hats right. Say my name once and you will never forget it. Its in your mind obligating you to

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I am a strong woman and I have the right things in the right places. I dont dominate you with my mind only but with my strength as well because I can crush you like a worm! I am going to teach you respect even against your will, even if I have to use my whip or my heels on you! My biggest reward is when you are good and do exactly as I say. I am strong woman. I have powerful arms, commanding feet and hypnotizing eyes. A powerful mind who can play with you. You will feel my whip on your sorry ass, you will beg me to stop. I will smile, and I will command again. In your rush to make me happy you will submit. You will even ask for more. I will teach you how to explore your darkest limits and I will let you spoil me. You will do exactly as I say, every time I say because pleasing me, little worm, is what you desire. I love seeing a small cock begging for my attention, bring a good laugh and brightens my day. Get down! On your knees! Pain. Sorrow. Limits. Exploiting your body until you will submit to me. You will beg for me to brand you. Let a mark on your body. A sign that you were tortured by a strong mistress. I will teach you how to jerk off, I will instruct your cock and I will stomp your balls. I will show you how danger looks like. Are you ready?


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I am a dark, sultry goddess, gorgeous beyond your comprehension ..I am your Goddess. You are here because you desire an experienced, firm, yet sensual Mistress!! You have found the dominatrix who will allow you to leave all thoughts and control at the door. Place yourself beneath my royal feet! Slaves who like to get my attention are welcome to tribute. I'm more of the sensual and erotic type. But based upon mood I can get into anything for slow, sensual erotic teasing, that brings you to the brink only to have your orgasm prolonged for hours as you squirm helplessly, to rough, raw, anomalistic primal fucking. I am adept at being able to read my partners body, the way it reacts to touching and teasing, I like to push it a bit, but never crossing boundaries. I take particular enjoyment in opening up my partners eyes to a side of her sexuality he has never known, making him orgasm in ways he didn't know were possible or likeable for him. The most attractive and arousing quality a person can have is intelligence. I value that above everything else, especially when a man knows how to turn that intelligence into sensuality, and a great sense of humor. A sub that serves because he has a drive to please rather than a threat of punishment, if that makes sense. While discipline and punishment can be a fun behavior modification tool, I derive real pleasure from infiltrating your mind, then your body of course. I indulge my sadistic whims with pay pigs and blackmail fantasies my slaves should be cocked and loaded so to speak....
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