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Heya lovelies I'm Lottie Opal, I'm a 19 y/o transgender cam girl. I'm a huge advocate for LGBTQIAA rights, and I'm also a huge advocate for sex worker's rights. I spend a lot of my free time playing video games, either on my PC or PS4. Besides that I'm usually in class at my local university or I'm on Chaturbate working


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Schedule for 12/1-12/31


TH-SU - 12pm-4am

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-Be polite to me and other's in my room.
-Please no begging, demanding, or directing. Tip before your request.
-No spamming the caht
-Please respect my pronouns and my gender identity. Do not refer to me as Tranny or She-Male.
-I will not do anything against Chaturbate's Terms of Service.

No. I'm in a loving and beautiful relationship with my lovely girlfriend. Also, I'm going to be real you hardly know me. Yes you've seen me nude. But I highly doubt you "love" me. Plus, I wonder how many other girls you tell that to.

For 150 TKS, yes.

First off, no. I don't give my services for free. Secondly, I run a business and I'm working for a living just like everyone else. If you're really that desperate for material to slap you meat to, then there's plenty of free porn out there. I just provide live quality of that good, so if you want to see "x" service; you have to pay for it.

Please refer to the answer of 'What's your real name'

No. Just No.

Maybe, Maybe not. I dunno.

So I actually really kinda hate this question but I understand why people ask it. I have not had "The Surgery" as some might say.


About 2 years now

Hormone Replacement Therapy


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12 PM - 4 AM
12 PM - 4 AM
12 PM - 4 AM
12 PM - 4 AM