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Hi there! I'm Kayla - just your average milf/geek/hot mess/kumquat/camgirl. I am undoubtedly awkward, too easily distracted and almost always LATE. But you'll find that I am also genuine, love with my whole heart and have an anxiety-inducing desire to please! CAMtime is my PLAYtime so JOIN ME for some sexy/wiggly/cammy/giggly playtime fun! Lively conversation will always be encouraged. Welcome topics include: sex, music, how you like your eggs cooked, your thoughts on deja-vu, kumquats, aliens in human suits, strangest place(s) you've masturbated, all the ways to prepare potatoes, Kirk vs. Picard, my tits... The list is extensive!! Check out my MFC Profile,
http://profiles.myfreecams.com/KaylaElle, for the latest info on upcoming events and how to join my Camquat Club!!


About My Shows

Sex is FUN! Camming is FUN! Chatting about sex while camming makes my panties wet!

Status Feed

  • KaylaElle wrote 3 weeks ago
    Be sure to find me on MFC Saturday, 3/17, for A St. Patrick's Day co-cam with my sweet Astridur!! Watch as I show her the ropes of cam and she shows me how to fuck girls 😉
  • KaylaElle wrote 1 month ago
    I have a new schedule posted which is now evenings instead of mornings! Looking forward to getting to know some new peeps :) Find me on MFC for the month of Feb. May be making a switch in March!! Stay tuned :D
  • KaylaElle wrote 2 months ago
    See my MFC profile at mfc.im/KaylaElle to join in the fun and add your spanks to my bank!!
  • KaylaElle wrote 2 months ago
    Spankapalooza is exactly what it sounds like! A plethora of butt-bruising asstastic swats to my bum! All for good luck in the coming year of course ;)
  • KaylaElle wrote 2 months ago
    It's my birthday on Friday, Jan 12th!! Come join me on MFC at 8pm for my 1st Spankapalooza!

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My Rules

All I ask is that we be respectful to one another. Cam rooms are meant to be a fun/safe space for chatting, playing and mutually masturbating! Any rudeness or general douchebaggery will not be tolerated.

I am first and foremost a wife and mother! I am fortunate that I get to stay home to raise our children. My family is my life so it's natural that they may come up in chat now and again but I will never discuss them in detail, most especially my kids. Please do not press me on this, it will result in a ban if it continues. My husband is a member and has been known to visit my chat room from time to time. Mostly though, if he's home and awake then I am probably chillaxing with him and not broadcasting.

Yes, though these meetings must be scheduled outside of my time on cam and paid for in advance. I will not leave my active chat room to meet you on Skype. Right now, I prefer Amazon gift cards as payment but also take offline tips via MyFreeCams.

While live, I'm probably not answering because you haven't tipped for it and/or because I don't know you well and I like to give the majority of my attention to those chatting. Please help me get to know you better by contributing to the room and showing your support.

I do not do groups at this time but I will do private shows for 60 tokens a minute. It is probably the only way you will ever see me fully nude - winkwink

My Rates

Private Skype
30 minutes
$ 90.00
60 minutes
$ 180.00
90 minutes
$ 270.00
120 minutes
$ 300.00

My Schedule

Times are PST
8 PM - 12 AM
8 PM - 12 AM
8 PM - 12 AM
8 PM - 12 AM