Join me as I become a master in the arts of love and seduction

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Sex is the noblest art, and I aim to be an artist of the highest order. Join me as I chronicle my journey to becoming a master in the arts of love and seduction. Forever yours,
Jadis the Goddess


About My Shows

I strive to make no 2 shows alike, unless that's what you ask for! Living in the moment and feeding off each others' energy makes for the most fulfilling conversations! If there's a show you'd like to see me perform or a prop you'd like me to use but I don't have it checked off below , I do take custom requests (as long as it isn't on my "don't do" list). Additional payment options are available using their respective entertainment platforms.Advanced bookings are most appreciated!

My Rules

Respect me as the autonomous adult that I am. If you won't go to a department store with ridiculous demands, the same applies here.