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About Me

Hi! I'm Anouk aka virtualsub, your online submissive toy! I'm a 27 year old American woman who serves to please! I was a cam model for a short time in 2009, and started again in December 2017. I love the way camming makes me feel erotic and sensual and how I am able to connect with others for sexual fun and emotional intimacy. I'm very sweet, but also very kinky. For as long as I have been self aware of my sexuality, I have known I am a BDSM lifestyle person, and have always gravitated towards it regardless of my relationship status.

In addition to my love and dedication to BDSM, I am also a creative person. I self style and self shoot my photos and videos. Despite working with a tight budget, I love trying to create beautiful images, videos, and broadcasts out of what I have. I enjoy harmony and pleasure as well as healthy sexual self expression and I find camming allows me to be live out my sexual, artistic, and loving sides all at once!

Thank you for reading! I hope to see you soon on Cam4!
Xo, Anouk


About My Shows

All of my shows are BDSM themed and I perform as my real self - the submissive sweetheart that I am. I'm very warm and loving, but there is much more to me! I am a true switch, but I am in a submissive state of mind almost 100% of the time and only switch in real life on very rare occasions.

Being submissive is second nature to me and living the BDSM lifestyle is very important to me. I have some past BDSM training in pain and denial and hope to continue my training when the circumstances are right.

I love pain (spanks, rubber band snaps, paddles, floggers, hot wax, etc) and I love humiliation and denial. I love to be ordered about and given assignments and tasks. I get a deep sense of pleasure from serving. ♥ Xo, Anouk

Status Feed

  • virtualsub wrote 2 days ago
    So sorry to be inactive lately, I am still here and doing lots of financial planning. I will soon be working on PPM sites and seeing how that goes! ♥
  • virtualsub wrote 6 days ago
    Working hard on getting the financial/business side of camming squared away before my next show ♥♥ I can't wait to be back! Xo, Anouk
  • virtualsub wrote 1 week ago
    Sometimes my health keeps me off cam or I cancel a preplanned show due to not feeling well. It's a bummer but I appreciate all of the support ♥♥♥
  • virtualsub wrote 1 week ago
    Working on feeling better, and doing background work off cam - I can't wait to cam again ♥ Xo, Anouk
  • virtualsub wrote 2 weeks ago
    Happy Monday :) taking time to do background work ♥ I hope everyone has a great day Xo, Anouk

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