Life is too short to be normal

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About Me

hmmm well I am a 40 something married kinda kooky chick who found here way to this sort of on accident. I really am the cliche bored lonely houswife. So one day I was bored and lonely and thats what got this ball rolling. I have a punk/ gothy vibe to me but listen to everything from old school punk to death metal. I am a bit on the odd ball side and have no shame. I just like to be entertained. My dial is set to 150 all the time. I am in the discovery phase for a lot of what I like and am into. I am definetly a bit of a late bloomer with sex. I really cant put a schedule because its really whenever the cats away


About My Shows

My shows are a hot mess of awkward hyper weirdo. I am still nervous AF so not totally nude . I cant click a lot in the what I do catagory because I am stil learning what I like so. approch me and we'll talk.

My Rules

Like I said I am new to all this and nervous. Please try to be patient with me if I get a little scattered. I am extremely comfortable topless, not so much bottomless . If you want a professional you have not found her here.