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About Me

Hi , my name is Siren. Nice to meet you .

I am an Amateur Model on Pornhub and have started doing Live Shows for anyone who want to experience the video content live. Anything I have done in the videos you can ask me to do on cam for you here.

I love talking to people about random world subjects. If you want someone to talk to intellectually, I'm here for that. Topics I like to talk about: deviancy (doing something considered not correct according to the mainstream), fiat (i hate it), peoples sexual experiences and fetishes (diversity is fascinating), cultural worldviews (i like when people can describe why they believe what they do), etc. Most topics I can keep an intellectual discussion going on. So if something interests you, bring it up, and I'll try and maintain a conversation about it if I can.

I'm an Australian, currently living in West Germany.

Work / Study:
I am currently working as a Native English Teacher and I am doing my second undergraduate degree by distance in Sociology and Anthropology.

I am a gamer, my current main games are Warframe (looter shooter) and FFXIV (mmorpg). My favourite frames on Warframe are Nezha, Saryn, Oberon, and Nyx. I am a Volt starter (gimme speed and electricity yo ). Flexs: I'm MR 22 and my ingame play time is 702 hours [12th-08-2019] (to a warframe player, they will get that is a required thing to say). FFXIV: I started as a Lallafel Black Mage (a black potato, yes). I am a wow refugee, so taking my time leveling all the classes and professions slowly in the new game is awesome. Fantastic game so far.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the subreddit (AMA - Ask Me Anything).

Hope you enjoy the show , and that you enjoy hanging out .


About My Shows

My traditional shows encompass dildo deepthroat, clit stimulation, dildo masturbation, Lovense Lush play, joi encouragement, and I'm adding in more things as I go along. There is always room for learning new things .

You can also request: dildo titty fuck, booty shaking, dog licking you roleplay, finger fucking, stockings, high boots, tongue movement, etc.

I love to hear about peoples fetishes, so come tell me and I'll see if i can give you what you need. If it's not on my "no" list, then I likely will have a conversation about what it encompasses for you and consider it .

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Show butt 10 tkns
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Boob oil massage 20 tkns
Pussy oil massage 50 tkns
Get naked and stay naked 100 tkns
Deepthroat Show 100 tkns
Pussy Fuck Show (Dildo) 200 tkns

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