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I am a transgendered woman coming into her own. I discovered that as a woman, I am also a people- pleaser. I love to make people smile. Whether it's keeping someone from feeling lonely or making them cum like crazy. I noticed this about myself among my friends and wanted to share my abilities across as many mediums and borders as possible.


About My Shows

I'm still developing a camming style, but I tend to try - within my limits - to honor requests. I do both premium and private shows.

My Rules

Ask, don't assume.
Show Respect.
If you're not sure, See #1.
I reserve the right to refuse or substitute.

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Girlfriend Experience
Dirty Talk/Tease
Nude/Strip Tease
10 minutes
$ 3.00 $ 6.00 $ 8.00 $ 12.00 $ 18.00

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Verification docs, resend, you spin me right round...

For me, the hardest part of getting set up as a cam girl is the fact that I haven't legally changed my name due to the exact procedures required to do so in my locale. A bit too strict, but who am I to dictate law for the people?

As such, I often get a kick back from sites when I enter my preferred name and they see a different name on my ID, despite the faces being the same. I have to resubmit on Chaturbate later tonight if I hope to make anything on my couples show there. Which I'm sure we will since for a 90 minute meet and greet session my friend and I hit 227 followers.

I think that's mostly because of my friend. I only have 30 or so on my solo sites.

But hens the breaks sometimes for us pre-everything Tgirls. I could have my makeup on point, hair perfect and be the sluttiest little girl for my customers, but I can't compare to my Ggirl friends.


But I've had a hard start. Maybe doing some couples shows will help draw traffic to my regular shows.

Starting my HRT soon won't hurt either.

Or maybe I'm just looking at this the wrong way...after all, after a fashion, we're all mad here. Maybe I should focus more on quality instead of quantity of time online. Diversify more.

Marry a rich guy and do this for fun.


I'm rambling. Ignore me. My kettle is singing and that means it's tea time.

Bye for now!