there is nothing but cold steel teeth and scourging fire for all of us. And it's coming for you now.

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Hi, I'm Vendetta Red and I'm kind of a big deal.

I have an identical twin sister, she's nice.

Some people call me on the phone.

I eat my ramen with chopsticks.

I can refresh stale cereal.

You should see me on Pepsi. Seriously.

Hard french fries freak me out.

So do isolated shell spoons, but that's probably a commentary on some deeply seeded personal neuroses. Then again, I mean, seriously, if you really think about it, isn't Facebook just an online therapist for all of our deeply seeded neuroses? I mean, what, you're so insecure about your connections with people that you have to be able to keep tabs on them 24/7? So you come on here to read the bullshit we put up about ourselves to try to mimic the connections you're missing out on while you're sitting, alone, in a darkened room, by yourself...and you feel like maybe, maybe these people you've listed as your friends might actually BE your friends in real life... but instead of spending time with them -- talking about literature, watching a film, drinking some alcohol, you sit in front of your computer and approximate your feelings for these "friends" by poking them, or leaving cryptically flirty messages on their walls.

Seriously, people, can't we be better than this?

But I digress...

My soul is dead.

I like dancing, alcohol, and shoes.

What are we doing this for? Does anyone know what this is for?


About My Shows

I do group shows once in a while with MsFuckingRogue and WarriorThor on Chaturbate so look out for that! I do my own thing more often a few hours a night Follow me so you know when I am on.

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