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About Me

I'm there, that time in life when Summer is about to end, but not afraid at all of Autumn, when life has its most beautiful colors!

I'm a former camgirl, now adult content creator, mainly Erotica for gentlemen only.

How I was as an online presence? I could say I was a "GirlFriendExperience" Lady, tender, funny, sensual and confident. Looking for gentlemen only, of course, ideally around my age or older.

Why I'm saying this? Well, because I think by "Summer" we've learnt enough about ourselves and we're fully aware of life's many rhythms, and which one is best for us.

I wasn't a "fun on cam" type or a "pro", I am a real woman with a "civi" profession, and used to cam whenever I had the time or the mood to be with in a man's company.

A few words about me; the followings are equal, none prevails but simply alternates:

Sensuality in all the ways! We came on Earth to enjoy this life. Whatever makes my heart and body happy, I go for it!

Dominant side… only in the private space; outside of it I tend to make my man to look “the best”. Very "democratic", isn’t it?

Beauty… I need beauty to surround me everywhere; on the streets, facades and buildings, on faces I see, in a smile, in gestures, the beauty of a soul reflected in someone’s voice …

For the moment that's all it comes to my mind when talking about me. I'll try to complete my "portrait" with some blog post so that you have a more in depth glimpse of me.

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About My Shows

How was my show, the time you would have spent with me? An infusion of me into your life!!!

A tender and funny GFE / Girl Next Door, so yes, more into romance & softcore rather than hardcore. No naked shows! No masturbation! No toys!

Maybe one day I'll go back to ImLive, and try to upload there some erotic content. I did broadcast every now and then on Skype as well, and kept that account, didn't delete it, didn't check it either lately, so don't know if it still exists. Maybe, just maybe... one day I'll use them, till then you may enjoy my free erotic content on qrush or kofi, or become a subscriber/donor

One more thing!
At some point in my life, I had a sweet submissive man as my partner. I tried to be an online Mistress but got very disappointed, met mostly moody men, fake subs or demanding slaves, so I gave up. If you'd like me to guide your submissive side, by all means, let me know! Present yourself nicely in a message. I'll take the time to read and respond.

Here is my site for those who'd like to know what kind of a Mistress I am when online.


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My Rules

Only one: You have to be a Gentleman!

You may support me directly using Paxum or via my kofi page because as a creator, my page is linked to a business PayPal. I do not accept donations directly or outside of my page.

I just don't have the patience to stay for hours in front of the cam and waiting for admirers to visit me. Plus that, this Covid crisis changed my life in unexpected ways. So yes, turning into adult content creator, and not only!

Definitely "yes"! I suppose you know having money is not enough, it's a must indeed... but much more is needed, I would start with your heart. Maybe one day I'll write a lovely post on my blog about this. Till then, feel free to message me. Be well!

My Rates

With Sound
1 minutes
$ 1.00

My Blog

My Life, My Loves... This is the story of one of them

Looking back… one love, a star shining on my skies. Promised myself he’ll never be forgotten. Since then, of course, other stars in my life followed, each one special in its unique way.

Soon after my divorce I started dating a fellow artist, a lovely angel, a very special one. Everything was fine and "ordinary" in our relationship at the beginning. I was working as a designer at that time, but he saw inside of me what I didn't know it did exist: my "protective" nature.

Now I smile... he was somewhere between delicacy and shyness when he opened up this subject: he was a sensually submissive man seeing in me a sweet Mistress for his soul. He made me quit my job and convinced me I'd be the perfect as an arts teacher for many generations of kids to come... And yes, our bedroom life has changed. After nights of passion, before dawn, full of joys, he used to whisper me the lyrics of this song... he couldn't sing, but his recitation was zephyr in my heart.

After a brief time of together he left for Brazil, never to come back... One day, it was late Summer, I received his friend's letter, a catholic priest, they left together, just a line: "Our beloved friend is resting now".

How some souls can change our lives! When I think of him, I don't have the feeling of being “left”, but surrounded by kind of an essence flouting in the air and literally breathing it. And it’s “real”, I don’t need any science or religion to prove me right or wrong, but I would love to know how it happens or “functions”… wish I could do this in my after life for the loved ones I’d have left here.

The Song:
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars/Corcovado,
Antônio Carlos Jobim, 1960
"Corcovado" (known in English as "Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars") is a bossa nova song written by Antônio Carlos Jobim in 1960. The Portuguese title refers to the Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro. An English lyric was later written by Gene Lees. Andy Williams recorded the song in 1965.

Posted first on my site,
August 15, 2020

I'm All Passion!

I'm passionate and tempered... like a fire. I do my best to "moderate" myself,
I know how this life is... I seldom succeed!

I'm Listening...

I love listening to other hearts... bring comfort and serenity in someone's life.

Well Done Things

I like things done well till the end and in every detail. Sometimes the desired results fail to appear,
but then at least we have the feeling of doing our best... Victory matters, so does the path
towards achieving it!

When Not Online

I teach crafts & visual arts, elementary school level... so in my bag plenty of crayons,
not much eye-liners or lipstick... well, maybe a hand-cream? Noooo, don't say now that you'd like to be my student!

That Time in Life...

I’m there… that time in life when Summer is about to end, and not afraid of Autumn, life having its most beautiful colors!

Be Pretty!

Been raised catholic, with most of the "teachings" being toxic to my personality...
Dropped many of them, but kept a few, like common sense and respecting myself & others.
Or like this one:
Men ought to be wise & protective,
Women ought to be beautiful & loving