Just a horny little tiger cub that loves to play!

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Tiikeri is Finnish for the word 'tiger', which is my Chinese zodiac. I embrace the wild side, and love to have fun. You might call me a 'crabby pussy', but that's because my astrological zodiac is the wonderful water sign of Cancer! Born in the early morning of the early July, I'm a very warm person, and a mini heater when it comes to temperature! That's not the only type of HOT that I am, but I'm sure you'll see more!

Welcome to my jungle! Here are some rules to follow so that you aren't eaten alive!

1. Please, SIR, don't be an asshole! If you don't like what you see then move along. Sending hate mail is stupid and it makes you look like a fool. Exactly what do you think typing words at me will accomplish? Nothing.

2. No demands or begging. Even when backed up by a tip I still have the right to say no. This is my jungle and I am the queen.


About My Shows

I like to play and have fun, and love chatting!! Always with a good mix of music to listen to, and a fun, sexy voice, you're sure to have a good time! Hop on by, and listen to me purr!