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Insatiable Sex Goddess. Sultry voice and endless curves. Intelligent demeanor and educated vocabulary. Creative artist and business woman. Dirty talk extraordinaire. Fetish connoisseur. MILFY Addiction.


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Playful, Flirty, Insatiable, LOUD, Fun, Exciting, Accommodating, Mature, Sweet. Open, Non Judgmental, Friendly, Sexy, Dirty, Verbal, Interactive, Memorable, Sweet and One of a Kind!!

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  • brianabooty wrote 2 months ago
    Will return to live camming in August 2018! Taking an extended break. Thank you gentleman. <3
  • brianabooty wrote 3 months ago
    Well 1 DMCA takedown done. 247 more to go. :(

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My Rules

1. All shows are a first come, first serve basis and handled accordingly during live cam hours. See my twitter for updates on when I am available.
2. Do NOT add me on Skype or Discord without the intent to purchasing a show or other NSFW or fetish content.
3. All shows are prepaid and nonrefundable unless otherwise agreed upon. ABSOLUTELY NO PAYPAL.
4. Shows greater than 30 minutes receive a FREE video upon REQUEST after the show.
5. Be KIND to me and a decent human being. I am only human after all. Do not degrade me unless it is specified in a role play scenario we are doing together.


MAYBE. I would love to get into the industry a lot more in depth than I am now and it would be a wonderful opportunity. That being said it would have to be with a major studio and not a random dude who thinks he owns a porn company. I get a lot of those offers, too.

Hi there! Well, I get a ton of DMs and every individual sending them assumes they are the only one messaging me! I honestly do not have the time nor the energy to respond to messages that are not directly related to purchasing a show or other type of NSFW Adult content. I love to make new friend online but sending me a DM is probably not the best way to get a hold of me. Chatting on my live cam site or purchasing my content DEFINITELY gets my attention. It's not being rude or snobby, it's a time management thing.

YES AND NO. I shave my armpits because I prefer to have them shaved but I do NOT shave my lady bits. I have a FULL BUSH or at least as full as mother nature lets me have. Every woman is different so don't assume she shaves one area because she shaves another and don't assume her bush is a certain size or shape or height or length even when she doesn't shave down there at all.

YES, I am single. Occasionally I will be in a relationship or partnership for a period of time. Thank you!

YES, I file my taxes like every other small business owner in the United States is required to do. I file quarterly to be specific and calculate the taxes myself since I know how to perform math. Interesting question but thanks for opening the dialogue on this!

This is vague. Please specify the exact taboo fantasy you are referring to. Thank you!

YES, I absolutely do! I love custom videos from start to finish and they are edited professionally. Send me your request on my iwantclips link. Click on custom videos and you can send me your request right there! Thank you for asking this question by the way. I get asked this all the time.

YES, I love anal! It's been something I've been exploring in the last two years and I can't believe I had to wait this long to enjoy it!

NO. My rates are priced very competitively for what I offer in my shows. I find it incredibly disrespectful to even negotiate them in the first place. Not only does it NOT turn me on but it's rude. My regular clients are treated like royalty and I give them perks and special pricing on occasion.

NO. I am a cam model and online personality only. It's fun to play with the fantasy but for legal reasons I will never engage in sexual behavior in person for any amount of money. That being said, I won't do it for free either. Thanks anyway!

NO. Never have and never will. If it is not through an adult site or amazon gift card then I don't accept it. Next question please!

YES, it's curvy and proportional to my body but I have some badonk-a-donk! Get a live show or purchase a photo album to see it. Thanks!

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$ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 20.00 $ 25.00
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$ 30.00 $ 30.00 $ 30.00 $ 40.00
15 minutes
$ 45.00 $ 45.00 $ 45.00 $ 60.00
20 minutes
$ 60.00 $ 60.00 $ 60.00 $ 80.00
30 minutes
$ 90.00 $ 90.00 $ 90.00 $ 120.00
45 minutes
$ 135.00 $ 135.00 $ 135.00 $ 180.00
60 minutes
$ 180.00 $ 180.00 $ 180.00 $ 240.00

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