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Insatiable Sex Goddess. Sultry voice and endless curves. Intelligent demeanor and educated vocabulary. Creative artist and business woman. Dirty talk extraordinaire. Fetish connoisseur. MILFY Addiction. Ethical Slut!


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My shows are 100% customization to you and YOU are my number one priority during our time together. I prefer we have electronics off *background noise like TVs and radios really distract me from having a good orgasm* Always approach me with kindness and a friendly attitude and tell me where you found me!

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    Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I will be filming customs today.
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    How is everyone doing this fiiiine Tuesday afternoon?
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    Will return to live camming in August 2018! Taking an extended break. Thank you gentleman. <3
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    Well 1 DMCA takedown done. 247 more to go. :(

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My Rules

1. All shows are a first come, first serve basis and handled accordingly during live cam hours. See my twitter for updates on when I am available.
2. Do NOT add me on Skype or Discord without the intent to purchasing a show or other NSFW or fetish content.
3. All shows are prepaid and nonrefundable unless otherwise agreed upon. ABSOLUTELY NO PAYPAL.
4. Shows greater than 30 minutes receive a FREE video upon REQUEST after the show.
5. Be KIND to me and a decent human being. I am only human after all. Do not degrade me unless it is specified in a role play scenario we are doing together.


MAYBE. I would love to get into the industry a lot more in depth than I am now and it would be a wonderful opportunity. That being said it would have to be with a major studio and not a random dude who thinks he owns a porn company. I get a lot of those offers, too.

Hi there! Well, I get a ton of DMs and every individual sending them assumes they are the only one messaging me! I honestly do not have the time nor the energy to respond to messages that are not directly related to purchasing a show or other type of NSFW Adult content. I love to make new friend online but sending me a DM is probably not the best way to get a hold of me. Chatting on my live cam site or purchasing my content DEFINITELY gets my attention. It's not being rude or snobby, it's a time management thing.

YES AND NO. I shave my armpits because I prefer to have them shaved but I do NOT shave my lady bits. I have a FULL BUSH or at least as full as mother nature lets me have. Every woman is different so don't assume she shaves one area because she shaves another and don't assume her bush is a certain size or shape or height or length even when she doesn't shave down there at all.

YES, I am single. Occasionally I will be in a relationship or partnership for a period of time. Thank you!

YES, I file my taxes like every other small business owner in the United States is required to do. I file quarterly to be specific and calculate the taxes myself since I know how to perform math. Interesting question but thanks for opening the dialogue on this!

This is vague. Please specify the exact taboo fantasy you are referring to. Thank you!

YES, I absolutely do! I love custom videos from start to finish and they are edited professionally. Send me your request on my iwantclips link. Click on custom videos and you can send me your request right there! Thank you for asking this question by the way. I get asked this all the time.

YES, I love anal! It's been something I've been exploring in the last two years and I can't believe I had to wait this long to enjoy it!

NO. My rates are priced very competitively for what I offer in my shows. I find it incredibly disrespectful to even negotiate them in the first place. Not only does it NOT turn me on but it's rude. My regular clients are treated like royalty and I give them perks and special pricing on occasion.

NO. I am a cam model and online personality only. It's fun to play with the fantasy but for legal reasons I will never engage in sexual behavior in person for any amount of money. That being said, I won't do it for free either. Thanks anyway!

NO. Never have and never will. If it is not through an adult site or amazon gift card then I don't accept it. Next question please!

YES, it's curvy and proportional to my body but I have some badonk-a-donk! Get a live show or purchase a photo album to see it. Thanks!

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What's Your BDSM Personality?

[center][/center]BDSM Test
Are you curious about the BDSM community and what type of deviant you might be? Well I am, too and when I found this posted on FetLife I knew I had to take the test. There are several options, but I chose to take the longer version. In total it took me about 15-20 minutes from start to finish, including researching different archetypes and interpreting my results. So with that much said, I will post my results here for those of you who are curious!

== Results from ==

100% Switch
95% Non-monogamist
95% Rope bunny
94% Voyeur
84% Exhibitionist
70% Degrader
70% Sadist
63% Submissive
58% Experimentalist
57% Rigger
56% Brat
54% Primal (Hunter)
51% Primal (Prey)
47% Brat tamer
43% Slave
42% Daddy/Mommy
42% Boy/Girl
41% Owner
39% Pet
39% Dominant
33% Masochist
33% Ageplayer
31% Master/Mistress
10% Vanilla
6% Degradee

So what does some of this stuff even mean?

Check out the definitions of these categories here

Quoted Text from the site itself:


BDSM is an umbrella term for a variety of (often erotic) practices or roleplaying; it is an acronym representing three components:
BD: Bondage & Discipline (playing with physical restraints, training, punishment, etc.)
DS: Dominance & Submission (playing with obedience, power exchange, service, humility, etc.)
SM: Sadism & Masochism (playing with pain, degradation, fear, etc.)
More often than not, other 'deviant' sexual practices are also considered to be part of BDSM.
BDSM is a consensual activity respecting the fundamental rights of every human being involved; this separates it from sexual and domestic abuse.
BDSM Archetypes

Everyone is different, and finding two kinksters with the exact same preferences is probably impossible. There are however a few common 'archetypes' that people can identify with to varying degrees (from 0% to 100%). Curious to what extent each archetype suits you? Take the test! The list below is by no means complete but it should cover the most common ones.
Dominants like to be in charge. Some like to have their partner obey them without questioning, others like some resistance while taking it their way. Some are dominant only in the bedroom, others are dominant throughout their daily life as well (usually with limitations). Unlike the top roles (giving pain/bondage/degradation), being dominant is more about who decides what happens (and takes the responsibility that comes with it) than about the contents of what happens.
Submissives like to follow. Some like to give the control away to their partner(s), some like to have it forcibly taken from them. Some are submissive only in the bedroom, others are submissive throughout their daily life as well (usually with limitations). Unlike the bottom roles (receiving pain/bondage/degradation), being submissive is more about who decides what happens (and takes the responsibility that comes with it) than about the contents of what happens.
Sadists enjoy inflicting (certain types of) pain on their partner(s), usually in a sexual context.
Masochists enjoy receiving (certain types of) pain from their partner(s), usually in a sexual context. Masochism is independent of pain tolerance: it is purely about the ability to enjoy (or get aroused by) certain levels of pain.
Riggers like to tie up and restrain their partner(s), using rope and/or other attributes (chains, cuffs, spreader bars...). Whether for sexual enhancement, for art or just for fun, they enjoy having their partners completely at their mercy.
Rope bunny
Rope bunny likes to be tied up and restrained, using rope and/or other attributes (chains, cuffs, spreader bars...). Whether for sexual enhancement, for art or just for fun, they enjoy being totally at the mercy of their partner(s).
Masters/Mistresses receive complete control over the life of their slave(s), and all responsibilities that come with it. They go a step further than dominants in the sense that their power exchange is present 24/7 and in all aspects of their life (except for negotiated exceptions such as during their office jobs). Their primary focus is to create a stable and safe environment for their slave(s), to allow optimal servitude.
Slaves completely hand over the control and responsibilities over their life to their master/mistress. They go a step further than submissives in the sense that their power exchange is present 24/7 and in all aspects of their life (except for negotiated exceptions such as during their office jobs). Serving their master/mistress is their primary focus in life and they rarely have limits for them.
Degradation givers like to degrade and humiliate their play partner(s), either by acting upon them in a degrading way, or by or by forcing them to do things they consider degrading.
Degradation receivers like to be degraded and humiliated by their play partner(s), either by being acted upon in a degrading way, or by being forced do things they consider degrading.
Owns and takes responsibility over a pet, on a 24/7 basis. Sexuality is not necessarily involved. Often provides in animal role play attributes (e.g. puts pet in a cage) but not necessarily.
Is property of their owner in daily life. Sexuality is not necessarily involved. Often combined with some form of animal role play (puppy, kitten, etc.) but not necessarily.
Brat tamer
Brat tamers are, in essence, dominants who enjoy handling bratty submissives. They find disobedience a form of playfulness from the side of the submissive, rather than a form of rudeness. They will take no offence to it, but will still teach the sub a well deserved lesson (because, of course, that is why the bratty sub shows such behavior in the first place).
Brats are, in essence, naughty submissives. They find disobedience a form of playfulness rather than letting their dominant down, and require a compatible dominant who will not only teach them a lesson, but also accept that any number of lessons might still not necessarily change this behavior.
Primal (Hunter)
Primals are mainly focused on their natural instincts and they enjoy letting their inner animal out during sex. The key part for primals play is that the participants show their raw, emotional sexual feelings during play. All of the labels, roles, and protocols go out the window, and the prey can become a snarling, growing, clawing animal hell-bent on getting away from its predator (you).
Primal (Prey)
Primals are mainly focused on their natural instincts and they enjoy letting their inner animal out during sex. The key part for primals play is that the participants show their raw, emotional sexual feelings during play. All of the labels, roles, and protocols go out the window, and the prey (you) can become a snarling, growing, clawing animal hell-bent on getting away from its predator.
Daddies/Mommies take on a caretaker role in the relationship, being a guide as much a dominant. Daddies/Mommies dominate their little treasure submissives with an iron fist in a velvet glove: much cuddly and affectionate on the outside, while being as sturdy and hard on the inside as other dominants. Using subtle psychological mechanisms rather than brute power, they nurture their littles into obedience.
Littles (girls/boys) are submissive spirits that mix childlike innocence with naughty sexual curiosity. They long for a nurturing loving dominant who plays a guiding, almost parental role in their lives. While they require a softer approach to be dominated than most other submissives, their submission can go a lot deeper and sometimes rival those of slaves.
Ageplayers like to play with age as part of their kink. They typically take on a much younger or older age than they actually are, or prefer playing with a partner that does so. Attributes and behavior changes (such as pacifiers, coloring books, speaking in more childlike language, etc.) are commonly paired with this, to enrich the context and make it more appropriate for the played age.
Exhibitionists enjoy showing their naked body or a sexual activity to other people. Definitions vary with respect to whether those being shown this, should be looking for such encounter or not.
Voyeurs enjoy watching the nakedness or sexual activity of other people. Definitions vary with respect to whether those being watched should be aware of this, or not.
Experimentalists want to have tried it all. An open mind and an insatiable curiosity are their key features, and they will rarely form an opinion before they have gathered first hand experience. They often have plenty of fantasies and will actively pursue to try them out.
Non-monogamists do not see sexuality as necessarily a 1 on 1 thing. Whether this means they will have several relationships or just see other people outside their relationship (or have even more exquisite constructions) depends entirely on the person and the situation, but they all have one thing in common: their sexuality is more than just between them and one fixed partner.
Switches like to... well, switch. Always taking a dominant or top position is not for them, neither is always taking a submissive or bottom position. Some prefer to switch with the same partner or partners, others have a dominant play partner and a submissive play partner, but in either case they do not fit on one end point of the spectrum.
Vanilla people enjoy regular, standard sex and relationship models. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you're having fun!

How I Faced the Stigma of Sex Work

[center][/center]How I Faced the Stigma of Sex Work
“If someone isn't what others want them to be, then others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

This quote resonates with me lately and for good reason. A lot of people are opinionated and vocal about how they feel with regards to sex work and others are silent and brooding. What is it that makes this profession one of the most highly disrespected professions in the world?

A little background before we get into some of the finer details (so you know what angle I’m coming from). I started sex work when I was 18 years old back in 2007 with the advent of “Hot or Not” and the beginning of Facebook. Most of you guys probably don’t even remember what Myspace was but back when I was a teenager and young adult, it was everything to me and my budding identity. I have always been savvy with the Internet and I am part of a generation that grew up with both sides of life before and after its arrival. So since an early age, I’ve used it to express myself and connect with other people, experiment with HTML, graphics, photography, and video effects, and most of all the image of myself I wanted to portray. Unfortunately, a lot of very sick and twisted people also use social media to prey on young people and I was one of those naive and curious teenage girls with very little sexual experience and innocent intentions. For more than three years of my early adulthood I learned the hard way about men and sex both online and offline. I truly believe this is why social media is so heavily censored now. There is great freedom when it comes to being able to express yourself with nudity and then there is a dark side where, like any other profession out there, people use other people for personal gain and exploitation. It’s awful and heartbreaking, but it’s also part of life.

Fast forward a decade later. I’m married now to the love of my life and I have three kids under four, a mortgage, and a life that by any other objective means appears “normal” except for one thing which for years I couldn’t put my finger on. I was happy don’t get me wrong, but I was unhappy at the same time. Something was missing. A dream was unlived. My heart was either permanently damaged or life just wasn’t what I thought it would be. So when my husband went out of town for a month I began to wander online again once more just as naive as the first time. It was just an innocent hobby, a fun one at that, when I started chatting and getting to know other people online. Now as an adult entertainer a lot of things have changed regarding my choice to get online.

It’s never been more clear to me now that this hobby is more of a business and a profession. It’s complete with deadlines, taxes, customer service, and marketing. There are video editing programs with steep learning curves, photography and lighting skills that take time and practice to master, and multitasking on a very high and efficient level in order to cater to multiple needs simultaneously. Many people overlook the fact that like anything else in life, it does take a significant amount of effort and self-discipline to be consistent and work in this industry.

So naturally, after a while of working, I decided it was time to explain to my family where I got the money to purchase land by myself. At first, it started with only phone sex and sexting, text messages, and short little video clips. Hardly anything to laugh about but it was enough money for me to feel like I was contributing to the family income without having to put my kids in childcare or waste gasoline to and from the local hospital (I was an RN by trade). I was able to make myself feel a little better about life at the same time and get some time away from my kids and so-called “normal” life. At first my family was horrified and doubtful that I’d ever last long doing this for a “job” or anything close to making money. They laughed at me and turned a blind eye… “Oh she’s just being crazy again.” They were wrong!

Then I finally came to the decision to begin live webcam shows. I signed up for half a dozen websites, bought a laptop and Logitech webcam and signed on for the first time wearing nothing but my bra and panties. It was a good month or two before I landed on a site that I enjoyed interacting on the most. For me, while money is definitely part of the equation, so is my personal preference and comfort level online. I was able to start slow and move into things at my own pace and that was everything to me. The void was filling up quickly with wonderful conversations and new sexual experiences. I was even able to explore fetishes I didn’t even know existed and came to find out I had a dominant side that was never fully expressed. I knew there was no other outlet for me to be myself within a committed marriage and feel like myself at the same time.

There is so much stigma attached to working in any field related to sex and a lot of discrimination publicly regarding the fact that there are people that are forced to be sex slaves or work underground for a pimp or addicted to doing drugs. I don’t want to ignore this reality of life but I also don’t want my story to go untold, that this isn’t always the case. I want to emphasize here that while that may be some people, being a sex worker can also be a CHOICE and I emphasize choice in a positive way. It has always been my choice to play online and express myself this way and it has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. Those things haven’t changed since the beginning of the internet and advent of cell phones with a camera attached to them. The only difference is now I am being paid for it. My body, my artistry, my personality and my life with anything and everything in between is now a product.

My only regret is that I didn’t start my paid ventures in the adult industry sooner. It has liberated me in ways I can’t even explain both financially and personally. While we all are entitled to our opinions, if only we could open our minds and hearts to the beautiful variety of human sexuality and ways of expressing ourselves. I don’t plan on going back to the sheltered and repressed person I used to be. I am free now.

Interview from Live Cam Model Shows

[center][/center]Interview with Briana Booty

When did you first learn about camming and why did you decide to start participating in the field?

I’ve always been a sexual person, even growing up playing with my stuffed animals so my curiosity and desire to continue exploring those aspects of my life didn’t really surprise me or anyone else.

It was actually through a mutual friend on snapchat who recommended I get into camming specifically. I had no idea this type of occupation even existed!

After almost six month of careful deliberation I made the plunge to do my first live broadcast and haven’t looked back since. I embarked into video production and phone sex first as an outlet for some of my sexual frustrations that were unfulfilled in my traditional life before I began live camming to build my confidence and experience.

I find it interesting how so many people expect one thing from themselves and are amazed to find out they can simultaneously be more complex. I’m no longer living a shell of who I was and now live more boldly and authentically.

You have a lot of experience with a variety of styles (and kinks) of sexuality, what are some of your favorite types of shows and what about them do you find so satisfying?

My journey into adult industry has been about expanding my ability to enjoy the duality and expression of what it means to be human (more broad philosophical life perspective).
What I enjoy the most is being able to expand someone else’s mind and perspective on his or her own sexuality. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and getting to know people on a very deep and personal level.

I love shows where there is a genuine connection and personal growth, whether it be through mutual masturbation together or cuckolding. I love the interaction and need that connection to feel sexually satisfied myself.

My favorite type of show is any type of roleplay fantasy whether it be a naughty neighbor or real life peron of desire you want to live out and take to the next level. Psychologically these types of experiences help us process some of our subconscious desires and needs in a healthy way.

I find the “helping others” and “digging deeper” aspect the most satisfying about this profession. I really enjoy knowing I was able to give someone what they needed the most and work hard to do that for each and every person who crosses my path.

Do you practice any of the fetishes you offer in your personal life? If not, is camming a way to ‘tap in’ to different forms of sexuality that you otherwise wouldn’t explore?

Absolutely! I practice bondage and submission personally on myself with my partner. I’ve discovered ironically that the more dominant I am towards other men, the more submissive I want to feel in the bedroom at home, too.

I can move between both sides of the power play and enjoy the complexities that go into that type of relationship on both sides. I’m also able to understand the male sexual experience better and try new things that I may not have known about through my experiences with other people. The broadening experience has only helped and cultivate my sexuality.

Based on your reviews it’s clear your clients absolutely adore you. What types of clients do you enjoy the most and why?

Well thank you!
I want people to know they are the only one with me in that moment when we interact with each other on cam. I don’t like to feel pressured and I try to create a relaxed and sensual environment.

I enjoy clients who are laid back, polite and genuine with me as much as I am with them. I love good communicators and honesty. I’m very adaptable and accommodating and can change things if you want to try something different.

Clients that respect my sexual needs and desires and allow me to be myself in front of them help make the experience that much more fun!

When you’re not on cam, what are some of the things you enjoy doing most in your private time offline? I’m guessing one of them is working out, what is/are your favorite type(s) of exercise?

My private life is surprisingly boring!
I’m a busy person in the sense that I try to spend my time during the day DOING things efficiently. I am the mother of three little ones under four years old so I am extremely busy managing a household by myself during the day.
I love spending time with my family whenever I have the chance.

When I do have free time, I love to paint. Some of my work has been in a few local galleries and art shows but I don’t consider myself famous by any means.

I also own my own jewelry business and design (by hand) rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

I also garden sporadically and love interior design, landscaping and architecture.

Baking and cooking are passions of mine too that have been revitalized since I’ve moved into a new place. I prefer to eat in and try new recipes rather than go out to restaurants but I’m not opposed to trying new foods at all!

Food is my favorite which is why I end up working out whenever I can, too.

Is there anything else you’d like your clients to know about you?

Well if you’ve made it this far then I commend you!
I am more than meets the eye. I am more than just a string of dirty sentences and soft spoken words.

I am a human being and a woman which comes with many challenges! I have a real life like everyone else.

I think if anything I want people to remember that I am not a sex robot but rather a person.

I am currently working on getting my PhD in clinical psychology so there is a lot of brain behind the beauty and a lot of untapped potential there that I think members may not focus on right away. 🙂