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About Me

Simply put, Sprig is a cam-girl, gamer-nerd, and lifestyle kinkster! ----I focus on creating streams that involve my viewers, and on fostering a safe and sex-loving environment. I play video games while we hang out doing sexy things, and host either from my Playroom Dungeon upstairs or downstairs by the sex swing! It's always a blast on my streams. I make custom content all the time, ask about getting a photoset or video just your style!


About My Shows

I have an extensive collection of toys and implements in my Playroom and have been in the Kink Community for more than 10 years, so I am willing and able to create a very wide array of content. "Free" shows do feature vaginal toy play and a variety of other events, but anal and cumshows are only available in group or private sessions. Most Fetish categories are available as videos.

Status Feed

  • Sprig wrote 2 months ago
    Dressed as a Panda, playing Viva Pinata. Plexstorm.com/stream/sprig
  • Sprig wrote 2 months ago
    Sexy girl playing video games? Right now! Come check out Sekiro plexstorm.com/stream/sprig
  • Sprig wrote 6 months ago
    A Game Of Whores is on! Plexstorm.com/stream/sprig
  • Sprig wrote 6 months ago
    Going Live for Masochist Monday Plexstorm.com/Stream/Sprig
  • Sprig wrote 6 months ago
    In some nice white lingerie, ready to play something dark while sprawled out on the bed! Plexstorm.com/strea/sprig

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My Rules

Respect the Mods, they are there to help you. Don't spam gifs or emotes. Note maximum stacks. That's it! Have a great time!

Yes, you will get some courtesy content in exchange for your gift. The content will be equal in value to the gift, by my valuations.

I do a lot of things and am pretty flexible when given a good script. If it's not listed as a will, drop me a line with your vision and I will let you know. My absolute limits are listed in the 'wont's so please don't inquire on those.

During a show, you do need to tip on platform. If you want to buy additional content or physical items I prefer using Indiebill or the Shoppe on my website for that.

Yes, I do some custom request Male Dominant/ Female submissive content

Yes! I sell private gaming sessions, you can also win one at a discount from a raffle if you are in my Discord!

My Schedule

Times are EST
9 PM - 1 AM
9 PM - 1 AM
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9 PM - 1 AM
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