It's a Gorgeousleigh Chaotic Takeover

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About Me

Gorgeoisleigh: Beautiful blonde Girl Next Door. Amazing cleavage, fantastic curves, & mesmerising eyes. True enigma. Calm; emanating chaos. Transparency; radiating mystery & anonymities. Effortlessly seductive essence: indomitable. Magnetizing personality enchants & finesses.

You: Mystified. Fascinated. Covetousness: exacerbated. Lust: insatiable. Fixated. Unguarded. Exposed. Conquered. Dethroned. Absorbed. Unremembered.

Haha! I win!


About My Shows

I'm just me. I usually let the session guide itself. I do a lot of chatting/talking with my viewers & fans. I have trivia, cards, and other games available to move the session along if it stalls. I generally begin each session wearing a tank top, bra and panties. I don't currently own many toys, but I'm working on getting more as things progress. I'm quirky, with silly facial expressions, hand gestures, and random sound effects. I usually have music playing in the background of varied genres, depending on my mood. I use Spotify and I'm open to requests. I dance. I strip. Most of my shows are solo, but I do have the occasional guest

My Rules

I'm pretty open-minded, however:
1) I absolutely WILL NOT do any anal play if any kind. Ask about anal play: KICK
B) This is my job. Albiet sexually pleasurable most of the time, my financial backing nonetheless. Asking for freebies: KICK. No exceptions.
π)You wanna see more than is allowed in public areas? Pay for private. Ask me to show puss/ass in public-KICK
4) Acting overly dramatic or like a spoiled brat when any request is denied or ignored-BAN
E) R-E-S-P-E-C-T is expected. Disrespectors- BANNED

My Rates

With Sound
Without Sound
10 minutes
$ 50.00 $ 35.00
20 minutes
$ 90.00 $ 75.00
30 minutes
$ 115.00 $ 100.00
45 minutes
$ 150.00 $ 135.00
60 minutes
$ 225.00 $ 200.00
75 minutes
$ 275.00 $ 235.00

My Schedule

Times are EST
12 PM - 7 AM
12 PM - 7 AM
12 PM - 7 AM
12 PM - 7 AM
7 AM - 6 AM
7 AM - 6 AM
12 PM - 7 AM