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If you want to "get to know me," you can follow the link https://peeks.app.link/m0jPlUDTy7 It is my referral link so if you follow it and join the site, I will make a percentage of what you spend. It comes from the camsites take though. If you do sign up through my link I will see it. But if you send me a message to let me know, That could bump up my income substantially with enough of my friends that join if you all use my link. And I would want to make sure that you stay hooked up while using this site. If nothing else, you will get some free content pretty often. And if you don't sign up for the website, just having you watch my free content pleases me. And feeds my ego!


About My Shows

I get on Peeks app daily and Imlive. Also I don't only do Peeks for money. I also do it for fun. So if you are interested in seeing real life of a stripper cam model hammer enthusiast you will find that for free on my Peeks!😘

I have a pole in my room now. So I can do legit strip shows! But smoke fetish is my favorite.

Imlive, I hardly ever use anymore. I had to make a new account so I could get away from the studio I was with and since then I just have not had any kind of will to work on that site.

Chaturbate is great for traffic but it is so complicated and and I made like no money there. So I rarely use that site also.

Stripchat has been my main site for the past couple of months however, even on stripchat I have not been online enough to make much of a difference. I love tipping sites because when I am just horny I can put my webcam on and be watched. Then I can also put my webcam on when I am ready to try and make some money. It's great for both of those.

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  • DaisyChaos wrote 2 years ago
    I'm a be on strip chat today. js
  • DaisyChaos wrote 2 years ago
    Review Me!
  • DaisyChaos wrote 2 years ago
    I have basically stopped camming completely. I am not sure if I am even going to keep the stripchat account that I have. I kind of think I should delete it and start over when I can.
  • DaisyChaos wrote 3 years ago
    another day another inconsistency
  • DaisyChaos wrote 3 years ago
    I want to create a DaisyChaos Server on Discord. Technology and I however, have a difficult time communicating. Anyone wanna help me with this? I will make it worth your while. And by help I mean like you and me on a videochat and you helping me to do this on my own, not have you do it for me. If so, hit me up please, if not thank you for reading this.

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My Rules

I don't like rules

NO! I can NOT use cash app anymore period. And paypal is NOT an option. No venmo. And I do not like taking gift cards or online gift cards or anything really but google wallet or payment through a website.

Usually if you come to a website it will list the rates. If you want to hit me up and pay through google, $30/15mins or $55/30mins. Unless you want to add some crazy fetish in there or If you want to see something that will cost me money to show. So message me if we need to negotiate.

See what had happened was... Really I am just a sucker for spontaneity and adventures. So I often find myself in places with no privacy or the things I need to put on a camshow.

For free, no. For lots of money yes but they will be PLATONIC only.


Dallas, Tx, USA

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Expanding on my status update

So I have managed to tangle myself up into a knot of bad decisions. Which has completely eliminated my privacy and made me lose my computer along with everything else I own (a couple of times.)
Call me weird but I can't cam without privacy. If people are not paying or on the other end of the computer, or participating, I am not comfortable camming around them.
Anyway this fuckery will not last forever. And over all I am in a way better place than I been in a long time. I been making money other way since I moved to Baltimore. And we must not forget my life saver when all else fails I can always make money with peeks. I adore everyone who follows me on that site.
Anyways, I really want yall to know that I am coming back very soon! I love you all and I can't wait until then you can always see me on the pole on peeks.

My peeks.social referral link

URL: https://peeks.app.link/m0jPlUDTy7

So I don't really know of a lot of places to post this link. But if you want to see my content for the cheapest prices available, this would be the place to go. I don't fuck with the free tube sites but I do have a ton of free content on this site as well as some extremely low priced naughty videos.
So for anyone who uses my link it will not cost you anything extra. But I will make a little money every time you spend money on peeks. Even if you are buying some one else videos or tipping some one else. Also, feel free to message me on peeks and let me know that you used my link so I may thank you properly

Booty @theTrapHome

I miss that place