pixi stix, smoke trixx, and skin flixxx~

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I'm awkward.


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I am new to camming, but have been selling content and 1-on-1 video chat smoke sessions for my cloud blowing fans for a few years now.

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  • gabberina_k wrote 2 weeks ago
    just got my 500th follower on my redgifs!! 🥰🎉
  • gabberina_k wrote 3 weeks ago
    to commemorate the upcoming bitcoin halving (which only happens approximately every 4 years!), subscribe to my premium SinParty for 1 full month for half price! (that's $3.33!!)
  • gabberina_k wrote 1 month ago
    my iFans [] is free to anyone+everyone (18+) to bring attention to their withholding my earnings since August of 2023, and it will be until i get paid!
  • gabberina_k wrote 1 month ago
    why is it so hard to find a legitimate paypig on twitter? they're all fakers/wannnabe-scammers 😠😠
  • gabberina_k wrote 1 month ago
    just hit 850.5k views on my redgifs page! so close to a milli i can taste it 🤤🥳

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