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"Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me..." LOL

Hello guys and gals,

Hope you guys have a great week I am new here and very happy to be here. I found this site from a friend and I thought I'd give it a shot ! My name is Kat, aka MsKittyKat, I am pretty much an original girl that loves sex and but also very shy at first about it. I am pretty nerdy, I used to just be on computer all day to find out what I can learn about it, and then I found my job. From curiosity to the need to get over my shyness, I signed up to be a cam model. I love my job, I love my guys, and of course, I loveee being spoiled !!!

Dressing sexy and and be flirty at work boost my confidence, chatting and get connected with people from all around the world is the best thing ever happened to me. English isn't my first language, so in a way, I learned English even more by just chatting with nice gentlemen. I understand our big topic is about "sex sex sex" but I am happy that I made lots of online friends that care about me more than just how I look.

Anyway, this is kinda long, I tend to do that, I'd sit here and type for hours about nothing, so I better save both our valuable time lolz. feel free to hit me up anytime, send me a message when I'm offline or a chat request when you see me online I'd love to stay in this community, let's make it happen !!!




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I love to tease and play in sexy outfit, it's such a big turn-on for me to know that my guys adore what I wear for them, make me feel sexy and naughty that I will present to you the sexiest LIVE SHOW from me, guys, feel free to spoil Me, I have lots of sexy lingerie and outfits on my wishlist for you to choose and spoil me. I definitely will spoil you back with sexy pictures or a short vid of me modeling an outfit you just get for me I also love fetishes, I enjoy teasing weak boys and empty their wallets. Simple, isn't it? I also enjoy humiliating small dick losers, foot freaks and anything in between that needs Me to tell them the truth about themselves. Crawl to Me and be prepared to worship your Asian Goddess.I do NOT call any guys daddy or masters or anything involved with you being a Dom and expect me to submit to you. That is hell-to-the-no, I am too good for you! hahahahha Well, I just don't find fun out of it. I like to be in charge, I am a Domme, I get irrated when guys think it's cool to tell me " do this for daddy", dream on bitches! I will NEVER call you daddy, that is just wrong. So get over it, and stay away my profile if you are about to do a wrong thing. Nobody wants to do a wrong thing, that's a failure ! hahahhaAnyway, if you read it all the way to this part, yay to you I appreciated you take the time to do so, I tend to type a lot so you get the idea of who I am and what I do, that way we are clear and hopefully there is no mistake in between, though shit happens but you'll learn If you have any other questions, feel free to message me and I'll try to reply as quick as possible. Note that I am really "everywhere" on the internet, especially on my own site,, so it's easy to find me Talk soon,-MsKittyKat

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