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    My new blog https://teamviewerdomination.blogspot.com/2019/10/blackmail-fetish.html

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What you need to know about forced intoxication fetish

What Is Forced Intoxication?
Forced intoxication is a type of play in which a domme forces a sub to drink alcohol and/or partake in drug activity. It combines physical and psychological control. It goes much deeper than the act of drinking alcohol or using drugs. Forcedintox becomes a manipulation of the mind.
What Does A Forced Intox Session Involve?
In a forced intoxication session, a domme will typically tease and degrade the sub while commanding him or her to drink and/or use a drug. When the domme deems the sub is intoxicated enough, she will usually begin “taking advantage” of the sub. This can include a variety of scenarios, such as restraining and sexually dominating the sub or forcing the sub to perform humiliating tasks, which are sometimes filmed for blackmail purposes.
Why Do Subs Love It?
The arousal factor for subs in forced intoxication comes from the fact that they are giving up all control to their dominant. The sub enjoys obeying the domme’s orders and anticipating what the domme will make him or her do next. Forced intox play allows subs to lower their inhibitions and become more willing and eager to obey and please their dommes.
Ensuring Safe Forced Intox Play
Safety is of utmost importance in forced intox play. The domme must be well aware of the sub’s intoxication habits, limits, and tolerance before beginning a session. The domme must actively keep track of how much the sub is drinking/using and never push a sub past a safe amount.
However, this type of play can be dangerous even when a domme is being careful, so the domme should also know the effects of any drug the sub will be using and know the warning signs of an overdose. Finally, the sub must be able to fully trust the domme, as not everyone will have good intentions.

For all into Teamviewer fetish

URL: https://t.me/Teamviewerdomination

Here Teamviewer subs and Doms meet for lockdowns, exposure, draining, slave tasks, blackmail and more. Cuckolding, forcedbi, forcedintox and chastity as a bonus too. Paid and free domination. Be respectful or you risk to be banned🔐🚫

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