Rebel Winters!


About Tvc queen and Tvc king

Hey, i am Gibby aka Tvc Queen and I am married to Rick aka Tvc King we have been friends for 5 years and started dating almost 2 years ago now we are getting married asap. Both of us coming from bad relationships. we would hang out every Thursdays Then we just started dating and it has been love ever since he is 46 and I am 29 yes there is 17 years between us but you can't tell it by how we act and that brings me to the 1st thing we are on I have a page only Tvcgibby and we have one together called TvcQueen2013 we like to do things together we make adult games because of them we don't watch tv and haven't watched tv in months and it is like we can't get enough of each other I work at home and he goes to work and we miss each other like we were teens all over again. I know it is crazy but the games and the cam thing has helped he makes all my chokers and he make string bondage lingerie also we love to laugh and talk all night it seems like I think the beat thing about the love we have is that we have trust and love for each other and it all started when we made a new and improved tvc He had
plans for the brand for a while just didn't have anyone who wanted to help get up in the air and then we thought king and queen and bam just like that Tvc king and Tvc queen came together I love doing this for him and our family we have and the webcam is one the hardest things with the getting the name out there we have ever put together it will be all worth it to see the smile on our faces and the great thing I see it being when we get it up and going I am going to write another blog about the games there are so many like mini games and win-lose games I will have to cover them in a different blog as always kisses and balls deep

belch n flex lol

last night my first ever costumer cam back he of course wanted the same for me to belch n flex the first time i encountered this i though it was a set up lol but had no trouble this time around hes a good costumer for sure

Now taking applications for online slaves

There is room in my current stable for more slaves. I am seeking slaves for an online arrangement in the following fetish areas, feet worship, breast worship, ass worship, femdom, and financial domination.

Apply by emailing sending $25 (using any of the payment methods listed here) along with an email to with a brief description of how you wish to serve me.

Once you have paid you will be sent a checklist that must be completed before any further interaction. Upon completing my checklist we will then arrange Kik and Skype sessions which will require further payment.

To apply you must be a genuine submissive or slave, I do not accept time wasters who have no interest in servitude. If you do not pay the $25 tribute you will not get a response from me. If you refuse to do my checklist you will also be ignored, a true submissive does not question a Queen!

5 Reasons To Pay for your Porn

I wont make this a rant about freeloaders, that would take far too long. Instead, I thought I would list the various reasons why you shouldn't expect or demand freebies from a cam model.

1. You are paying for a service
Do you walk into a mechanics and expect them to work for free?

2. This is my main source of income
Times are tough and I do this to support my family, and be able to able have the things that I don't often have the luxury of being able to buy. Such as lingerie, clothes, toys, devices.

3. You are paying for my time
A lot of time is spent sorting through emails, PM's, DM's, making and uploading videos, booking shows, and promoting. Time spent online with you is time away from my family and other commitments. For example going through a slave application can take me several hours, which is why I require a tribute before interacting with you.

4. Don't be a thief
Continually stalking my rooms for a free show, downloading cam shows from sites, recording my cam shows without my permission, or distributing my videos without permission is stealing. All of my videos and cam shows are DMCA protected, it is illegal to distribute without permission.

5. Paying gets you more
Paid shows have more hot and sexy action. Watching free you may get a glimpse but you won't see me squirting, peeing, doing anal or double penetration. Or any of the fun things I do in cam shows. Most of all paying for things like Kik and Snapchat insures I will spend my time on you, sending you pictures and chatting when I'm free.