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Personal Details

About Me

Im a teeny tiny canadian firecracker. I seem to look and feel younger as every year passes....I am highly educated, an artist, and a mother. I have always had a huge libido and I am an exhibitionist and it seems that the more videos and shows I do the more I want to do. I have a bf who wants to (and I want him to) perform with me....we have a very active sex life and will often fuck or play until we fall asleep from exhaustion.
I love learning about my viewers, and love doing private shows and custom work. There is almost nothing I won't do sexually....Im a hedonistic masochist. fisting, deep-throating, hard sm play, insertions....a lot of things that private shows are definitely worth the time to do, and your $.


About My Shows

My shows during the week are often just hangouts, chatting, and when tipped I will get naked, quietly fuck etc etc. During the day, or on weekends when my child isn't home my shows are VERY loud, sexy,pervy and funny. I don't do gimmicks/holidays/raffles etc...Just token goals for my performance

My Rules

RESPECT. I respect your choice to view a show or request content- it is respectful when watching a show to tip to encourage my play, and to show thanks for enjoying! Private shows are prepaid through delivery code - please remember common courtesy, manners, and that I am a smart ass milf and I won't put up with harassment or repeated demands.

actually. not mean at all...just VERY low tolerance for poor manners and freeloading.

I take the same amount of time to prepare and plan for a 15 min vid as a 60 min. Also: just pay me for my art.


well, this is why we discuss prior to me creating. We talk and plan it out, go over exacts right down to music or no music. I am not a major enterprise, this is art, and I do it all myself. Unless there is a technical glitch that you can show me, a purchase assumes as an adult what you say you like is what you will receive.

You pay before I begin to create your individual gift. And Keep in mind, that though I am selling you a custom item I may decide to post the video for sale on many vids for example. You can choose to work out an extra payment to earn private rights to a vid.

send me a message on here, email me, pay the 25 tkns on CB to pm me...WE TALK ABOUT IT.


You can use delivery code to add money to my wishlist, offline tip me on CB,or pay in many vids tokens.

Then the performance doesn't happen.Pay to play

I will do whatever I decide and want...I usually post it and goal needed to PERFORM on my twitter..