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Bubbly girl here 🙂 Curious what are you up to 🙂

$2/min Skype cam shows
$1/min phone calls or sexting

Paypal, giftcards, crypto payments in my contact details, down the page.

Get $20 free from the site as a new user:

live:georginagoldx on Skype

Euro chick, we can talk about what's on your mind today...and don't skip any juicy details. I am interested in hearing about yourself too so we can have some good moments together without any judgments.

Talk soon =^_^=


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How to get more bang for your buck on phone sex and Skype shows

Guess what? Besides the fact that you get $20 welcome gift as a new user on the 20 years old phone sex site, now they launched monthly plans, like buy $20 get $35 instead. This winter is off to a really great start, indeed. From the series: How to get more bang for your buck ohh la la smiley

Monthly Plans: Take advantage of one of these special optional Monthly Plans that give you more bang for your buck!

Sexting Add-on Deal $35.00/mo for a $50 value!

Every month you will get:

$50 in Sexting

Wallet Add-on Deal $40.00/mo You get $10 free!

Every month you will get:

50 in Wallet Dollars

Basic $20.00/mo for a $35 value!

Every month you will get:

$10 in Sexting
$5 in Webchats
$5 in Products
$5 in Messages
10 Chat Line Minutes

Premium $40.00/mo for a $60 value!

Every month you will get:

$15 in Phone Calls
$10 in Sexting
$10 in Webchats
$5 in Products
$5 in Messages
15 Chat Line Minutes

Ultimate VIP $80.00/mo for a $110 value!

Every month you will get:

$40 in Phone Calls
$15 in Sexting
$15 in Webchats
$10 in Products
$10 in Messages
20 Chat Line Minutes

FAQ from

How does a Monthly Plan work?
Every month we will refill your account with credits based on the package you select. You will get credit right when you signup, then every month we will refill these credits automatically. You can cancel your Monthly Plan anytime.

Can I have multiple Monthly Plans?
You can have 1 Monthly Plan as well as any, or all, add-on Monthly Plans.

Is a Monthly Plan required?
No, a Monthly Plan is not required. You can always just add money to your wallet and pay for all your services from that. These Monthly Plans are designed to give our power members a discount on all of our services.

How do I cancel my Monthly Plan?
To cancel your Monthly Plan just click here. Once you cancel you will have until the end of your account billing cycle to use your remaining credits.

Where can I see my credits?
On the wallet widget, click the button showing your account balance on the main menu. At the bottom of this panel you will see your credits.

What happens if I don't use all of my credits?
You will lose them. Perks only refill, they do not rollover. Make sure to use them up before the refill date.

Get $20 free gift for phone sex as a new user

Hello ladies and gents!
This is Ginny and I am very happy to spread the word because I think everyone deserves a gift once in a while and to just let yourself be spoiled for a bit whilst you delve into a new sexy fantasy every time.
This is what $20 gift are for. You can use them for a sexy phone call, naughty sexting (pay per sms), hot webchats (pay per minute in-browser sexting), for erotic Skype video calls or to buy fetish videos, xxx pictures and breath taking recorded mp3s.
This 20 years old phone sex site caters to both vanilla and fetish interests so you're on good hands. Most of the girls and shemales are from the US, UK and CA and the rest from all over the world. Yasss when I say this, I'm actually thinking of exotic. =^_^=
Every new visitor on is elligible to get $20 free gift for their first visit on the site and all you need to do is to confirm that you are over 18 years old with your card (that will not be charged). This is all to make sure you are old enough to enjoy phone sex but also to be sure you are a new visitor as the offer is only valid for first time users.
I am fairly confident you will enjoy dipping your toes in phone sex and treating yourself to a call or more and you will notice that once every other month, TTM has great offers such as "buy $20, get another $20" or "buy $20, get another $10" and so on, it's always something new and worth checking. I get these promo e-mails too so make sure you check your e-mail address from time to time, since the offers don't ussualy last very long and they are never placed on Homepage or highlighted in any way, unless you go and check the tab in your account to add more credits or read your e-mails

Those are some fun options off the top of my mind that you can consider them when testing the site with your $20 free gift and in case you're curious which one of those girls is me, well these are my listings:

Let me give you some facts to help you navigate around easily, but the site is pretty much user friendly and intuitive so I know you will have a great time on there:
-Phone calls rates are per minute, anywhere from $0.69 to $2.99 in general and in some cases higher;
-some gals offer phone sex packages that are prepaid and many of the packages are on discounted rates;
-Texting is based on SMS sent back and forth on your phone and you pay when you send one, not when you are replied to. The cost per text is $0.5, that is if you reside in the US, because living internationally will make you incur the regular fees for SMS that your provider charges, anyway.
Should you want to text but you re not from the US, no worries, there are so many VOIP apps that will provide you with an US number. Some good ones that I know are TextPlus, TextNow, Skype numbers.
-Webchats- this is texting but in your browser, you can do it on desktop or on your phone. Rates vary from $0.5 to $2. Since it is per minute, like any other phone call or Skype call, it's just you and your favorite girl and no one will interrupt you.
Speaking of that, I personally get back to my SMS texts in between my calls and it may take seconds up to a few hours to reply you back via SMS, depending on the length of my Skype show or phone call, but I always get back.
Sooo... if you know you are not available to text any longer, please consider turning off your texting availibility so you will not receive texts during the time you're busy or not alone. If it's a few minutes past, then sure, I'm gonna ping you back with an SMS but if it's been more than 30- 60 minutes, I prefer sending an on-site message instead, just in case, to be safe though you should know that it is your duty to make yourself unavailable for texting when needed and not to rely on me to sense it.
-Pictures can be found in galleries consisting of photosets, prices are variable, same for the sexy videos and recorded mp3s that you can buy.
-Skype shows- well here they vary because some girls like to charge the Skype call whilst being on a phone call (sort of phone with cam) and some girls (as me) like doing it prepaid (just 2 way Skype video call with no phone calls involved where you only get to send a tip before the call and we are both hands free).
-Private shows are available on the TTM whitelabel and this is the page I am talking about:
You get even more free credits to test the waters there too, you lucky one.

Have fun and I hope you are going to be in contact with girls that you vibe with so you can have so much fun together. =^_^=
Meanwhile, stay naughty!