Practice DOES NOT make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

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About Me

My name is Ayumi and I am a cam model and webmistress. 1/3 Japanese 1/3 Chinese and 1/3 Robot. - You can advertise on my site free - www.ayumibay.com

My creation and labor of love is www.ayumipie.com. Since 2013, my new addictions are developing my web developing skills and coffee.

Stop by and have a chat sometime. I'm all ears. Anything from feedback to interest in any aspects of what I do is always a welcome conversation.


About My Shows

It is easier to ask and ill say yes or no. Than me list what my shows can be.

With sometimes short notice. I can also arrange a special rare event... of a sex show.

My Rules

Its easier if you ask and i say yes or no

Sometimes there is a time and a place for some of the crazier stuff. Best to check before hand.

Don't be shy to ask anything at all. I wont be shocked.

My Blog

Ayumipie PSA - Safe Sex !

ayumipie.com believes that to truely enjoy sex it needs to be safe.

- Sexually transmitted diseases are fucking horrid. I heard of one that can make goo come out of you like mash potato. Fuck that! Stay safe with new partners to start with and never be ashamed of going to a sexual health doctor. Everyone does and you can always keep it to yourself.

If you need a friendly and confidential talk with an impartial new friend I am always a sack of ears.