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I am from Houston, Texas. I got into camming by accident, honestly, but now I adore it. My name is Rebellia Rose. I am real as it gets & a very open-minded, bisexual woman who appreciates beauty in all forms. I am a #Classy #Primal #Alpha #Domme so act accordingly
I am a Pisces, so I am a little flighty. Therefore, if I forget something, please be kind and remind Also, I am a textbook INTP As well as a sex addict.
My record for orgasms in one sexual session is 28! I love to cum. And am always a total pervert, so feel free to speak openly in my room. It IS a judgement free zone.
I love voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, cumshots, and knowing you guys are enjoying me. Want to know anything else? Just ask! I love to chat!
I love burlesque and am moving to California to join a line there. Because of this, you will never see me fully nude on camera. I'm also super nerdy/geeky. I love to read and learn. I am a true sapiosexual.
I believe knowledge is power, and if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, I'll probably survive longer than you I rarely watch TV, but if I had to pick a favorite show, it would probably be Criminal Minds.
I am utterly fascinated by behavioral psychology. I adore being spoiled and spoiling back, as well! To spoil me, send gift cards (or questions esp. regarding customs or private shows) or check out my wishlist links here: or or even if you REALLY want to make me squirm! And be sure to subscribe to my new project on youtube!
Hope you enjoy the show and please do not forget to rate thumbs up & follow! Muah! xoXXXox


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I should start by saying I'm not your average girl. I wear my heart on one sleeve and my kink on the other. I've been told I possess a certain prowess that cannot be duplicated. Dress up is my SECOND favorite thing to do! I'll leave the first to your imagination See ya soon! xoXXXox

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  • RebelliaRose wrote 3 years ago
    Burnt out fr fr. Loyal followers betraying me. Income not close to last year's. #Happy2ndCamversary
  • RebelliaRose wrote 3 years ago
    New site guys! Check it out and feel free to recommend any content suggestions!
  • RebelliaRose wrote 3 years ago
    And upgraded to Hotshot! It's gonna be a good night! Feelin' myself ACF lol! Thanks for being u!
  • RebelliaRose wrote 3 years ago
    Made the hotlist! Holla! (Poppin' Ma Collar lmao) xoXXXox
  • RebelliaRose wrote 3 years ago
    Heading over to chaturbate shortly... luck ladies! xoXXXox

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No Nudity. Get over it. You still get to see all the goodies, but I won't bare all to have it circulating the net. I love burlesque. Therefore, I am a little mysterious, and value the tease and anticipation just as much as the act.

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  • CyBradMachin

    Hot asf and pleasure to be around!

    She's as described and a hot asf strumpet that is definitely a hot kinky nerd I'd hang out with irl given i had or was graced with such a stupendous opportunity and she's well worth watching and is fairly accommodating when it comes to the financial aspects and if you haven't followed her on Twitter, CB, etc i suggest doing so ASAP cuz she's always looking for loyal followers and fans! Hope this is helpful to y'all!

    20 December 2017 - 0:12