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About Me

Hi! I'm Anouk aka virtualsub, your online submissive for hire! I'm very sweet, but also very kinky. I am a switch but am in a submissive mindset almost all of the time.

My strongest fetishes are exhibitionism, masochism, and degradation/humiliation. I also enjoy foot fetish play (my feet or someone else's), fluid play/messy sex, blowjobs/long blowjob sessions, rimjobs, basically everything, who am I kidding. I love to lose myself in sex to find freedom and transcendence. I love to hang out in my cam room, talk about anything deep or silly, and show off my little body. I love to smile, laugh, and show my kinky side to the right people (the supportive ones) I have a lot to share and I look forward to doing so and revealing and reveling in who I am!

I self style and self shoot my photos and videos and know one day I will have the means to create the final products I see in my mind's eye. Despite not having all of the equipment and technology I want at this time, I love trying to create beautiful images, videos, and broadcasts out of what I have. Thank you for visiting my page! ♥


About My Shows

All of my shows are BDSM themed. Being submissive is second nature to me and living the BDSM lifestyle is very important to me.

I love being taken into private shows to be trained as a sub 1-on-1. I also love being a submissive outlet for someone who is not currently living the lifestyle but wants to engage in BDSM, and I really love it when I get to regularly meet with Doms who I feel connected to. My ideal time on cam is with Dominants who want to support me and regularly meet with me to expand my limits, train me, and fulfill their/our fantasies together, whether it's in the group chat or in private. Private arrangements can be made on various platforms, please inquire via email (see my Twitter) ♥

I love pain (spanks, rubber band snaps, paddles, floggers, hot wax, etc) and I consider myself a masochist. I love humiliation and denial and the feeling of embarrassment, shame, and arousal all at the same time. I love to be ordered about and given assignments and tasks. I love Dominants that are creative, compassionate, intuitive, and somewhat sadistic. I get a deep sense of pleasure from serving. My shows will continue to evolve as I grow and upgrade my equipment but I strive to always maintain my authenticity and remain driven by my passion for service.

Status Feed

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    Go check out my video preview! See what I've been up to: @anoukgilmour #bdsm #submissive ♥
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    I'm taking calls on #niteflirt now! ♥ Call me and make me cum, Sir!
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    Thank you for over 2200 views to my CGC profile!!! ♥♥♥ #camgirl #bdsm #submissive
  • virtualsub wrote 2 days ago
    My Bluetooth remote came in!! I can do sexy hands-free Snapchat shows now!
  • virtualsub wrote 3 days ago
    I tortured myself with the rubber bands a little then came and laughed after my orgasm for some reason :P

My Rules

♥ No anal
♥ No activities deemed to be illegal or against the rules of any sites I am available on (Cam4, Streamate, NiteFlirt)
♥ No Skype/C2C/camsharing
♥ No meetup/location talk

In 2009 as a 19 year old college student I was trained 1 time by a married male BDSM couple. That night was my first introduction to slave positioning, and during the session I was given orders, hogtied and photographed, and flogged for my punishment. It was my first sub space and one of my most sacred memories. In my long term relationship since then, I am submissive, playful, sweet, and kinky. My Master is enduring, nurturing, and evolving with me. I have used many BDSM related toys and enjoy the ones that inflict pain. I consider myself a pain slut and I love to cum. When I started camming again in 2017 I encountered a wonderful Dom/switch who trained me for a couple months. Our focus was edging/denial/orgasm control and I loved it. My ideal time online would be with people who want to take me private to have 1-on-1 BDSM sessions with me as the sub

At the moment I don't have any content, but I live cam at Cam4, and will be on Streamate and NiteFlirt very shortly for PPM camming and phone sex/erotic IM. I will soon have content on OnlyFans available to fans for a monthly subscription. If you have a custom request you can email me at

If you are not with me during one of my cam shows or my available NiteFlirt hours but want to support me, you can send electronic gift cards or Circle payments to I can also accept tributes at OnlyFans, offline tributes at NiteFlirt via chat, and BTC (email me for the necessary information) ♥ Thank you so much ♥

No. It would be an extremely rare experience for me to dominate someone online and feel a natural urge to do so. I feel much more natural as a submissive when camming. I rarely switch in my real life and I don't feel confident in my dominant side. I'm not experienced as a dominant partner and I don't enjoy doing it online to others, which I have before. It's much more authentic of me to be submissive and I do have experience as a submissive that I feel confident about.

No. Skype is not necessarily an adult friendly place to have private shows, and I prefer the security of the sites you can find me on. Payment wise, and in regards to my time, it is better for me to stay on Cam4, Streamate, or NiteFlirt.

I have a couple reasons, but it's mostly because I am not medically advised to do any anal play, and my anatomy doesn't make it easy or healthy for me. It's all for health reasons, and I used to enjoy anal sex and anal play before things changed.