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I'm a playful (kinky) little girl from the Netherlands, who loves getting to know people and chatting with them!


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My shows are focused on what you want!

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On camera for the very first time

It was my first day on cam. My account was approved, so I could fill out all the boxes and write things about myself. I set up the place to cam; my bed, with a fleece blanket behind it, so itís still kind of anonymous (and I didnít have to clean up the mess! Yay!).

Then it was time to go camming: I tried it at first with my old laptop Ė without much success, it crashed when I tried to start. So I moved my desktop, put my computer screen, keyboard and mouse on my bed and it actually worked better than I expected. I put the webcam on top of the screen and clicked on the start button. No way back now..

I could take a snapshot, so after a few tries I got the most charming one and went on. I was wearing a skirt, an underbust corset and a bra. The first few minutes, it was quiet, but then the first people popped into my chatroom! Some were gone really quick Ė others stayed longer and chatted with me. All I did up until now was smiling sweetly, playing with my hair and sometimes fondling with my boobs.

Most conversations started out with compliments and questions about my age. People asked if I was single and if I also would meet with them in person, or asked if I could show my boobs, my legs or other stuff. Other than that, itís usually just talking about (sexual) stuff. It was loads of fun and really exciting.

Sometimes more kinky people came in, calling me Mistress and saying they are filthy sluts. It kind of made me giggle. I had to ask my Dominant for advice about what I should say back Ė being a Domme isnít really my thing, since Iím usually sub and the only experience with topping I have is spanking someone. Not really useful in a chat, but I managed!

I also had a few VIP shows! A few of them left as soon as I showed my boobs (They missed out!), others stayed for quite a while and it was very exciting! I worked very hard to put on a sexy show, and I like to think I succeeded! ^^