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Spanking, whipping, biting, heels, makeup, no makeup, 420 friendly, stories, metal (genre), being told what to do (kindly), call me your dirty whore, face sitting, 69, cum on my tits/ass, reading, science, metal music, horror movies, gaming.

I am in the process of creating a menu, please be patient.

I do custom shows throughout a schedule, which means my performance is TAILORED TO EACH CLIENT. Only take me into paid chat if you have messaged me before hand or okay with clarifying during the paid chat. I have a dildo that splooges and it takes time to prep. I do not enjoy wasting your time prepping, which is why I am dead serious on clients messaging me details. If you do NOT know what you want, the show will be: Basic fucks you see in general masturbation porn. That means moaning, saying "Oh yeah, you like that?" and the like. Because, if you do NOT tell me anything, I will assume you want quick and dirty so you can bounce off.

I typically like to build a relationship with you all. It helps it be more personal.
I love C2C


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Will update this very very soon!

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Will update

Short answer, no. Long answer, not in my apartment. I need a space that I do not give a flying shit about before I put my living space through anal. I am into it, and will do small amounts, but full on glorious anal is a no. I need a studio...

Sorry, but my boobs are already at 36 DDDD. That means depending from bra to bra brand, I am either an: E, G,F,H... It varies that much from brands. It sucks.



Yes. Please note: if you ask this of me, and then dip because I want you to beg me to do something, it is part of the show and personality and what you were asking. Do NOT be that client that wants to be dominated only to change his/her/their minds. Let me know of limits ahead of time please and thank-you.

Maybe. I live with two other people in order to make rent. If you know you want me to be loud and moan/talk you MUST send me a PM/DM letting me know and I can try to have a earlier start time to accommodate.

No. I can compromise, but sm has strict rules about below the belt nudity and I have strict rules that clients need to take me in to paid chat, even for a small flash. I will and have made exceptions. Do NOT assume you will be the exception. It is up to my discretion.

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7 PM - 11 PM
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HI, my name is Tara, I am tattooed, pierced, and I am a camgirl.
I originally started off stripping for private parties. Suicidegirls until my health failed. Then, I took a long break from this line of work. I can no longer afford college and rent at once, so not only am I working at Home Depot, I am back into camming.

I am outgoing and into a lot of different things and can keep up in complex conversations. If I am lost on a topic, or clueless about a subject, I will let you know and ask for you to inform me. I love learning about new things and am very inquisitive.

I am into Metal, rock, 80s, classical, and picky on the rest of the genres.

I love horror, sci-fi, fantasy, games, board games, puzzles, sudoku, reading, and a bunch of other stuff.

Born and Raised Cali.