I make boys lick my boots, and what do you do?

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About Me

I love my kink. I love my ink and I love playing and exploring filthy minds.

I am very sexual being. Queer. Open. Full of lust. With an endless imagination. I don't just play BDSM I live it as well. My boy is inked. Queer. Full of lust and filthy as they come. We are quite the pair.

When Topping I consider myself heavily fetish/taboo based with a side of sadistically sweetness . I want your filth. Your dirty little secrets. I will crawl inside you and pull out all that you desire and you will thank Me for it. You will suffer for My pleasure and be rewarded quite nicely for it.

Sometimes I'm just a dirty little thing..dressing up.. teasing.. very much enjoy all kinds of filthy role playing. I love the taboo. Pushing the lines. And getting off on it.

I will also engage in Blackmail arrangements. Fin Domme
Online Ownership. - Note this is a commitment with a monthly payment. Regardless. Slave contracts.

Once upon a time I was a ProDomme. I have a wide variety of toys, a closet full of wigs, clothes, stockings, shoes, outfits. Gas masks. You name it, I probably have it. Except a Symbian. I really don't like those..

In my cam rooms I tend to gather a group of loyal fans and we have a great time. I'm here because I love camming. It's entertainment and I take the fact that you wonderful people chose to spend your hard earned money on Me to heart. I'm gonna give you the best I got. Every. Damn. Time.

In the upcoming weeks we will be filming new content. Vids and pics. As well as trying out Chaturbate and Amateur Community. I always work with and While I love my fans at MFC you won't find me there often.

As for social media, you can find me everywhere except Facebook. Fetlife. Twitter. Google+. In my heart I'm a tumblr girl, and it's pretty damn filthy. Just google me LilMissSynn. I'm all over the place

I sell all sorts of stuff panties. Shoes. Socks. Lifetime snapchat access.., which ranges from from the ridiculously silly to the downright disgustingly naughty. I do a ton of customized pics and vids. Price dependant on content. Please don't be shy. I've seen and heard it all and like mostly all of it. I love filming personalized content. It's fun and it makes people happy, and that makes me happy.

I'm here for filthy is tooo short for nothing less.

Be easy perverts



About My Shows

I cater to my audience and the site. One consistent thing is we all have a damn good time. I'm an entertainer you pay me to do what you want me do do, within reason of course

I have a closet full of toys, outfitted, stockings, garters...literally a full closet. I do privates, and specific ones if requested. I do ask 48 hour notice on a Latex private sessions.

Take note mostly everything listed below is for private or group shows. In my public room I will have various offerings of the day but you won't see double penetration of any sort in my public room.

Status Feed

  • LilMissSynn wrote 8 years ago
    I can't believe I've kept this secret from you guys! Can't spoil it but I gotta give a clue!! #hotness
  • LilMissSynn wrote 8 years ago

  • LilMissSynn wrote 8 years ago
    Check out my new blog and sign up for my Newsletter
  • LilMissSynn wrote 8 years ago
    I'm back from vacation and adding LOTS of content this week!!

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My Rules

Welcome to Haus of Synn.
A safe haven for naughty little perverts.

You only get two warnings.
Don't be rude to anyone. EVER.
Don't look for Freebies. I don't come into your work asking you to work for free. So don't come into mine doing the same.
I enjoy having regulars. Like Cheers but with cum and hitachi's.
Don't waste My time when arranging private or custom vids. When you know. Talk to me.
Haggling. Does not exist in this Haus.
Deals yes. Haggle no.
No Amazon. Green Dot. Or any of that. Cash.
You argue in my room. You never come back.
No nipple clamps. Ever.
I will however pinch, cane, paddle with medium intensity. High threshold, you'll be pleased.
No tapping my shows.

Upon entering the Haus of Synn I expect the following.
Hard Cocks/Wet Pussies
Filthy disgusting thoughts
And very cool minds.
If you catch me on a site that allows Cam 2 Cam. Turn yours on...I may watch them, for my pleasure.

See you soon you my lovely little perverts.

I'm in Canada. Your cards don't work here. I don't do wishlists. Cash.

No race play. No animals. No kids. No scat in any sense.

No. I make custom videos for paying clients. Solo or only with my partner

Send me your a link to your site/portfolio. Five References. Your Model Mayhem ID. There you can see my hourly rate for shoots.

Google me.

Yes and they are spectacular.

No, I no longer do in person Domme work.

No. I am not here to date/hook up/escort.

My Rates

Skype Cam
Skype C2C
Latex play - 24hr notice
Fetish Shows
1 minutes
$ 2.00 $ 2.25 $ 2.75 $ 3.25 $ 3.50

My Schedule

Times are EST
7 PM - 1 AM
7 PM - 1 AM
7 PM - 1 AM
8 PM - 3 AM

My Blog

My Blog


I call this my hub. Links to the sites I work on. Tips and tricks for Industry peeps, kinky peeps, newbies and the curious. Sign up for My newsletter, participate in polls and games for prizes, pick My brain. It's All things Synn! Please shoot me an email if you want me to promo your site in my Links section!


So I have been CRAZY busy the last couple of weeks, which has totally taken me away from here....but I big part of it was My boy and I are on vacation this week and we are doing some Legit camping...canoe two hours to a private a bear hang each night and we are completely secluded. I'm talking real camping not . Sooooo while I'm upset about not being able to here as much as I wanted to is my first vacay in two years..and I happen to going somewhere where no one can hear the screams..

Be easy perverts I'll be around in 8-9 days