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[i][/i][pink][/pink] I'm Ivey G. I used to be a Cougar now I'm a total MILF. I'm proud of my age, with afe comes wisdom. I know who I am and I take every opportunity in life to acquire more wisdom. I have experience in quite a few areas of the adult industry, from exotic dancing to managing adult video stores. I'm not as outgoing as some might think, I'm actually pretty shy but once I get going, I'm in 💯team takeover mode. See ya soon!


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My shows are 💯 real. I go live the minute I feel the urge to grab a...toy. I think I have more opportunity to get more intense in my videos, I love doing it and I have fun

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  • IveyGreene wrote 8 months ago
    So I've been learning how to belly dance...if you want a fun and effective workout, you should definitely try it. When I finally get it down, I want ya'll to check it out.
  • IveyGreene wrote 8 months ago
    Trying to finish this profile thing but I'm starting to throb... not sure if I can wait any longer 💋

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We've all escaped reality in search of a world where we're free to indulge ourselves in whatever pleasures we choose and to do it judgment free. Be nice, no negativity in any way, respect the art!

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New toy review

[i][/i][pink][/pink]Hey y'all! I miss dropping in to chat and you, but I've been building my audience and brand along with my fan base.
So last week my DL surprised me with two new toys! What s good boy he is. They're not interactive but that's next on my list. The one I tried is called a Chi flirt stimulator. It's basically a gspot stimulator with a clitoral teaser that reminds me of the little whirlwind dealy from back in the day. It has 12 speeds, both attractions have separate functions and it's charged via USB cable. I like the flexibility, I was afraid it would be hard and not very enjoyable. Was I wrong!! This toy had me climbing the walls! Another great thing about the Chi is that it's waterproof as that's an absolute must for me.

So if you're looking for a little something different I would definitely suggest you give it a go. I know it's on eBay, I'm sure you can find it on quite a few sites.

I'll review this multi triple wtf contraption I got the other day as soon as I'm brave enough to try it.

Has this ever happened to you?

Okay. So I know I can't be the only one this has happened to .
So I had a guy who i was.. passing time with. We had good times and eventually planned on going further after boundaries and trust were established. Anyway, it wasn't for a lack of trying that I couldn't set it up, I was on a hunt and the ladies were there. For me. Not him. When I have a male partner that's a potential to indulge in the swinger's lifestyle with me I don't usually dabble without him. So I was turning down quite a few proposals. The whole time he was thinking I wasn't putting forth any effort into this and I was actually trying to spare his feelings. Whenever I was a "girlfriend" and a couple came to me, I expected the dude to be packing. I mean if you wanna entice me impress me I can get mediocre anywhere, and little? Hell no. Not saying the guy had to be a 12, a 10 would be fine, but seriously, those guys are usually humble about their..... shortcomings. One morning he outta nowhere says I should have just said I didn't like women. I had a flash of every female I encountered and the end result. His dick was too small. I had to think of how to put it tactfully without causing permanent damage to his little ego. So I told him yeah I love women, that yeah they wanted to play with me, they just didn't wanna play with him. I think I might have damaged him anyways because now he doesn't call or text me anymore, which is a huge relief for me because I'm getting nothing but beautiful ladies and I'm loving it!

So we're you ever put in an awkward situation? What happened and how did you handle it?