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I am here for you!
Yes I would like to be prepared for our special show together.

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No Favoritism, I will refer to you as a man my man, daddy etc.
No demands without tipping, we are just chatting.
No video calling, or other sources of my shows outside of the website.

Camgirls have better sex. Porn isn't too often, and its unreal being a camgirl. You get to choose your own path and it is limitless.

Lana Rhoades, Riley Reid, Lilly Carter...

The companies that I work for, strive to do the best job they can. By being our 24/7 support, I can work almost anytime. I can learn about my company and make sure I am ready to give the best show ever. The best performer, doesn't need to leave the camera. The company tells us all we need to know. We as the performer, arrives with the talent. It does take a special person to be a performer infront of a webcam, the proper equipment and enthusiastic fans..

I find inspiration in unrecognizable places! The inspiration in the world I find.... Peoples kindness, there are kind people who accept me for who I am.... The grattitude I express to being a cam model is undoubtedly pretentious. Inspiration found by seeing sexual accessories, visualizing love is real, and finding beauty in the world. Factual inspiration is that wisdom carries all great ideas.

If one hole gets tired move onto the next, then go back and enjoy the ripped holes!!!! I like one at a time mostly but I don't mind wearing a buttplug while fucking a guy, it feels very good. The dildos are pretty harsh with that, I have used a glass dildo and a glass buttplug at the same time.

Lingerie, Acting, and my body that I think is beautiful, I just want to thrive!

Mostly for self promotion. I put effort into, I want to share my sexual life with my clients! Not just because I have to, but I want to show them how wonderful my process of sexual exploration.

I started camming in March, 01 2018. I joined a website, now I have the ability to expose my interests, understand what sex is to me. I learned a lot about my personal life, and I encourage myself to continue the path of self contentment through cam performing!

Reasonable Accomodation! I love listening to my customers needs and wants. I anticipate atleast a friendly respect level with my clients. If you want me to roleplay a scene in public or privately, that is something I enjoy doing. I love interacting with my clients and gaining a friendship. More prone to denying requests since I may not have the ability to do that due to cost, so please be considerate and enjoy sustainability.

As long as there is the electricity and wifi! Hopefully I have all I need to be successful. If I had a "real job," I would still want to perform on camera, I enjoy chatting with people.

Role-playing scenarios, dramatic performance staged.

I can't find it!

Livestreams, Custom Videos, Fanclub, Hotline.

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What is love?

I love a lot of the universe because we have a purpose here on the planet. I love the sunlight that gives life. One day we could visit the sunshine together. Isn't it nice to enjoy nourishment with each other. We will unite and stand proud join the crew.
Love is it lust?

I know we could have different ways to express the love emotion to one another.
an intense feeling of deep affection.
"babies fill parents with feelings of love"

Definitions from Oxford Languages

this is my definition of love. Every time you see and talk to this person you get butterflies in your stomach. You start to feel a bundle of emotions. You would do anything for this person including taking a bullet for them. You can't function without them. If they left nothing would be the same everything would be ruined
I think I love her every time we talk I feel something I've never felt with anyone before. I would do anything for her
by ha i have no name v September 01, 2020

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Where have you been?
Wishing I was with you...
I haven't seen you in forever?
You can always be honest with me...
I missed how beautiful you are?
Says no one ever...

Should I stay or should I go?

Where do I belong?
I love being able to come here and write to you.
I have difficulty finding contentment in my location. I always wonder if there is someplace else I may have fun. Where I am is it livable? Should I go someplace fun on a adventure... I know that I am in control of where I am, to the best of my ability.
I need to spend more time on me, just ensuring that I am everything that you want me to be. I know that if I am in the wrong place, I am not too motivated to do what is right. I do have a lot of energy on my hands and giving the wrong person my energy, is not the way to go.