I am me & you won't find nobody like me.

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Hello all.

Thank you for clicking on my profile! Something brought you here, let me know what it was.

Call me Miss. Ien. I am a teacher by day & a slut by night. 😉 I value education (we all learn everyday) in every aspect in life as well as honesty. While I like to have a good time, my thoughts are that that good time shall be fulfilled with honesty & freedom of expression. I am not here to judge unless thats what you want!
I love good coneversations. Sexting... talking real dirty sending pictures to you...taking custom photos for you.

I love make up, nails, hair, beauty in general. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I appericiate different aspects in different people. We all just have to define terms in our own ways and beauty is such a relative word.

I refuse to defineny my sexuality. For y'all who want technical terms....pansexual. Pansexual is what I technically would be defined as. But fuck your 'check this box' for this or that. I am who I am. I don't fit in a box. Not yours & not society's. I see both sides of the coin but yet I fit no where on it. How can we define something so fluid as humans. Different days we want different things. Its a new day, I don't want what I had yesterday. My mood changes, ya know, just to keep you on your toes!

Something that actually excites me...

I get really wet giving head & on my knees waiting for your cum on my face. Being stood over as you stroke holding my head back so you can get a good shot on my face makes me rock back n forth in excitement!

Been called a dirty slut, cum dumpster, dirty bitch...

I like to take custom pictures. Creativity is beautiful too. Give me a job that I can make my own but one that also inspires my inner creativity! I am (usually) always up to try new things, time permitting. Of course a girl has her limits so "anything" is not really anything. All you can do is ask, right!?!

Let's try a girl friend experiences on kik....I dont have the time or patience for real life relationships but I am always lonely & horny!

I like to take photos. Way more than anything else. Especially of my make up and nails. Of my projects that I make. I will send and or video things for customs (as soon as possible).

I doubt many have because I tend to ramble, but if you have made it this far thank you! Just a bit more & maybe I'll STFU!

The name & spelling Ien seems to fit me just fine. Things associated with it fit my personality almost 100%. Not many people like Iens. Ien tends to be a bit bipolar, energetic(when its something they wanna do), courageous, and determined.

Although not many like me I am as is Ien, compassionate. A person eho feels things deeply. Appericiates individual beauty in everyone & everything. Freedom loving, sensual, eneuasitc. Thinks out side the box creative & original. Hence 'you won't find nobody like me'. Willing to make sacrifices. Intelligent, dependable , deep thinker, fighter for justice & just cause works well with others. Feel most comfy with in the self when able to help others.

I have been told I don't fit in the BBW section and told I needed to be in the BBW section. FYI I will put my self where I damn will please! Because as stated words are defined by each individual. Only word I will truly define myself as is a woman. Other than that, I guess is up to you!

Let me know what you are into & send me a message if you'd like to work with me or have a general conversation. I like to find like minded people!


About My Shows

Up for just about anything. Making you happy makes me happy. Pleasure sharing. Tell me what you want. I'll help make it happen!
I love sexting. Really enjoy it. Also. Really just love chatting.

I love to do custom photo sets.

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  • Freebird15 wrote 1 month ago
    Thinking of cutting my hair. It's just too long! Anyone have video suggestions? Anyone want to purchase the cut off bits!?!
  • Freebird15 wrote 4 months ago
    Its been far too long. I miss making content. Give me some inspiration!
  • Freebird15 wrote 1 year ago
    The world is so up tight! I find it funny that sexuality is a topic people shy away from. Not me. I like to ask questions that make you uncomfy. I like to get to know who you really are & watch you trip over your words because you ain't got the balls to stand up & shout 'this is who I am'. I know what I am doing, I like to see you squirm in your seat!
  • Freebird15 wrote 1 year ago
    I feel the need to explain my self. Just because I choose to make visual comtent for people I meet online does not mean I am a wh*re. Even if I were its no ones business what profession I choose to make income. I enjoy making things for people who want them. At least I know my work is appreciated & I have made someone happy.
  • Freebird15 wrote 1 year ago

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