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Mistress Sara

Classic Latina Professional Dominatrix.
Specializing in Psychological and Emotional Domination.

As a naturally dominant and sexually aggressive female, I live for rigorous control. I work and enjoy working with sexuality and eroticism. To me, it doesn’t matter that I’m just actively stimulating your brain. When I’m lusting over you, I’ll fuck it gladly with fierce passion. You better be darned amazing!

I love to watch the twisted way anyone thrills with their deviancy under the firm grip of My control, ...would you dare to surrender to Me? If so, I'm not for your entertainment; you will become Mine and I will own you at Blaze Stables.

ღ♥☆♥ღ•.•ღ♥☆♥ღ. Control-Freak. Cruel-Cunt. .ღ♥☆♥ღ•.•ღ♥☆♥ღ

I've been on and off BDSM FemDom since 2010 but formally in the lifestyle since 2017 and with the professional layer since 2019.

I’d welcome new slaves in My PROFESSIONAL Play-Stable on an ongoing basis. Just watch that first step in and mind that upkeep!

While I've embodied the "role", I am, however, grounded enough to know and live in the real world and everyday life, and, so should you.

Mistress Sara Savage!


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My Terms - Always! Not for your entertainment but rather you are for Mine. Couldn't care any less if you are "satisfied" or your "fantasy" came true or not. If it happens it would be a byproduct. I won’t accept any encounter proposition that isn’t stimulating to Me or won’t serve Me.