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Personal Details

About Me

Real Name: Odin & Ariel
Age: 46/37
Sex: Couple
Location: Your Mothers Top Drawer, United States
Body Type: Ariel is 5'9 & 130 pounds. Odin is 6'1 & 250 pounds
Smoke / Drink: Ariel is a smoker and social drinker. Odin is a smoker & he does not drink.
Body Decorations: We both have lots of Tattoos!! & Ariel has her naval pierced and they both have their ears pierced.

A dirty mind is fucking beautiful! Use it wisely and with respect towards all. We both enjoy giving and doing lots of erotic sex physically and mentally.

We are not creatures of habit, so you never know what you may see when watching us

Grab a towel, Sit down (or on), Hold on & Enjoy!


About My Shows

We're pretty wide open a run a format free broadcast. Sit back and enjoy, you're bound to have a good time.

Status Feed

  • videovixen wrote 7 years ago
    Pointing a cam at Ariel and waking her up with a good stiff one... ;)
  • videovixen wrote 8 years ago
    Going live on CB in about 15/20 min, 10:30pm PST
  • videovixen wrote 8 years ago
    Happy New Year!! -VV / Odin & Ariel
  • q258 wrote 8 years ago
    Hey you two…. Can't wait for the next broadcast, I've seen you on several sites and silly can not get enough, you are both absolutely brilliant. I've sat though your entire marathon broadcasts mesmerized and still wanting more after 6-8 hours if not more. You two are unbelievably entertaining clothed and unclothed, I could listen and talk with you the whole time and never miss the absolute TREAT it is to see you two go at it… Simply AMAZING!!
  • Maton wrote 8 years ago
    Hey! I found you! All signed up!

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My Rules

Don't be a rude fucktard, we're all here having fun, if you can't play well with others move on. Don't' use all caps in chat, use them when needed. If you have demands ask once and pony up the $'s, that's the way it works.

Planet Earth, it's either the same time, later or earlier than where you are as is the temperature either same, colder, or hotter. It doesn't matter. - tell ya what, post your full name, address, telephone number, place of employment, annual income, and PIN number for your bank card and we MAY tell you what country we live in. Really, why does it matter? We occasionally live here on the other side of a webcam, the time we broadcast is somewhere between midnight and 11:59pm, we keep it a steady 72 degrees F/22 degrees C in the room we broadcast from and that's all ya need to know

On sites where it's allowed (for a fee) we do.

Highly unlikely. Stranger things have happened but, it would take an exceptional set of circumstances over a long period of time before something like that would be even remotely possible. In other words, it would take a cold day in hell and it's not too often we turn the temp down there.

Nope The best analogy we can think of is: this is like hanging out with friends at the local pub; If ya like us, buy us a drink (or in this case send a tip), or not. We're just hanging out, meeting cool folks (and sometimes booting a fucktard) but regardless it's all just fun. Can't really fake that or schedule it so to keep it real - we're here when we're here and we're not otherwise. We always send out notices before a broadcast so follow, follow, follow, we're on Twitter as we'll and plug into as much as you can, we'll let ya know when we're live.

Of course.

We are not swingers in the traditional sense of the word. In our opinion 'swinging' is a life-style and people we know that do have a very different outlook and level of participation in that social niche than we do. In fact we are not a part of that niche at all nor do we share similar views on relationships. Having said that, we are very open sexually and have engaged in activities involving more than the two of us in professional situations and with very close, very long-time friends that share similar interests when the time is right and the *buzz* is in the air and that's how we roll and will continue to roll. The short answer to what your really thinking is: No, we are not interested in getting together in person with our Cam friends.