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we are Gibby{Queen} and Rick{King] we have been together 2 years but knew each other 4 years before then we love to play games we even make them they are so much fun it would be great if we could find ppl to play with us we love to laugh and spend time together
we love sex and toys for Gibby
here are some things about
she is 29 and pink and black are her colors she loves giving bj's and she is 102lbs and loves to sing and be crazy goofy and she is bi

here is something about rick he is 46 and blue is his color and he is crazy about his wife and he love to watch Gibby get off he says her face is a must see so plz ask


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[pink][/pink]i am on im live astvc_gibby and I have a couples page on there also under tvcqueen2013 and I am on there with my hubby we are king and queen we play games take we make up and love to play with toys and I love to show off my getting off face

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1 be nice i will not be or have bullying in my rooms 2 you must talk say hey or hi something 3 treat me like a women unless we have plan under wise

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About Tvc queen and Tvc king

Hey, i am Gibby aka Tvc Queen and I am married to Rick aka Tvc King we have been friends for 5 years and started dating almost 2 years ago now we are getting married asap. Both of us coming from bad relationships. we would hang out every Thursdays Then we just started dating and it has been love ever since he is 46 and I am 29 yes there is 17 years between us but you can't tell it by how we act and that brings me to the 1st thing we are on I have a page only Tvcgibby and we have one together called TvcQueen2013 we like to do things together we make adult games because of them we don't watch tv and haven't watched tv in months and it is like we can't get enough of each other I work at home and he goes to work and we miss each other like we were teens all over again. I know it is crazy but the games and the cam thing has helped he makes all my chokers and he make string bondage lingerie also we love to laugh and talk all night it seems like I think the beat thing about the love we have is that we have trust and love for each other and it all started when we made a new and improved tvc He had
plans for the brand for a while just didn't have anyone who wanted to help get up in the air and then we thought king and queen and bam just like that Tvc king and Tvc queen came together I love doing this for him and our family we have and the webcam is one the hardest things with the getting the name out there we have ever put together it will be all worth it to see the smile on our faces and the great thing I see it being when we get it up and going I am going to write another blog about the games there are so many like mini games and win-lose games I will have to cover them in a different blog as always kisses and balls deep