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About Me

I've got 15+ years in the BDSM D/s Lifestyle & Industry - and there will be NO stopping Me!

Fat, Fabulous & Ferocious, I will be your Favorite in no time…I have massive tits, a sharp tongue armed with quick wit & I'm the most creative and relentless ProDomme you'll ever have sessions with. I'm South American and I'm Indian/Spanish by ethnicity…a true Exotica!

I'm available for Real Time sessions, but this platform advertises My virtual sessions. Message Me on Skype or Yahoo, book your session & be ready to comply with The Twisted Mistress. (Book at least 15 minutes in advance!)
I explore the darkest fetishes (some that most Dommes won't dabble in) and demand nothing short of your full submission.

Read My FAQs for booking & payment requirements, and feel free to ask Me anything you need to know to prepare for our sessions. I don't judge anyone's fetishes…so don't come to Me for Vanilla sessions; Keep it submissive & nasty or steer clear of Me…


About My Shows

As Dominant as I am, I am an excellent conversationalist & I welcome the opportunity to fulfil even the most depraved fantasies. I love entertaining guests who are able to express what they desire fluently. I enjoy sharing real-life experiences and providing a safe, judgement-free zone for people to truly indulge in their debased fetishes.

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  • LadyBellaNova wrote 3 years ago
    If you'd like an extreme taboo roleplay of your very own - send Me a message :)
  • LadyBellaNova wrote 3 years ago
    It's My birthday, boy - cum show Bella some love! <3
  • LadyBellaNova wrote 3 years ago
    If you'd like an extreme taboo roleplay of your very own - send Me a message :)
  • LadyBellaNova wrote 3 years ago
    On this week's podcast: we're discussing roleplay. From the nice to the nasty!
  • LadyBellaNova wrote 3 years ago
    Check out My blog posts here, podcast uploads & free pics to fap to :)

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My Rules

- My time can be reserved in 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minute blocks, ONLY.
- Payments must be made via NiteFlirt's tributing system.
- If I'm on cam, you must be too!
- I am verified all over the web - don't ask for free previews or pics. Want Me to turn My cam on? Pay the toll -$100USD. Or you could just be smart, and book a session

Let Me know that you got My info via CGC, tell Me the length & type of session you want, and be prepared to book at least 15 mins. in advance.

I have a vivid imagination and I work alone. There will never be another "performer" in My session - be it homosapien or canine. If you want to engage in a taboo roleplay fantasy or story-telling session - I'm more than agreeable!

I do not shit in My shows - but I have no problem instructing you to eat, fuck or roll around in your own. I dabble in the golden shower shows when I feel like it, but significant notice is required to perform them successfully.

I speak perfect English, but I can type in conversational Spanish, German, French & Dutch.

PayPal is not adult-work friendly. I accept payment through Payoneer - you don't need an account & I don't get your personal details.

My Rates

Skype Cam2Cam
US Phone or Skype Audio
10 minutes
$ 30.00 $ 25.00
15 minutes
$ 45.00 $ 45.00
25 minutes
$ 75.00 $ 70.00
30 minutes
$ 90.00 $ 85.00
45 minutes
$ 135.00 $ 130.00
60 minutes
$ 180.00 $ 175.00

My Blog

#BellaAndFriends phonesex podcast! FREE for all!

Hey guys!

I'm inviting one and all to click here to give My podcast a listen. This week I uploaded the Phonesex episode, and already we've gotten such favorable feedback from our fans.
Once a week My co-host and I, MamaRedHot, record a saucy episode for My podcast, #BellaAndFriends . We cover everything tame and taboo, and are in our 2nd season! With over 1,000 active fans and clients who enjoy our show, I'm extending the invitation to you! The episodes are listed in the link above, and are easily listened via laptop, desktop or smart phone - for FREE!

MamaRedHot and I also offer Double Domme or Domme/sub cam2cam sessions via Skype. Our most popular endeavor, this isn't for the faint of heart or weak of wallet. Sessions start at 20 minutes, where you can watch Me for her to annihilate her pussy or asshole, OR, we can team up and Domme you ruthlessly. Email either of us here to book your own, personal DoubleDomme or Domme/sub session - we guarantee satisfaction!

Have a wonderful week boys...I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Touching base with My Bellarinos!

Hello Hello My Darlings! I know it's been a while since I've been around, but I've not forgotten any of you. Things have changed, the evolution of My brand is on-going, and as a result, I think it's important that My loyal fans be brought up to speed:

1. My Canadian tour looks like it's certainly going to happen from this August. With certainty, the cities I will be visiting include Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec and Montreal. I will be available for meet n' greets, as well as Real Time sessions. Feel free to contact Me if you're in the market for My style of Domination

2. I will be reducing the number of Skype shows I am doing to continue My focus on quality vs quantity. If you're a regular, you've already been notified. If you're new - now you know! If you've found My profile here, message Me ON THIS SITE or through Yahoo. Payment is made either through this site, or to Payoneer directly, only. As always - no fucking Paypal, no giftcards, no bitcoins etc. I provide quality sessions & experiences, and I do not barter or negotiate My rates or payment methods.

3. If you've booked a session with Me - be on time. If you're late or you don't show up, unless you're dead, consider your payment, a contribution to My tour.

4. I do not offer previews - it is unnecessary. I have a strong online presence that can be easily validated via a simple Google-search of My name "LadyBellaNova". If this is insufficient - please seek services with someone else.

None of these updates are truly *that* new, but I do believe they needed to be said. Thanks so much for your support and loyalty. I looking forward to sessionning with My fans till My dying breath...and beyond

Have a great one, Bellarinos!

#TheBellaBundle - so much more, for so much less!

Hi guys! Just wanted to give you the details of a promotion I'll be running for a while: #TheBellaBundle!

What's #TheBellaBundle ?
Individual sessions with Me may be something you want, but can't necessarily afford as regularly as you need.
#TheBellaBundle has been created for those subs, slaves, sissies and extreme taboo roleplayers, who appreciate a lot more, for a lot less!

One flat fee gets you one :
- 3 half-hour block sessions with Me on Skype
- 1 15-minute mini session with Me on Skype
- 15 minutes of (US ONLY) phonesex
- Unlimited emailing with Me
- 1 personalized fan-pic

#TheBellaBundle is valued at $400USD, but I'll be offering this perverted package for only $250USD!

These aren't discount services - these are high-quality cam2cam & audio sessions. No need to hurry them up, no need to keep checking the clock on your cock, no need to spend more than can...Paying in advance guarantees your spot and your pleasure!
Want to know what I'll do in My sessions? Have a look at the detailed list in this profile of the sexy services I offer!


- Phone sex is only available to US clients, or those who can call a US phone.
- There is no roll over time - #TheBellaBundle is valid for the one business week (Mon. to Fri.) after payment has been received - unless otherwise discussed.
- Rescheduling is not currently offered. If you don't show up on Skype at our agreed times, or you don't call/answer your phone when you're supposed to, you miss the fuck out. I run a tight ship when it comes to session commitment & punctuality.
- Payment is processed via Payoneer - it's quick, private, secure & doesn't require you to sign up. Ask Me about this, and I'll walk you through the process if necessary. Gift cards are not accepted. Do not request Paypal - I will block you and report you.

Hey guys, don't be *THIS* guy...

This is the perfect example of how NOT to approach Me, or any other Professional Performer that you may liaise with on this site. Grow the fuck up, buddy...

A friendly notice to fans, slaves, sissies, subs & would-be's!

My dears, My much as I hate beginning anything with negative energy, this little notice is meant in the most positive of ways. PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY:

I am a Professional Dominatrix, Extreme Taboo Roleplay Artist & Adult Podcaster. I am not an escort, hooker or pro bono pussy peddler. I provide an array of high-quality, intimate, adult services (as detailed in My profile here), to clients who are of age, mature, literate and observant & accepting of My rates.

If you cannot afford the services I offer, do not engage Me. Compliments cannot pay bills. And I've priced My services with industry standards & personal quality in mind. I would not have flourished as well as I have in this industry if I wasn't the best at what I do. Clients pay not only for My expertise, but also My honesty, My discretion & personal attention.

Like many other virtual & real-time performers you will find online, I take pride in what I do, and I deliver My craft exceptionally. Do not attempt to disrespect Me or devalue My services, because you want something your pocket cannot afford.

I am flexible, understanding and respectful, and I insist upon these traits in My clients as well. Take the time to read My profile, familiarize yourself with My process and contact Me only with serious bookings.

To those of you who keep in touch, follow My podcast, vote for Me here and session with Me regularly; thank you for your continued support...It is sublime to be such an important part of the lives of so many deliciously honourable men and women

Happy New Year, My delightful fuckers :)

The New Year is already off with a bang for Me - so many of you have contacted Me, presenting your submission with much zeal. I'm quite impressed!

I rang in the new year with a wonderful friend as we recorded the last last podcast of 2013/ first podcast of 2014. As we stripped down to full nudity, shots were taken and bowls were smoked. All in all, a delight way to ring in this New Year. I highly recommend listening to this episode (and all the others)

Feeling So Sexxxy...

I'm not a big fan of Ludacris per se, but this song is undeniably sexy. The way he talks about craving the feel and taste of the woman he has at home, who is teasing him on the phone...

Phone sex or audio sex is something that truly excites and arouses Me. A man who can be descriptive with his voice and words, most certainly can get The Twisted Mistress' pussy wet...

'Twas the Night Before XXXMas...

I'm so happy that the site owners have created this wonderful blogging platform! Now all you pervy perusers can sit and take a raunchy read of what women like Me get up to when we're not in sessions with you

This XXXMas finds Me incredibly busy...regular subs, slaves & sissies have already made their way to My boudoir for their jerkoff instruction, cbt and titty fucking/ tease and denial. Some new, fresh meat have made that brave step by contacting Me for bookings...all in all, it seems like I'll be spending this Christmas in the company of some truly disgusting, demented, perverted, horny men - The Twisted Mistress would have it no other way!

I'm especially looking forward to some nasty incest roleplay or some toilet slavery tonight. I want to see you boys at your worst, completely submissive, desperate to be ruined, humiliated, instructed and Dominated. Nothing would make this Christmas more delicious than forcing you to stroke that throbbing cock till My nipples are glazed, wearing your thick, hot cum...

So what are your plans? And why haven't you added Me on Skype yet? Shy? Scared? Anxious? should be but don't worry...Lady Bella takes very good care of Her loyal, nasty subjects!

Happy Christmas to you and send Me a message and let's get to cumming, shall we?