The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants and slowly giving it to her

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[purple][/purple] Kawaii lover. I love cute things. Pink. Pastel. I am all about RPG video games, mostly for the PC but occasionally for other consoles. Rainbows, kittens, and everything magical. I am the ULTIMATE Fantasy. Girl of your every waking dream. I have the cutest elf ears, and yes! I can read the future. I am an unseelie fairy Princess. but be warned. we love our tricks. we are sneaky, but also fun. and there is nothing more beautiful than the world you will find me in. So if you want to venture in, and see my kingdom. it will cost you a soul.


About My Shows

[pink][/pink]I do a wide variety of fetish shows. I love GFE (girlfriend experience) as i prefer a more long term relationship w/ my fans. If you want the experience of having a real life, call, text about your day. Have skype show dates. We can Netflix and chill together. Wear matching pajamas. Celebrate Holidays together. Enjoy home cooked meals together, as well as ordering in. Play board games, or even have the option to play video games together. We would have so much fun. I'll ask you about your day after work. You'll send me cute little romantic presents. I also specialize in Findom and Femdom (human ATM, wallet rape, Slave training, Body worship, Foot fetish, Blackmail is one of my best games) Humiliation, SPH, JOI, CEI. Balloon play, Food Fetish ( I am a college student studying french and italian patisserie) There are so many more things I do, and would love to do in the fetish category. And of course you can NEVER go wrong with vanilla dear.

My Rules

if you want my attention then tip me or send me a gift. I have So many fans who are just waiting for my time and I don't like to waste time on people who don't play on playing fair. My time is always paid for. You will never expect to meet in person, non negotiable. The more you spoil me, the more I will actually care about learning about you as a person. I don't mind guys who come and go, but at least make it worth my time. And no, by making it worth my time I don't mean getting me off. I don't need you to do that. You have the grand pleasure of me allowing you into my life and being YOUR fantasy girl. Being the girl of your fantasy means I spend this time with you as you want it instead of at some other vanilla job. This is how I take care of my family so remember that

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