Dark Muse: Afro-Caribbean/Latina BBW occultic muse and domme

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About Me

[face=times]Dark Muse is a work of Caribbean passions, Voodoo desires, and African Perversions. Growing up in a diverse Afro-Caribbean/Latin-American middle class background; Dark Muse has learn many unique talents to cause men to bow. Despite being in her early 20s, her dark sensuality has blossomed and her man eating is becoming fever pitch.She offers Non-nude shows only but she loves when her slaves enjoy themselves to her exotic voice and dark sensual laughter. Dark Muse takes all calls and cam shows only in the weekends. Currently, she is looking for several different subs and slaves to serve her multiple needs.Dark Muse is looking for long-term slaves and subs to serve her completely.My fetishes include several different things including:
Sugar Benefactors/Findom
Mind Fuck/Mind Control/Mental Domination
Laughing fetish
Financial Domination/Money Slavery/WalletRape
JOI /Sex Magick /Magick Domination/Forced Intoxication/Sex Psychic Readings/PantyBois/Sissies
Taboo Black Girlfriend Domination
Call me for non-nude Taboo Domination Web shows around.


About My Shows

My shows are very be very esoteric, dark, sensual, perverted, and touch on the dark side of life. I am non-nude but most my clothing is very revealing and see-through. My job is to help you cum while being clothed at all times.
All of my indie shows will be via kik or skype only.

Cheap shows:

Blue Creole Fan teasing and sensual dancing show: 2.99 per min or 29.99 for 10 mins. The blue creole fan dance was created by Caribbean Creole Courtesans in 19th century. In this dance; I will wear my lacy black robe and golden mask. You will see me touch myself sensually while slowly caressing myself with a blue fan.

Here are my fetishes again: These start at 3.50 per min
Sugar Benefactors/Findom
Mind Fuck
Mind Control
Mental Domination
Laughing fetish
Financial Domination
Money Slavery
Psychic cruelty
Sex Magick
Magick Domination
Forced Intoxication
Sex Psychic Readings
Taboo Black Girlfriend Domination

Here are my more taboo and occultic roleplays: These roleplays cost more than my "normal" roleplays. These start from 5.99 per min and up

Murdererotica and rapeplay: This is different than snuff because this is a fun yet taboo roleplay in which we act like sexualized characters in a horror movie. This is cheesy yet fun roleplay.
Necromancy roleplay: We talk about erotic spirit possession. A fun roleplay based on the blackest of black arts.
Cum divination or Semenancy: This is a old Obeah divination technique in which I do a psychic reading using your cum.

Virtual horror movie date: This nothing but a girl and guy watching horror films together on cam.

Status Feed

  • DarkMuse13 wrote 1 year ago
    Hey boys, I will be doing a 2 day phonathon/Camathon starting July 3 and ending July 4th. I will here all day July 3 and 4th.
  • DarkMuse13 wrote 1 year ago
    Hey Gentlemen, I will be back April 29 and you can get your camshows from 2-7pm pacific standard time
  • DarkMuse13 wrote 1 year ago
    Hey gentlemen! On December 16 and 17th, I will be doing a phonethron/camathon. I will be here for 12 hours each day. Cum and spend some time with me
  • DarkMuse13 wrote 1 year ago
    I am available for Shows between 4 to 9 pm pacific standard time.
  • DarkMuse13 wrote 1 year ago
    On Labor Day weekend (Friday and Saturday), I will be doing a camatron!!! I will be available 12 hou

My Rules

No racism, naziplay, racial play,sexism,fat shaming ,begging, yelling, and other bad behavior. Do not ask for cheap rates either. I am a non-nude domme but most of cam clothes are see-through or super short.



Never, but my clothes are sheer and see-through.

I only accept visa or Tiffany giftcards.

My Rates

With Sound
Without Sound
Blue fan teasing
Cum divination
10 minutes
$ 39.99 $ 35.99 $ 29.99 $ 59.99 $ 59.99
20 minutes
$ 79.99 $ 75.99 $ 59.99 $ 119.80 $ 119.80
30 minutes
$ 105.00 $ 100.00 $ 89.99 $ 179.99 $ 179.99
45 minutes
$ 157.50 $ 152.50 $ 134.55 $ 269.55 $ 269.55
60 minutes
$ 210.00 $ 205.00 $ 179.99 $ 359.99 $ 359.99
90 minutes
$ 315.00 $ 310.00 $ 269.99 $ 539.99 $ 539.99
120 minutes
$ 420.99 $ 415.99 N/A $ 718.99 $ 718.99

My Schedule

Times are PST
9 AM - 1 PM
4 PM - 9 PM
2 PM - 7 PM