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I love the virtual world. Maybe I invented the term NERD because I have always enjoyed the communication with the world beyond your location. I am a Pisces. A Lovely Pisces. After a long hiatus from the cam industry, my energy is missing the camgirl lifestyle. I look forward to reconnecting with established fans and connecting with new fans. Use my page to learn about my services and how to book with me. You'll get addicted and will want more.


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I offer a variety of shows based on the desires of my fans. If there's something I do not have selected it's more likely that I do not do them in my shows. In addition there are things selected that apply during LIVE chat so that should help you know what you can Tip towards during those times.

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    ShanelEboni is Back and Sexy as EVER if I do say so myself! Check out my updated profile
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    Accepting Skype Bookings
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    Morning love bugs!!! Have an awesome Friday!
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    Juicy content being added
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    the weekend is here!!! book your shows asap babes

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I have had a very generous companion online it was fun and different. I am open minded depending on the communication and expectations.

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My life and Webcamming

The really do not differ. I am the same girl that you would meet in person except with clothes on lol My personality remains intact. I have been in the internet world since I was about 10 or 11 years old and not much has changed except the software. I used to chat on yahoo back in the day when they had chat rooms. It was like a hang-out spot for me and others. I had a "boyfriend" and TONS of "friends. I had that in my normal just there was no power button. The whole process of meeting dudes off line and chatting with complete strangers is very dangerous and I have known that for a long time yet I continue with it. My dealings with people online and offline are the same...I know who to deal with and who not to. Its all in your judgment and instinct for my experience. After getting bored and my life was changing from teen to teen mom I stopped the online meeting. I met someone and we were together for 6 years until 2013 I just woke up and was like what the fuck have I been doing with my life? We were not progressing the way I felt we should've have been after that long of being together. So after the depressing split I started back where I left off. Online. This time I wanted to find a friend/companion A SUARDADDY. I know I know so reversed but it really wasn't for the money even though I didn't object when it was given I just wanted that friend that was on my level but didn't want the commitment. I was 18 when I got serious and I never did go out to dinners or movies with guys like dates it was always meet chill maybe sex but nothing much else. So I wanted to have fun with what I missed out on. I signed up on a dating site to meet sugar daddies. I have yet to meet a companion that I would click with from there. But I did meet a gentleman from craigslist YIKES ( I know) but he is the most sweetest man I know and has done things for that helped me get ahead to focus on myself.

Before I met him I was on and I wanted to make quick bucks FAST and knew I had what it would take I got offers but nothing concrete then I had an offer to webcam. At this point I had no webcam. I signed up for mongo cams I think and never appeared I just had the account. A month later I met my [sugar daddy] he took on a trip and during the trip surprised me with a brand new laptop!!! Webcam and all! lol It was sweet. Even then it didn't dawn on me about webcamming. I took for another offer from sexyjobs to get me to start putting my self out there as who you know now EbonyGoddess akaShanelEboni. I am still in my early stages but I promise you that this girl is about business and you WILL see more of me in the near future. I love what I do. How long I will do it? Only time will tell but for now let the show begin!