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I like smart men, experienced men. I like a man that is aware of his desires. I like men with the outside civilized gloss, under which lurks the beast. Dangerous, not tamed, carefully suppressed and controlled. It is so sweet to tease. You say it's immoral? I don't deny it. But I love to do immoral things, to break the rules, to tease, and to stare men in the eye. I love it when, in your dilated pupils, I meet a hungry predator.........
nothing really can turn me off cause i have always positive life attitude & seldom get upset ... but i don't like arrogant & rude people. We all know the golden rule, right?


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high-quality camera, flirting chat, sexy show, playful mood, striptease and perhaps more than just striptease ...
come and meet - don't be shy!

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  • ssweetness wrote 1 year ago
    I don't care anything that you had yesterday or a year ago. No matter what you have, and what is not. No matter where you from, how and that - nothing important! Except one - who I am to you and how you feel next to me

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